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Supportiv is an online support group that matches you instantly (and anonymously!) using AI-powered technology with other individuals who are struggling with something similar. You can talk about any topic, any time in a safe and judgment-free environment.


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    Supportiv Overview

    Supportiv is a digital online support group that touts itself as an on-demand mental wellness website. They match you quickly and anonymously with other people who can relate. You are able to chat with up to ten other people about any topic that comes to mind. Topics include everything from having feelings of anxiety or depression to work stress to relationship issues or how your toddler drives you bonkers. All chats are guided by a professionally trained moderator that will ensure your safety, keep trolls out of the chat room, and keep the conversation on track. 

    Supportiv strives to remove the obstacles and stigmas associated with getting help by fast-tracking the entire process so that you can be on your way to feeling supported and better than before. Supportiv reviewers appreciate that there are no appointments necessary, no forms, and no registration required, making the process painless, convenient, and completely anonymous. Supportiv was created to provide you with the support you need when you need it most. Think of Supportiv as an old school AOL chat room filled with other people like you that are simply looking for a judgment-free, safe space to hash out their feelings. 

    To ensure you are matched with the right group, Supportiv uses a technology (that’s also used by Twitter) called natural language processing (NLP) that has scanned over 12 million conversation data points to train their proprietary language models, so all you have to do is type in one phrase describing how you’re feeling or what you’re struggling with, and the technology will do the rest. 

    Is there something you’re struggling with and want to get off your chest? Read on because Supportiv could be the golden ticket to feeling better. 


    How Does Supportiv Work?

    Unlike in-person support groups, Supportiv is available anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Gone are the days of browsing specific dates, times, and topics of different support group meet-ups. Supportiv group sessions are 100% live and on-demand. There is no need to make an appointment or sit through a group discussion that doesn’t directly relate to you. Supportiv connects you with other users who feel the same way with the goal of the group coming together to talk things out and work through their problems as a collective. 

    The Supportiv website isn’t fancy, however, it is super easy to use. Upon clicking on the ‘Chat Now’ button, you’ll first need to decide if you’d like to try out the site for the day and pay $15 or subscribe for a month of unlimited access for $30. If you’re unsure about what you’d like to do, there are two other options that might help you make a decision. One option is to ‘Take a Peek,’ which gives you a glimpse into an animated group session. The second option, ‘Give it a Try,’ will actually connect you with a group and moderator for a few minutes to get a sense of what happens while in a chat session. We tried this out, and we’ve got to say that this is a pretty neat feature. It’s fairly safe to say that no other online provider we’ve come across has offered this to its users.

    How to Get Started

    What’s Your Struggle?

    Once you’ve chosen to try for the day or subscribe, you’ll see a screen that will prompt you to type in what you’re struggling with, concerns you may have, how you’re feeling, or issues you’re dealing with. This can be anything from “I have depression” to “I’m just not feeling like myself today.” 

    The Matching Magic

    The NLP will then start to work its magic to connect you with a group that will best provide you with the support you need in a matter of minutes. And if you’re anything like us and don’t love waiting, Supportiv gives you the option to explore their resource library of articles that pertain to your feelings or take a quiz related to mental health. 

    Since the website is 100% anonymous, before you enter any group session, you will be asked what name the group can call you throughout your session. Once you’ve entered a group session, you’ll be free to speak freely, offer advice, or just listen to what others are saying and how they’re feeling. 

    Precision Peer Support

    Supportiv realizes that not one person deals with their feelings the same way. Unlike other support groups, Supportiv custom-matches you with people who want to talk about the same things you want to talk about with their AI-based NLP technology. They want to make sure each of your group sessions is as precise and personalized as possible. During each session, the moderators will also recommend resources that relate to your specific need. For example, if you’re feeling anxious due to COVID-19, they may send you a link to an article on how to deal with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This way, once your session has ended, you’ll have an extra resource to refer back to. 

    In addition to communicating with others to get the support you need, you can post your feelings, again, totally anonymously. In our opinion, this makes the website an excellent tool for journaling your thoughts whenever you feel the need to express yourself. Because we know all too well that acknowledging how we feel is pretty important and that there’s no need to suppress those feelings, especially if you can release them on the interwebs where no one knows it was you that said it. And who knows, someone might read what you wrote and be feeling the same way, which will, in turn, make them know that they aren’t alone.   


    Is Supportiv Credible?

    Supportiv was founded by Pouria Mojabi and Helena Plater-Zyberk, who both shared the vision of getting people the help they needed in a safe, judgment-free environment. Mojabi was specifically inspired to co-found Supportiv after seeing a close friend hide their suffering and struggle from getting stigma-free mental health support. He saw peer support as an accessible way to connect like-minded people as a way to help and heal one another. Both founders are grounded in the med-tech field and share the desire to make mental wellness affordable for everyone. 

    What about my Privacy?

    Because Supportiv is an anonymous platform that doesn’t require any personal information, there is no way for them to steal or sell your data. Even if you decide to subscribe to their services and enter your data, that personal info is encrypted and never stored. They have a privacy policy available on their website for you to explore further if you have doubts or additional questions.  

    Who are the Group Moderators?

    The moderators employed by Supportiv are psychology students (graduate and undergraduate) who have completed extensive training by Supportiv on peer support facilitation, crisis triage, and the platform’s special features. The moderators are people truly interested in helping people and gaining real-world support group experience. 

    It is important to mention that the moderators are not clinically trained, nor are they counselors, therapists, or psychologists. However, they are interested in your wellbeing and mental wellness. They will never offer users advice, a diagnosis, treatment, or crisis counseling. 

    Is Supportiv Right for You?

    Supportiv is meant for just about anyone that wants to be heard and feel supported. Supportiv aims to connect you with other people going through similar situations or feeling the same feelings you are. Peer support is not a replacement for therapy. It is always advised to consult with your doctor or licensed mental health professional if you require a diagnosis, medical treatment, or more extensive treatment that requires in-person sessions. 

    How Much Does Supportiv Cost?

    Supportiv strives to provide affordable peer support and offers its users two ways to connect with people.

    • Pay as you go - $15/day

    • Unlimited access for 24 hours

    • Best for you if you sign on once in a while

    • Subscribe - $30/month

    • Unlimited access

    • Cancel at anytime

    • Best option if you like to express yourself and want to talk through how you’re feeling more than twice a month

    Why Isn’t Supportiv Free?

    As some say, “Nothing in life is free.” Here are the reasons listed on Supportiv’s website:

    • Their technology is highly sophisticated and costly.

    • They train and pay their moderators to ensure each user receives a supportive, troll-free experience. 

    • There are no annoying ads, which many sites use to generate revenue. 

    • They don’t sell your data, which happens on most free sites.

    What Do We Think About Supportiv?

    To keep things short and sweet, we think Supportiv is the bee’s knees. They offer their users a platform to talk about how they’re feeling in an anonymous, judgment-free zone. There really aren’t any other platforms like this. We like that you don’t have to browse through hundreds of groups to find one that works for you. Their AI-powered technology works its magic for you. Supportiv may not have the most glamorous website, but the founders and moderators genuinely care about the mental wellness of others. We say, give Supportiv a try when you’re feeling down, lost, or your kids are driving you crazy, and you want to vent to someone that’s dealing with the same things!