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Noom review
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Noom is an incredible weight-loss app like none you've ever tried before! Noom combines technology, psychology, and human coaching to deliver real, successful behavior change to help you hit your weight & fitness goals.
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Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers review
Health Apps
Why We Like Them
Weight Watchers (WW) is an excellent weight loss and wellness program with digital and personal coaching to help you achieve your goals. Weight Watchers has assisted people for more than 55 years and has helped millions of people lose weight with the latest nutritional and behavioral science methods. Becoming wildly popular in the ‘90s and reimagined in late 2018, WW now offers a modern approach t...
Less review
Health Apps
Why We Like Them
Less is an app created to track alcohol intake and to set weekly goals to reduce it. It’s an excellent tool for navigating your journey toward more mindful drinking by transforming data into easy-to-read graphs to keep tabs on your drinking habits. Less is perfect for people wanting to cut back on drinking or give up drinking for good. 
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Sanvello review
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Sanvello has all of the support you need in one place: therapy, coaching, self-care tools, and a community that gets it. Sanvello uses clinically validated techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) designed to work together to help you learn how to feel happier. 
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Zero (Fasting App)
Zero (Fasting App) review
Health Apps
Why We Like Them
Zero is a health app, specifically dedicated to the practice of intermittent fasting. Founded with the goal of providing everyone the tools to a longer and more healthy life, Zero is the world’s most popular fasting app that will help you track your weight loss goals and provide you with expert guidance, insights, and accountability. Zero will help you live your best life while practicing the art...
Table of content

    Weight Loss Apps

    Weight loss apps are a handy tool to help track nutritional and exercise goals and progress. They’re used by tens of thousands of people each year and are more convenient than traditional tracking methods. Most apps offer some type of access to an online community, including message boards and/or personal coaching. 

    Do Weight Loss Apps Work?

    Weight loss apps can be helpful tools that aid in shedding a few pounds and provide important nutritional advice. While the verdict is still out as to whether these apps offer enough information to help users lose weight and keep the weight off, they have been known to streamline food and exercise tracking as well as monitor weight loss goals.

    What to Expect From a Weight Loss App

    Some of the more common features of most weight loss apps include:

    • Nutritional information tracker (Weight Watchers)
    • Motivational inspiration (noom
    • Tips and tricks (MyFitnessPal)
    • Recipes
    • Fitness coaching
    • Professional weight loss coaching (Lose It)
    • Weight tracker
    • Water tracker

    App features generally vary. Nearly all weight loss apps, such as Weight Loss- Work Out at Home include some type of food and/or fitness tracking. Apps on the higher end will often provide professional coaching, access to a weight loss community, and additional features. 

    How to Choose a Weight Loss App

    The good news is that there’s a weight loss app for every body type and dietary restriction. Depending on your preferred program, you’ll find weight loss apps geared toward every diet under the sun, including:

    • Calorie counting
    • Mindful eating
    • Keto
    • Atkins
    • Low-carb
    • Fasting
    • Sports training
    • Low-sugar
    • Gluten-free
    • And more

    Most apps have the same set of features, including food, weight, and exercise trackers, motivational information, recipes, workout plans, and sometimes coaching. Depending on the type of diet or lifestyle change you choose, you can find an app tailored to fit that plan.