Mental Health Awareness Month Tips & Bulletin Board Ideas

You’ve likely heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, and in honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to spread some around! Mental health is a crucial part of maintaining your general wellness, but unfortunately, this facet of our wellness can far too often be maligned, overlooked, and stigmatized. 

It’s always good to be more cognizant of your cognition, and strive toward being more mindful of the mental well-being of your loved ones. One effective way to help yourself be more considerate, compassionate, and cognizant is by setting reminders through a mood bulletin board.

Additionally, you could promote Mental Health Awareness Month activities in your workplace and social circle. If you’re still scratching your head wondering where to start, here are some quick tips, mental health affirmations, and Mental Health Awareness Month Activity ideas to get you started.

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Ways To Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Join The Mental Health Action Network: Organizing mental health action days (this year, falling on May 19th, 2022), this coalition is one of the biggest mental health advocacy coalitions in the world, spanning over 14000 organizations across 32 different countries. Learn more about them here.
  • Direct Action: You can donate or volunteer for trusted mental health funds, and contact your elected officials to raise awareness for mental health causes.
  • Finding A Therapist: A great therapist can provide valuable insights and much-needed support through the moments you need it the most. Find online therapists here.
  • Practice Self-Care: It’s difficult to care for the needs of others when you haven’t yet dealt with your own. Cultivate healthy, consistent self-care practices to help yourself keep calm through stressful times.
  • Share Mental Health Resources: Even one call, text, or share can save a life. If you or a loved one finds yourself in a serious crisis, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or the Crisis Text Line at 741-741.

Mental Health Bulletin Board Ideas

A mood bulletin board should obviously be personalized and tailored toward your own personal mood and mental state. Generally speaking though, you may want to consider making space for these categories on your bulletin mood board:

  • Mood: Starting with this one is obviously a must. You could categorize different sections of the mood board based on different types of emotional states, from happiness to sadness, to anger. From there, you could journal the reasons why you’re feeling those ways; it’s an effective metacognition strategy and one which can help you better understand the underlying motivations beyond your own thought processes. 
  • Affirmations: Being continually exposed to healthy mantras and self-talk can help you substantially with reinforcing positive thinking, especially when you’re in a lower mood. Find the ones that personally work best for you.
  • Art: Art can be a very powerful therapeutic tool for self-expression, and one which you may wish to consider integrating into your personal mental health bulletin board if you’re artistically inclined. In addition, pictures of positive memories can help you affirm your mood.

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