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Why We Like Them

Vitagene is a DNA/ancestry heritage testing and wellness company that not only provides biomarker data, but the company also offers detailed information to help customers understand the DNA data. Customer support can also provide recommendations for diet, exercise, and supplements — all based on family tree DNA markings.


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    Vitagene Company Overview 

    This DNA-testing company focuses on report results, as well as helping clients understand these results. 

    When you log onto Vitagine’s platform, you’ll get information to help you sleep better, get more energy, reduce stress, and even help clear up skin issues. Order the premium package to get supplements delivered right to your door. 

    Is Vitagene Right For You? 

    Vitagene is different from other ancestry, family finder, and health analysis companies because it doesn’t simply offer data; instead, this company offers actionable advice and recommendations to help you respond to health reports. 

    Vitagene is right for you if you need:

    • Ancestry reports

    • DNA reports

    • Health data analysis

    • Vitamin and supplement recommendations

    • Diet and exercise recommendations

    Is Vitagene Credible?

    Vitagene states that it has the largest nutrition genetics database commercially and that its labs use the latest research available. The company uses genotyping to process results and the margin of error for this type of genetic test is only 0.1%. Results are processed in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs.

    Vitagene never sells or shares data with third parties or partners. Your data is saved anonymously in the database to be analyzed by algorithms to improve the accuracy and safety of reports and recommendations. All your health information is kept private.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Vitagene  

    Vitagene offers DNA, ancestry, and health testing as well as recommendations to make healthier lifestyle choices — all based on your genetic data. The company offers three basic genetic testing plans: health plus ancestry DNA test, premium health plus ancestry DNA test, or premium health + ancestry report plus supplements plan.

    This company also sells an at-home COVID-19 test; this saliva test takes only a few minutes to get results and can be taken in the comfort of your own home. 

    Health + Ancestry DNA Tests & Reports/DNA Kit + Reports

    Vitagene’s health plus ancestry DNA testing kit offers basic information regarding your ancestral heritage as well as:

    • Diet reports

    • Supplement reports

    • Exercise reports

    The diet reports offer insight on the foods you should avoid as well as the best food to keep you energized and at peak performance. The full list of food reports includes:

    • Customized meal plans

    • Ingredients 

    • Calorie breakdowns

    • Tailored macronutrient percentages

    • Gluten sensitivity

    • Lactose sensitivity

    • Caffeine metabolism

    • Fat metabolism

    • MTHFR gene mutation detection

    • Omega 3 fatty acid level

    • Saturated fat level

    • Polyunsaturated fat level

    • Monounsaturated fat level

    • Carbohydrate metabolism

    • Alcohol metabolism

    • Cholesterol levels

    • Triglyceride levels

    • Sodium intake & blood pressure

    You’ll also discover which types of exercise are best for your body and combat any predispositions to diseases. The full list of exercise reports includes:

    • Ability to build muscle

    • Muscle cramps

    • Interactive workout planner

    • Power vs. Endurance body type

    • Exercise behavior

    • Weight response to exercise

    • Blood pressure response to exercise

    You’ll also get recommendations on the supplements you’re most likely to need throughout your life, based on your genetics and predispositions. The full list of supplements reports includes:

    • Top recommended supplements

    • Dosages

    • Reason for recommendation

    • Over 13 essential vitamins & minerals

    • Genetic risk level by nutrient

    • Scientific research

    • SNPS & genotypes (including MTHFR)

    • Personalized recommendations and plan

    Premium Health + Ancestry DNA Tests & Reports/DNA Upload

    The premium report includes everything in the health and ancestry report plus skin reports and recommendations. The full list of skin reports includes:

    • Skin trait description

    • Percent genetics vs. Lifestyle

    • Genetic risk level

    • SNPs & genotypes

    • Skincare recommendations

    • Scientific research

    Premium Health + Ancestry Test & Reports + Supplements Plan/DNA Kit + Reports + Supplements Plan

    The premium health and ancestry with supplements plan and DNA kit reports include everything included in the premium health report plus a personalized supplements subscription.

    Home Saliva Test Kit For COVID-19 (FDA Emergency Use Authorized)

    Vitagene now offers a COVID test, approved for emergency use by the FDA. The test can determine if you’re infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These kits are provided by Vitagine and tested by RUCDR Infinite Biologics lab. 

    Simply take the saliva test at home, and mail the kit (with prepaid shipping and packaging) via the instructions. You’ll get your results within 72 hours of the lab receiving your sample.

    How Vitagene Works

    It’s super easy to get your DNA and ancestry tests through Vitagene. It only takes three steps to get your results.

    1. Complete your DNA sample

    Order your kit and keep an eye out for it; it should arrive within three-to-five business days. Perform the simple cheek swab, and mail it back to the lab (following the instructions) in the prepaid packaging. 

    1. Fill out your questionnaire 

    After making your purchase, you’ll be invited to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. These questions will simply help Vitagene understand your current habits. 

    1. Get your results

    Get your results in six-to-eight weeks after the lab receives your test kit. 

    If you have already completed a test through AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritage, you can send your raw DNA test results to Vitagene to get your skin, supplement, diet, and exercise recommendations. 

    Vitagene Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Vitagene provides information on your genetic markers and DNA as well as supplement, diet, and exercise advice. Yet, this company does not treat the conditions themselves. Just because you have tested positive for a predisposition to a condition doesn’t mean you’ll develop the condition, as genomes are only one small piece of the puzzle. 

    You should still make appointments to see your doctor and continue any treatments; talk to your doctor before you stop taking medication or change your dosage. 

    Pricing: How Much Does Vitagene Cost? 

    Vitagene charges the following prices for its DNA testing, health testing, and supplements plans:

    Health + Ancestry DNA Tests & Reports: $99

    Premium Health + Ancestry DNA Tests & Reports/DNA Upload: $139

    Premium Health + Ancestry Test & Reports + Supplements Plan: $249

    Home Saliva Test Kit for COVID-19 $117

    What Do We Think About Vitagene?

    We love that Vitagene is a one-stop-shop for DNA and ancestry testing, health testing, and lifestyle advice. 

    The option to add a supplement delivery to your DNA test sets this company above its competitors. 

    We love that the reports are designed to help you understand any predispositions to conditions or other issues, but that they also provide actionable advice. Gone are the days of skimming through your DNA test report — only to end up with more questions than answers.

    The one downside is the time it takes to get your results. Companies like 23andMe and MyHeritage offer results in as little as three weeks (Ancestry provides results within eight weeks). Yet, we can only assume that the long wait times with Vitagene can be attributed to the thorough reports offered.