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Activity Trackers
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Ōura is a wearable device (specifically a ring) that tracks resting heart rate and body temperature. Unlike most wearable tech on the market, it doesn’t track your activity — only your resti...
Activity Tracker (Ring) Overview
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Activity Tracker Rings

Activity trackers or fitness trackers have risen to popularity in the last decade, with more people focused on their general wellness and ways to improve it. Companies are constantly looking for new and unique ways to offer their customers daily insight into their fitness levels. 

How Fitness Activity Tracker Rings Work

Activity trackers measure key signals from your body, including resting heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate, to deliver critical insight for you to build good habits to set you and your body up for a successful day.  

Common Activity Tracker Ring Features


Sleep is probably the most important part of your day. It allows your body to recover from the day you’ve just had and gives you the energy you need to take on the day ahead. Most smart devices can provide you with information relating to conditions associated with poor sleep, such as sleep apnea.

Steps Taken

Yes, smartphones generally come with a steps tracker, but without an external smart ring, who knows if the information is totally accurate. Activity tracker rings are equipped with motion sensors that can accurately estimate how many steps you’ve taken, the intensity of your movement, and when you’re inactive.

Internal Temperature

Your temperature can provide insight into your health. If your body is a bit warmer than usual, you might be catching a cold. Some activity tracker rings, like the smart device from Ōura, can even alert you to early signs of COVID-19

Heartrate Monitor

Whether you’re taking a stroll along the beach or about to have a nervous breakdown, your activity tracker will be able to let you know when your heart is beating too fast, too slow, giving you an overview of your heart health.  

How Fitness Activity Tracker Apps Work

These apps have many features that work with your smart devices. Some apps require you to manually enter in daily information, while others record information automatically. Most apps are available on iOS and Android platforms and can be connected directly to smart devices, such as activity rings or watches

Smartphone Apps

Nearly all activity tracker rings use smartphone technology and can be paired with a fitness app using your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities. Some apps require manual data input and others use their motion sensor feature to track data automatically. 

Motion Sensor Apps

Apps like Lose It use your smartphone’s motion sensors to track an estimated amount of calories burned throughout the day. Others use exterior smart devices to monitor daily movement.