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Sleep Tracker Apps Overview
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Sleep Tracker Apps

Just as their name suggests, sleep tracker apps can track the number of hours you sleep each night and even report on your quality of sleep. They can provide suggestions for better sleep and natural circadian rhythms. 

How Sleep Tracker Apps Work

Sleep trackers monitor your sleep through motion sensors located in your smart devices. Whether you use an app designed for your smartphone or smartwatch or fitness band, you can get an accurate picture of how many Zzzzzs you’re getting each night.

Smartphone Apps

Most smartphones have motion detectors that can (somewhat) accurately track your steps and movement each day. At night, you can place your smartphone by your pillow to track how much you toss, turn, and wake up each night.

Smart Device Apps

A more accurate way to track your sleep is with a smartwatch or ring or a fitness band. These devices are strapped to your appendages and track your movement (and not your partner’s movement). 

Common Sleep Tracker Features

Most sleep tracker apps, like MyFitnessPal, report how many hours you sleep, how long you’re in a deep sleep, and how long you wake up each night. Monitoring these factors can help you discover how to improve your sleep and wake up more rested each morning.

Sleep Time

Sleep time is exactly how it sounds: how many hours and minutes you sleep each night. 

Sleep Quality

Sleep quality refers to how deep of a sleep you experience. Some experts believe that your body must be very still for a certain number of hours each night for cells to repair. 

REM Time

REM is the deepest cycle of sleep — the one where you’re more likely to dream. Most experts want patients to have a minimum of 90 minutes of REM sleep each night. 

Time Awake

Just as your sleep app determines how long you sleep, it reminds you of how often you wake during the night.

Weekly Sleep Debt

Most sleep apps also provide a weekly sleep debt analysis — or the amount of additional time you need to sleep to make up for missed sleep earlier in the week.

Heartrate Monitor

Most sleep apps also report your sleeping and waking heart rate.