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    Noom Mood Review

    If you’ve looked into weight loss apps or ways to improve your food intake lately, then it’s fairly likely that you’ve heard of Noom. If you haven’t, then you should know that Noom is a subscription-based wellness app that is designed to incentivize positive eating habits, exercise regimens, and behavioral changes to promote a healthier lifestyle.

    The app has long been known for incorporating mental health fundamentals, like basic cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, into a holistic framework that serves to benefit overall physical health. Continually, the numbers have supported the power of these behavioral changes, with one of the first landmark studies finding that it had a near-80% efficacy rate at promoting weight loss in users, and the University of Sydney Medical Center ranked it as the #1 app for weight loss.

    The program has exploded in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic – as the virus forced many people into leading more sedentary lifestyles, it also forced them to think more creatively about how to stay occupied, how to stay in shape, and how to stay eating good while also eating healthy. For perspective, outlets like Forbes have reported that Noom was believed to generate over $540 million in funds around the height of the pandemic.

    Given the app’s CBT background, and given that we’re still in the midst of a time that a lot of people have found especially distressing, it makes sense that Noom would transition from just focusing on treating the body to also treating the mind, which is exactly what they’re aiming to do through their new Noom Mood program.

    In the company’s own words, the program “empowers and equips participants to better manage their day-to-day experiences of stress and anxiety.” It might also be pertinent to listen to the words of Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., the company’s official chief of psychology:

    “Because Noom is rooted in psychology, we have helped millions of users realize the critical connection between mental wellness and physical health, and the impact each one can have on the other… The launch of Noom Mood marks an exciting new chapter for Noom to help even more people unlock powerful holistic health outcomes.”

    How does the program aim to unlock such powerful holistic health outcomes? Keep reading to find that out, to find out whether or not Noom Mood is right for you, and to find out if you’re eligible to use any bonus promo codes on it.

    Noom Mood: How It Works

    Noom Mood applies the brand’s core product fundamentals of promoting behavioral changes to a strictly behavioral based context. It aims to do so through a holistic wellness approach that covers the user’s needs on multiple fronts, promoting wellness via:

    • A 16-week educational curriculum
    • Weekly activities to practice stress management
    • One-on-one behavioral coaching
    • Reminders, notifications, and journaling

    By applying all of these things in unison, Noom Mood aims to keep users staying on the right path, and aims to keep them on the straight and narrow by reinforcing healthier habits through all of these fronts. Before you sign up, Noom also offers a survey to help you better understand and assess your levels of stress.

    The notification reminders and daily logging are informed by the psychological principle of operant conditioning, which posits that certain behaviors are more likely to occur when they are paired with some sort of reinforcement. With the help of reminders and other reinforcements, you’re far more likely to stay on track, stay on the right path, and walk away with having Noom’s lessons stay with you.

    The coaches are facilitators designed to help you approach your weekly activities and monitor progress through the program over time. They’ll also be available to assist you throughout the program via a messaging service, from 9-5 P.M. Eastern Time. You can message your coach through the program’s off-hours as needed, but they may take a little longer to respond.

    It’s also important to emphasize that these coaches are NOT replacements for therapists, counselors, or full time mental health professionals. While Noom Mood is a great service to use in tandem with talk therapy wellness services like BetterHelp or Talkspace, it is ultimately a supplemental tool that would be most effectively used with these services, not a replacement nor provider of them.

    If you suspect that you might be in deeper need of a more extensive behavioral health professional’s services, we would strongly encourage you to consider reaching out to one. If you're worried that your budget is too tight for continual behavioral care, one great organization for finding affordable counseling is the Open Path Collective.

    Furthermore, we are always happy to help put our readers in touch with the most affordable, accessible, and best online therapy services they can buy. If you’re concerned about budget regarding the product though, then here’s what you should know about costs in relation to Noom Mood.

    How Much Is Noom Mood?

    Right now, Noom Mood’s price point is paid out as a 4-month plan for $149, meant to cover the entire duration of the basic 16-week Noom Mood program. However, while those 4 months cover the base plan, the plan itself will auto-renew, so unless you want to give the Noom Mood program multiple go-arounds, remember to shut off that default feature.

    It’s probably generally not the wisest idea to spend $149 on a whim, but when you consider that it’s over a 4-month duration, you’re likely to have this investment practically pay for itself. One could argue that it helps save you from future medical costs by helping to reinforce healthier habits for your physical and mental health.

    You can pay for the plan in monthly installments in case you aren’t sure whether or not you’d want to commit to Noom for the full term, though do be mindful that

    If you still aren’t totally sure whether or not to be financially committed to the program, no problem! Noom offers a free-trial period to let you try the first two weeks of the program - free of charge! No frills, no commitment, no problem! Furthermore, if you sign up for the Noom Mood membership and on the slim chance you experience buyer’s remorse for whatever reason, no problem there either!

    So long as you haven’t passed the two week trial period, you can simply message your Coach and request that they cancel your subscription. You can do this through the app’s messaging service, or by logging in through the company’s in-browser subscription portal. For more information on cancellation, you can learn more through a Noom FAQ article on the matter.

    On the off chance that you forgot to cancel your subscription, then you might not have to worry in that case either! Visit Noom’s Contact Support form, and explain your situation to them in more detail. In most cases, they’ll be pretty generous and understanding and more than willing to cancel your subscription in the (fairly unlikely) event that you end up dissatisfied with the product for whatever reason.

    Noom Mood Sign Up

    Before signing up for Noom Mood, consumers should know that they can not sign up for Noom Mood if they are already currently enrolled in another Noom program. Moreover, you can only sign up through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as the app is currently only available through iOS and Android mobile devices.

    If you can afford it, we would strongly encourage trying both Noom Healthy Weight and Noom Mood to reap the full holistic benefits of what the company has to offer. Both Noom programs place great emphasis on the complex relationship and interplay between body and mind.

    By trying both programs, you can enjoy the most comprehensive possible analysis of this interplay, and how you can make the best of it. Unfortunately, you just won’t be able to try them simultaneously!

    Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

    Whilst Noom Mood is not a full fledged replacement for cognitive behavioral therapy on it’s own, both Noom Mood and Noom Healthy Weight heavily incorporate elements of CBT into their programs. With that in mind, you might be curious where these fundamentals stem from, and how efficacious they truly are at reinforcing positive behavioral changes.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is a discipline with over half a century of true and tested practice behind it. It’s a form of behavioral therapy that hones intently on challenging the maladaptive messages delivered by cognitive distortions in our thoughts, stabilizing our emotional equilibrium, and internalizing coping skills that can be applied to the challenging moments in our lives.

    A multitude of researchers have found that when compared to certain psychoactive medications, cognitive behavioral therapy can have equal, if not sometimes greater efficacy than those medications. This mainly applies to lower grade and less severe forms of conditions like:

    Obviously, things can vary heavily on an individual, case by case basis, and if you suspect that you suffer from one or more of the above conditions, we would strongly encourage you to refer to whatever advice your healthcare provider gives. Some cases may be best treated with individual use of medication or behavioral therapy, whereas others may be best treated with tandem usage of both medication and behavioral therapy.

    Though Noom is not a replacement tool for neither (should you feel that you need greater professional assistance), it is certainly an effective supplemental one to use alongside these other tools, as it incorporates some of the most trusted and reputed tools in psychotherapy to help you put it’s holistic wellness plans into practice.

    If you suspect you are in need of deeper professional help though, again, we would strongly encourage you to seek that professional help. Having a safe place to make sense of your feelings without stigma, shaming, or judgement can make a world of beneficial difference.

    Does Journaling Help With Stress?

    Beyond standard CBT practices, another prominent psychotherapy exercise incorporated by the Noom Mood program is daily logging or journaling of your habits and thought patterns. As for how effective or ineffective it is, it’s an extremely effective tool for reinforcing habits, challenging cognitive distortions, and releasing emotions by leaving them in writing.

    Journal of Research In Personality researchers observed that even journaling for as little as 20 minutes a day can make a cathartic difference in the behavioral health of patients. A different report, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, suggests that even as little as two minutes of journaling and jotting down a day can have a beneficial effect on health outcomes.

    By incorporating journaling/daily logging into it’s holistic framework, Noom is incorporating yet another tried, true, and tested behavioral utility into it’s wellness toolkit. Whether you’re considering journaling via Noom Mood or elsewhere, we would strongly encourage you to consider making it a routine habit (even beyond the Noom Mood program) if you’re struggling to find release or catharsis elsewhere.

    Noom Mood Promo Code

    Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any dedicated promo codes for Noom Mood, but you can stay here and stay tuned to see if (and assuredly, when) Noom Mood promo codes start going around more widely.

    Noom Healthy Weight’s popularity surged over the course of the pandemic as people needed ways to stay in shape despite leading more sedentary lives, and it’s reasonable to assume that Noom Mood’s popularity will do the same, and subsequently be followed up with more promo codes to maintain the hype.

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    Is Noom Worth Paying For?

    Overall, we would say so. If you feel yourself in a bit of a rut and aren’t totally sure how to get a handle on your stress, then Noom Mood can be a great first step to better help you handle it.

    It’s a great entry gateway into the basic fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy, and if all goes well, those fundamentals will last well past the 4-month Noom Mood program, and stay with you for a lifetime. So between those benefits and the two-week free trial feature, what do you have to lose, other than unwanted stress?