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Physera is an online physical therapy platform. It offers patients the same services offered at an in-person physical therapist’s office — only online, via video chat and messaging.


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    Physera Company Overview 

    This remote physical therapist platform specializes in treating muscle and joint pain. It’s part of the Omada Health/Teladoc family that’s the largest publicly-traded telehealth company in the world and was recently valued at $37 billion.

    Physera offers three main treatments:

    • Initial physical therapy treatment and assessment
    • Ongoing physical treatment video sessions
    • Unlimited physical therapy chat messaging

    Is Physera Right For You? 

    Physera physical therapists design personalized recovery and physical therapy plans to treat your conditions — not just your symptoms. 

    This telehealth platform is right for you if you need:

    • App-guided automated exercises with voice narration
    • Online dedicated physical therapists
    • One-on-one attention via video
    • Ongoing free chats to ensure you understand all treatments
    • Ongoing appointments to adjust your treatment
    • Educational support
    • Preventative tips
    • Personalized lifestyle changes and activities
    • Physical therapy but cannot travel to an onsite office or clinic

    Is Physera Credible?

    Physera works with a network of licensed physical therapists. This platform has therapists that are licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The platform provides the latest technology to allow therapists to work just as effectively online as they would in person. 

    Physera's PTs go through a very rigorous screening process. In fact, the platform accepts less than .07% of all applicants.

    PTs have more than 10 years of clinical experience and often specialize in specific types of physical therapy techniques. 

    They’re also specially trained in virtual diagnostics and treatment — which means you can look forward to the same quality of care that you would when traveling to visit a therapist’s office. 

    Most therapists can substitute hands-on assessments for remote assessment, and more than 80% of common diagnosis is based on patient history and oral accounts of pain levels and lifestyle habits. 

    Physera is HIPAA-compliant, and its website is secured, ensuring your information stays safe. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Physera  

    Physera treats conditions commonly treated by most physical therapists, including muscle and joint problems. The most common conditions treated by Physera include:

    • Ankle pain
    • Arthritis
    • Back pain
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Chronic pain
    • Elbow pain
    • Foot pain
    • Hand pain
    • Hip pain
    • Joint and muscle tears
    • Joint pain
    • Knee pain
    • Limited joint function
    • Limited range of motion
    • Lower back pain
    • Middle back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Recurring ankle sprains
    • Shoulder pain
    • Sore joints
    • Sore muscles
    • Stiff necks
    • Tendinitis
    • Tennis elbow
    • Upper back pain
    • Wrist pain

    How Physera Works

    It’s super easy to get treatment for joint and muscle pain through Physera. Most patients start feeling relief in three simple steps (and start feeling better in just under two weeks; though, each patient is different). 

    Get started with Physera by:

    1. Filling Out Your Intake Information

    All patients start out with Physera by filling out insurance information (if available) and medical history information. 

    You’ll fill out a short questionnaire to help your physical therapist determine if telehealth is right for your pain. Filling out this information in advance helps to save time during your initial consultation. 

    1. Scheduling a Consultation

    Your first appointment with your physical therapist is a consultation appointment to determine your needs. Your telehealth therapist can determine the cause of your pain by asking pointed questions.

    You may need to perform some basic movements and stretches to allow your therapist to see your range of movement and understand your level of pain.

    1. Scheduling Physical Therapy Appointments

    After your initial appointment, your therapist will create a physical therapy plan that’s just right for your needs. You’ll work with your therapist to determine the frequency of appointments and chat about what you can do between appointments to ease pain.

    Ongoing Support

    One of Physera’s features that really stands out is its ongoing support. You can message with your therapist for free as often as you’d like. Chat about your pain levels and ask lifestyle questions.

    The platform also offers a wealth of information about lifestyle changes and provides pre-recorded videos that offer guidance between appointments. 

    Physera Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Physera is strictly an online physical therapy platform. Its physical therapists do not prescribe medications, and PTs cannot assist with conditions outside of the realm of pain management therapy. 

    Just some of the many conditions Physera doesn’t treat include:

    • Primary care services
    • Emergency care services
    • Urgent care services
    • Prescription medications

    If you need to manage your pain through prescription medication, we recommend checking out one of the many online doctors that specialize in general or urgent care. 

    Pricing: How Much Does Physera Cost? 

    Physera offers extremely transparent pricing. All prices are quoted upfront, and there are no add-on fees. You can pay for each session with a credit or debit card, or opt to use some insurance providers or health savings account. 

    The prices for Physera’s services are:

    Physical therapy (initial consultation): $100

    Physical therapy (video session): $50

    Physical therapy (unlimited chat messaging): free

    Physera is in-network with many health insurance plans, and you can check with your health insurance provider for more information. Most patients pay a small copay for Physera’s services through health insurance providers. 

    You can pay for each visit right after your appointment via a secure invoice. Pay online using your preferred online payment method or a HSA or FSA account.

    What Do We Think About Physera?

    We’re super excited that there’s such a well-known, highly-regarded company offering physical therapy and pain recovery services online. 

    We love Physera’s transparent pricing structure and its willingness to bill health insurance providers — making this platform equally attractive for patients both with and without health insurance. 

    We’re impressed by the long list of conditions treated by Physera and that each PT focuses on treating the condition and not merely the symptoms. We also love the add-on features of pre-recorded video stretches and exercises and the free ongoing support.

    If you suffer from chronic pain and need physical therapy (especially if you have difficulty getting to a physical therapist’s office), we recommend contacting Physera.