Psychiatry (Membership & Prescription Delivery)

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    Psychiatry membership and prescription delivery is a relatively new telehealth service. It streamlines psychiatry, allowing patients to get diagnoses and treatments right on the same platform. 

    Psychiatry Vs. Psychology

    While most people think psychiatrists and psychologists provide the same services, the two are as different as an in-network and out-of-network health insurance provider. 

    Psychology (online therapy) treats mental disorders through talk therapy and behavioral therapy; psychiatry treats chemical imbalances of the brain through prescription medication. 

    The two types of treatments are often used in conjunction with one another, yet the approaches differ greatly. Psychologists cannot write prescriptions, and many psychiatrists don’t offer talk therapy services.

    What Is a Psychiatry Membership?

    Psychiatry membership is a relatively new form of psychiatry. Many patients can be diagnosed and treated on one platform. Simply fill out a questionnaire, schedule a video or online chat consultation with a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner, and get meds mailed directly to your home.

    Psychiatry Membership Vs. Online Psychiatry Appointment

    Psychiatry membership differs from online psychiatry appointments in that your psychiatrist works on the same platform that sells the medication. 

    This decreases the cost of the appointment (many psychiatrists charge upwards of $200 for an initial consultation and over $100 for follow-up appointments).

    The cost of medication on these platforms is also usually much less expensive than getting a prescription filled at your local pharmacy. 

    Benefits of Psychiatry Membership

    The main benefits of psychiatry memberships include:

    • Get prescription medications mailed directly to you in one appointment
    • Never worry about the cost of medications (costs are included in the monthly fees)
    • Lower costs than traditional psychiatry

    Can I Use My Own Local Pharmacy?

    Some states require medical practitioners to offer patients the choice between opting for their own local pharmacy and getting meds delivered through the online platform. Yet prescription costs may be more expensive when going through a local provider.

    Psychiatry Membership Providers

    The main providers of psychiatry membership and prescription delivery include: