Keeps Vs. Rogaine

Oh no! You’ve spent an untold amount of time sizing up your hairline in the bathroom mirror, and just discovered that you’re well on your way to becoming one of the 80%+ of people (per NYU Langone) who will experience significant hair loss over the course of their lifetime.

Now what? Even though baldness is more common than some people may realize, it doesn’t make it any less of a bummer for some of the people going through it. We aren’t all blessed with the fortune of pulling it off as well as Vin Diesel, The Rock, or Kevin from The Office (especially not Kevin from The Office).

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls, you’ve probably stumbled across this page because you want to weigh your hair care options. Should you opt for the cheap, generic Rogaine at your local pharmacy in person, or have a go with a more comprehensive, mail-order online telehealth regimen like Keeps? 

We've already compared Keeps with Hims and Ro Pharmacy's hair loss treatments, but here's how these other two particular hair care options stack up.

How Is Keeps Different From Rogaine?

For over four years, Keeps has flourished as one of the telehealth industry’s leading subscription-based hair loss treatment providers. The company serves it’s customers with a winning, FDA-backed formula that’s affordably priced at roughly half the cost of average pharmacy rates.

Keeps ships and renews its hair loss treatment subscriptions on a quarterly basis (every 3 months), ensuring that you’ll have a consistent, steady supply of hair loss treatments to count on. Its comprehensive range of treatments happens to be more varied than rogaine, as Keeps doesn’t just sell minoxidil, but also:

Moreover, after 4-6 weeks of use, you’ll be able to access Keeps' comprehensive, round-the-clock customer service program if you have to. It’ll be important to keep (see what we did there?) in the loop about the progress of your treatment, and if you’re experiencing any unwanted side effects as a result of using their finasteride and/or minoxidil treatments, such as:

While unpleasant, the side effects of finasteride can be managed in most cases (peek our guide on reducing those side effects to learn more). Let Keeps know if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms ASAP, that way you can both work together to find a treatment regimen that works for you.

You can read our full Keeps review to determine if the subscription hair loss telehealth provider works for you, and if you think they would, you can get started using their services for 50% off your first 6-12 months!

Roughly 50% off a subscription that's already 50% off most pharmacy rates; what’s not to love there? Seems like a pretty unanimous no-brainer win-win. But if you’re wondering how exactly basic rogaine stacks up against Keeps, here’s how.

Is Keeps Rogaine?

It’s a little bizarre to compare Keeps’ treatments against Rogaine, because one of the key tenets of Keeps’ hair loss therapy program is, in fact, the generic form of Rogaine (minoxidil). On its own, Rogaine has been known for having powerful, FDA-certified efficacy as a method of treating and preventing further hair loss. 

Overall, it’s not a bad option (lest you’re hit with any big side effects), and the brand’s worked to improve upon its proprietary formula by offering a hair loss solution that doesn’t just treat men’s hair loss, but women’s as well. Even so, we would have to give Keeps the slight edge over standard Rogaine. 

Having a wider selection of options in your hair loss treatment toolkit is often more effective than only counting on one. In general, it's almost always better to take the holistic approach and treat the problem from multiple angles, as opposed to only being reliant on one. No two hairlines are alike though, so take care to find the best personal hair care for your dome's personal preferences.

What Is Better: Keeps Or Rogaine?

Based on the evidence presented, we feel that Keeps should offer a more effective, well-rounded approach to hair care than basic rogaine alone for most receding domes. Not only that, but the company offers generic rogaine treatment at more affordable subscription rates than most local pharmacy prices.

The choice seems clear to us, but you can still read our Keeps review if you need more info to make up your mind. If you like what you see, you can start with 50% off your first 6-12 months of treatment (a subscription that’s already 50% off standard market rates) by signing up for Keeps here.

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