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Less is an app created to track alcohol intake and to set weekly goals to reduce it. It’s an excellent tool for navigating your journey toward more mindful drinking by transforming data into easy-to-read graphs to keep tabs on your drinking habits. Less is perfect for people wanting to cut back on drinking or give up drinking for good. 


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    Less App Overview

    Less is a simple and intuitive health app explicitly designed to help people who drink alcohol do so more mindfully, making space in their lives for more drink-free days. Less makes it easy to track your alcohol intake, to be more conscious of how much you drink and when. It’s a science-based approach to taking control of your consumption. 

    Created by Kevin Rose, the same guy that created the world’s most popular fasting app, Zero, has done it once again to provide people with free tools to help them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. In the case of Less, you’re on a voyage (it has a sailing theme) to drinking less by inputting your alcohol intake information directly into the app so that you’re able to see your daily intake in one place. Less is only available in the App Store for Apple users at this point, but the creators are trying their best to have Less available for Android users in the near future.   

    Less touts itself as a judgment-free zone that’s specifically designed to help anyone who wants to moderate their alcohol consumption, regardless of the reason. 

    If you’re looking to take control of your alcohol intake and are in need of a little extra support, read on to learn more about Less. 


    Is Less Right For Me?

    Less was created for anyone wanting to monitor their alcohol consumption, regardless of what that means to you. Less is an ideal app for you if:

    • You’re trying to ‘sail’ through social outings without going overboard

    • You become anxious by the ‘unchartered waters’ of work functions where alcohol is involved

    • You want to ‘chart a course’ toward better health

    Whatever the reason might be, Less could be the first mate you’ve been looking for help you navigate the ‘dark and stormy’ waters when drinking. See what we did there? Aren’t our sailing scenarios clever? ;) 

    It is essential to know that using the Less app is exclusively for those wanting to monitor their drinking. It is NOT recommended for people suffering from alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or other substances, please contact a medical professional -- talk to your doctor or check out our pre-vetted and reviewed list of online doctors that can help you through your addiction


    How Does Less Work? 

    Less makes it easy to track your alcohol intake and helps you set weekly goals in the case that you’re looking to reduce how much you consume. With Less, you’re able to:

    • Track drinks with a simple tap, discreetly

    • Look over and analyze your drinking habits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

    • See how much you’re spending and the calories you’ve consumed

    • Set goals and streaks around alcohol-free days, then take a look at the big-picture of your consumption on the calendar view feature

    • Learn about the latest science behind limiting your alcohol intake, mocktail recipes, and other tips and tricks for staying within your consumption goal

    Less wants its users to feel in control of their own ship, and upon downloading the app and signing in, you’ll be prompted to choose your voyage character, who are creatively named Les and Leslie.  

    Track Your Journey

    Les and Leslie will be the captain of your ship as you navigate your journey. How you use the app is completely up to you; as some people say, “we can only improve ourselves if we’re completely honest with ourselves.” This is incredibly true to remember when using Less. That the app is only as good as the information you’ve given it. Les or Leslie will be right there by your side, trying their best to help you stay afloat. 

    Set Limits

    Initially, the Less algorithm will recommend a weekly limit, but depending on your personal goal, you are able to tick it up or down, so the app works at your pace. As you log each drink, your daily consumption affects the weather, while you’re weekly intake affects your speed. For example, if you stay under your daily limit, the skies will remain sunny. However, if you exceed your limits, you’ll run into an unforeseen storm that will slow your progress. 

    Log Drinks With a Simple Tap

    Because Less wants you to always feel like you’re the captain of the ship, you can quickly log each drink from the home screen, or if you want to be super secretive, you can also use their handy widget to add drinks without even opening the app. This way, everything you’re doing stays between you and Les or Leslie and isn’t put on blast. 

    Build Streaks

    Like any other goal you’re trying to achieve, Less also tracks how many alcohol-free days you’ve had back-to-back for you to later view, putting a visual to your success. 

    Chart Your Progress

    One cool thing that Less reviewers really appreciate is that the app automatically creates easy to understand graphs from the data you’ve input for you to explore how your habits evolve over time. 

    Learn More Tips and Tricks

    Less provides its users with educational information, including articles, podcasts, and quick advice columns that are created by their team of experts. Less wants to be part of the greater good and having a community of people sailing through the seas with you is one of their top priorities. 

    How Much Does Less Cost?

    Like the app Zero, which was created by the same team that created Less, this app is completely FREE. The team at Less believes that access to health and wellness tools should always be free. That people deserve to live the best life they possibly can. 

    What Do We Think About Less?

    Less’ website and app are both nicely designed and easy to use. We like that the team at Less has created a judgment-free place for people to track their alcohol intake and provide motivational advice and input from leaders on the alcohol elimination train. If you’re interested in lowering your alcohol intake and want a little extra help staying on top of what you consume, we say, why not sail the seas with Less?