Rabeprazole (generic AcipHex)

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    Rabeprazole (generic AcipHex) 

    Rabeprazole (also known as AcipHex, manufactured by Eisai Inc) is a protein pump inhibitor (PPI), available as either an enteric-coated tablet or delayed-release capsule prescribed to patients who suffer from conditions caused by an excess of stomach acid.

    It is often prescribed by doctors to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), duodenal and gastric ulcers, erosive esophagitis, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Rabeprazole is combined with antibiotics (like clarithromycin and amoxicillin) to treat stomach ulcers caused by H. pylori bacteria.

    Rabeprazole is not for immediate relief of heartburn symptoms.

    Side Effects of Rabeprazole

    Like most medications, Rabeprazole may cause side effects that can include the following:

    Common Side Effects

    If the above symptoms become persistent or begin to affect your day-to-day life, it is recommended that you contact your Primary Care Physician as soon as possible.  

    Serious Side Effects

    • Severe stomach pain

    • Watery or bloody diarrhea

    • Seizure, tremors, shaking or jerking muscles

    • Kidney problems

    • Irregular heartbeat 

    It is recommended that you contact your doctor immediately or go to your nearest emergency room if you experience any of the above symptoms.

    These declarations come from the manufacturer of this medication and should not constitute medical advice. Please consult a doctor to see if this medication is right for you and how you should use it. Relief Seeker provides information about products and their manufacturers and does not offer any medical advice.