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Activity Tracker (Watch) Overview
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Activity Tracker Watches

Fitness activity tracker apps aren’t new, but their features are consistently updated and improved, offering seamless activity and calorie tracking features. 

How Fitness Activity Tracker Apps Work

These apps have a variety of features that work with your smart devices to manually and automatically track your fitness goals and milestones each day. Just some of the apps are available for both smartphones and other smart devices (such as watches and activity bands). 

Smartphone Apps

Nearly all fitness activity trackers use smartphone technology, on its own or in tandem with other devices. Some apps require the user to input data directly into the app, and others simply use motion sensors to track data.

Motion Sensor Apps

Some apps (like MyFitnessPal) use a smartphone’s motion sensors to track daily physical fitness milestones and goals. Others use exterior devices (such as smartwatches or motion rings) to monitor movement. 

Manual Apps

Some fitness apps (such as Lose It) allow users to manually track exercises. Simply input your height, weight, and age; input the type of exercise and how long you perform each exercise daily. 

Common Activity Tracker Features

Steps Tracker

Most smartphones and smart fitness accessories are equipped with motion trackers that can accurately estimate daily steps, exercise, and standing time. Simply set your daily steps goal to find out how many steps you walk each day.

Standing Time

They say sitting is the new smoking. That’s why it’s important to spend most of your day standing. Most activity trackers can remind you to stand up when you’ve been sitting for too long.

Stairs Climbed

Did you know that taking the stairs is a great way to integrate exercise into your daily life? Your smart device can track floors climbed each day, too.

Heartrate Monitor

If you have a smartwatch or ring, your device probably has a heartrate monitor. Your monitor can tell you if your heart is beating too fast, too slow, or if you have a possible arrhythmia. 

Calories Burned

If you input your height, weight, and age into your activity tracker app, some apps (when synced with smart devices) will give you an estimate of how many calories you burn during the day.