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NuLeaf Naturals was started in 2014 by a team of health-conscious organic medication experts who claim to be committed to bringing their customers the best CBD oil on the market and to “pave the way for a line of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind."


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    Brand Name: NuLeaf Naturals
    Product Reviewed: NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

    Rewind back to 2011. The CBD revolution was still in its infancy with the average person believing it was just another way to get high and were highly skeptical of its purported medicinal qualities. Fast forward back to the present day and CBD has become a well-respected worldwide industry worth more than $2 billion.

    Today, after years of studies and research, our understanding of this natural miracle substance is now quite advanced with over 80 different cannabinoids discovered by scientists. Manufacturers can now produce potent and fully organic THC-free CBD oils that are legal in all 50 states.

    So, with the industry in such a healthy state, there are countless manufacturers, with more popping up every day. And since the industry is not yet fully and officially regulated, the quality can vary wildly from one brand to the next and even from batch to batch from the same brand. So to help you find a high quality, legal CBD oil that best meets your needs, we’ve been running a series of CBD oil reviews.  Today we will be looking at NuLeaf Naturals and their full spectrum CBD oil


    NuLeaf Naturals was started in 2014 by a team of health-conscious organic medication experts who claim to be committed to bringing their customers the best CBD oil on the market and to “pave the way for a line of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind."


    NuLeaf Naturals range of High-Grade hemp derived CBD oils consists of:

    • 240mg for $38.50
    • 725mg for $99 and 6-pack for $434
    • 1450mg for $179 and 2-pack for $264
    • 2425mg for $239, 2-pack for $439 and 6-pack for $1053.60
    • 4850mg for $439, 3-pack for $1053.60 and 6-pack for $1953.40

    To ensure that they live up to their promise of providing the public with a product of the very highest quality, NuLeaf Naturals full-spectrum CBD Drops are made from specially bred therapeutic hemp plants sourced from licensed farms in Colorado. To further ensure the quality of NuLeaf Naturals product, NuLeaf claims that their organic CBD oil is totally free of GMOs, additives, preservatives, and flavorings.

    Today full-spectrum CBD oils have become standard as it has been proven that CBD is more effective when it consists of a number of cannabinoids and terpenes that complement each other, work together and increase the potency of the product in what is known as the Entourage Effect.

    The CBD for the product is extracted from the plant using a supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction process that is said to be the safest and most effective method that leads to an extremely pure and potent CO2 extracted CBD oil.

    NuLeaf’s claim to producing the purest CBD oil available in the market today is supported by a double round of lab testing. The first is an internal test that takes place directly after the CO2 extraction process. Once the product is bottled and labeled, it is sent to an external lab who then run independent 3rd party tests looking for over 200 undesirable substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, mold, fungi, mycotoxins, and herbicides. Only after passing both rounds is the product made available to the public.


    At first, you may wonder why the color of the oil is even a factor. But when dealing with an all or mostly natural product with no artificial colorants, the natural color can tell you quite a bit.

    The color is almost always dependent on the type and quality of filtration the product undergoes. There are three different forms of CBD oil, each the result of a different filtration process - raw, decarboxylated, and filtered.

    Raw CBD oil undergoes no further filtration once the oil has been extracted from the plant. This usually means that the resultant oil will appear greenish in color thanks to the chlorophyll that remains in the oil.

    Decarboxylated CBD oil usually has a dark green to almost black look to it and is quite thick in consistency and said to be easily absorbed by the body.

    Filtered CBD oils are the gold standard of the industry. This filtering process removes the vast majority of excess material found in the original oil, giving it a clear, golden appearance and palatable taste. It is also the most expensive form of oils produced in this way contain the highest concentration of CBD.

    NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil has a beautiful golden color and runs thin, a clear indication that it is a high quality, thoroughly filtered product.


    While nobody will be taking NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil purely for its taste, it not excessively unpleasant. In fact its distinctive CBD oil taste can be viewed as a good thing as any product that either has no taste or lacks that particular plant taste is either packed with flavor additives or is a low quality, poorly filtered product. And it’s a similar story when it comes to the scent – it is quite plant-like but you will soon get used to it.


    In our opinion, NuLeaf Naturals has more than delivered on its mission of supplying its customers with one of the finest organic, THC-free, full spectrum CBD oil in the market today. But when every step from sourcing the right hemp to the double round of scientific testing is all about ensuring quality, it’s hard not to succeed. NuLeaf Natural CBD Oil is a product that every CBD user should at least try. The chances are, you’ll be as impressed as we are. Use NuLeaf Naturals coupon code and NuLeaf Naturals promo code to avail best offers on their products.


    Price: $38.50 (240mg) - $1953.00 (6-pack of 4850mg)

    Range: 240mg, 725mg, 1450mg, 2425mg and 4850mg available in multipacks

    Base: Industrial Organic Hemp from licensed farms in the state of Colorado

    Ingredients: 100% organic cold pressed hemp oil

    Extraction: CO2 extraction

    Testing: In-house lab testing followed by 3rd party lab testing

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states