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The Innerhour app is an all-in-one, self-help tool that provides you with a digital therapy experience all from the comfort of your home. It gives you access to unlimited emotional support via Allie, the A.I. relief chatbot, and 28-day customized programs that are specifically focused on strategies to combat feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger-related issues. 


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    Innerhour App Overview

    Innerhour is an app designed to help people dealing with anxiety and depression. The app is available in the App Store for Apple users and on Google Play for Android users. Categorized as a self-help app as an all-in-one guide, Innerhour was developed by Amit Malik and his team of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental healthcare experts. Touted as therapy in your palm, the Innerhour app gives its users unlimited access to Allie, their AI-powered relief chatbot, at any time, anywhere. Allie will become your point of contact throughout your healing journey and identify any mental health concerns you might have. Allie can help you overcome feelings associated with anxiety, stress, and depression by offering simple activities to help you feel more calm and relaxed. Allie will be there along the way to provide you with comfortable to do exercises when you’re feeling overwhelmed; however, it is important to know that Allie is neither a human nor a licensed therapist. Allie was created with inputs from many experienced therapists and psychiatrists but cannot replace in-person or online therapy. Fortunately, if you feel the need to speak to a therapist, Innerhour has that covered! You can book a virtual therapy session directly through the app.    

    Not only does Innerhour have an AI-powered relief chatbot at your fingertips, but their main goal for their users is also to make self-care more of a priority. With so much going on throughout the day, not many people take the time they actually deserve to reflect on the day’s occurrences, leaving them feeling depressed, anxious, angry, and overly stressed out. Innerhour encourages its users to find the strength, skills, and resources to overcome these feelings with self-care focused on mental health. 

    Innerhour believes that everyone should have access to quality mental health care and support. Their psychiatrists and psychologists have used their insights from their own therapy insights, combined with the latest science in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, and mindfulness, to translate the in-person therapy experience into self-care modules that specifically focus on six mental health conditions. Each self-care course lasts 28 days and is personalized for you, as Innerhour knows that each person has a unique story, and no two people have the same experience even if they’re both suffering from the same mental health concern. 

    If you’ve been putting off self-care for too long, Innerhour could be a great place to start your journey to feeling like the best version of yourself. Read on, because you deserve it!


    How Does Innerhour App Work?

    The Innerhour app is an all-in-one guide created by mental health professionals. It is used as a self-help tool to provide you with a unique digital experience of therapy. Innerhour gives you access to emotional support through personalized mental health programs that focus on personal empowerment, giving you the tools and skills to navigate the difficulties of depression, anxiety, anger, and more. 

    Upon downloading the app and signing up for an account, you’ll be prompted to take a quick assessment that will evaluate how you’re feeling and what symptoms you’re experiencing for it to direct you to the most effective program. Innerhour app gives you access to personalized, 28-day programs with daily activities designed to help you feel better. It allows you to track how you’re feeling each day, along with daily goals and tasks to complete. 

    Innerhour realizes that mental health isn’t a cookie-cutter condition, and each of their four-week plans is tailored specifically for you. During your 28 days, you will receive the following:

    1. Self-care activities where you will learn specific skills through simple activities that are drawn from real-life therapy and mental health research in the fields of CBT, Positive Psychology, and mindfulness. Daily activities include affirmations, meditation, guided journal exercises, and more.  

    2. Goal setting and tracking to build positive habits for improved mental health.

    3. Mood Tracking employs a therapy-based way to build self-awareness as you gain insights into your mental health and find ways to improves self-care. 

    4. Innerhour resources are available for you to keep learning and growing with helpful articles, tips, and affirmations from Innerhour therapists. You will also have access to additional self-help courses just like you would if you were going to in-person therapy. 

    5. Access to unlimited chatting with Allie, the AI chatbot

    What are the Programs Available on the Innerhour App?

    Innerhour specializes in helping you combat feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. They offer six programs, including:


    Build positive habits to improve your mood by dedicating time to engage in enjoyable and challenging activities that can uplift daily thoughts and help to maintain energy levels. The Innerhour depression program offers each user six strategies to treat depression. These strategies include activity scheduling, problem-solving, thought work, positive affirmations, physical activity, and gratitude techniques. 


    Keep your stress levels at bay to lead a more productive and happy life. Stress is generally experienced when you don’t have the right tools to tackle the day’s challenges. It can adversely affect your body, mind, and behavior. The strategies Innerhour believes to be helpful are assertiveness training, physical activity, thought work, and mindfulness. 


    Attain calm and learn skills to keep your anxiety under control. Anxiety can be experienced in a variety of ways, ranging from situational to psychological. Innerhour app gives each user access to the four strategies they believe will help manage their anxiety levels and include mindfulness skills, exposure therapy, thought work, and relaxation techniques. 


    Build and improve your sleep schedule by learning strategies for a restful night, including sleep rituals, relaxation activities, positive sleep beliefs, and stimulus control. Sleep is one of the most vital functions, and Innerhour strives to improve your sleep quality that can ultimately lead to keeping you physically and mentally healthy. 


    Manage your anger’s impact with their step-by-step guide to understanding your triggers to help you maintain your cool in situations by employing strategies like mindful acceptance, thought work, and relaxation techniques. 


    Everyone deserves to be happy. Innerhour wants to help you find happiness with their happiness strategies, including building strengths, practicing gratitude, prioritizing self-care, and nurturing relationships each day. This program acts as a personal guide for helping each of its users live a happier life. 

    Please note that these programs are intended for emotional support and are not to replace traditional, in-person, or online therapy. Innerhour is not meant for those dealing with emergency situations or having suicidal thoughts. 


    Is Innerhour App Credible?

    Based on science-backed research and real-world therapy techniques, Innerhour uses CBT to teach your brain a new way of looking at difficult situations, Positive Psychology that will help you focus and equip you with the tools to find positivity from within, and mindfulness to help you feel empowered as you focus on the present and clear your head of negative thoughts. 

    Founded in 2019 by Dr. Amit Malik, who is no stranger to the mental healthcare system’s inner-workings, Malik saw a need for accessible mental health support in underserved countries like India. Starting as an in-person practice in 2017, but only available to those living in India, Malik then created the Innerhour app so that high-quality mental health care could be available to anyone that wanted or needed it. Today, Innerhour has just under one million downloads and is available on both Apple and Android operating systems.  

    How Much Does Innerhour App Cost?

    Dr. Malik strives to provide high-quality mental health support and offers the Innerhour app for free. There are in-app purchase options if you want to take advantage of the self-care programs or virtual therapy sessions at an affordable price.

    • Self-care Programs - $4.99/month

    • Virtual therapy sessions - $35/hour 

    What Do We Think About Innerhour App?

    We appreciate that the Innerhour App is available for anyone wanting to start on a journey to healing from mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and anger management. It is platforms like this that give people a good jumping-off point as they start exploring their issues. Many people often don’t know where to start and find navigating therapy a challenging task. Innerhour makes that just a bit easier. Innerhour also provides anyone curious with access to try out their activities, giving people a sneak peek into what could be. Bottom line: Innerhour could be a great place to start if you’re dealing with mild to moderate signs of depression and anxiety.