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Nutritionist (Single Session) Overview
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Nutritionists treat chronic illnesses, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal issues through food and diet. Their main focus is healing the whole body through a holistic approach.

Nutritionists take stock of your diet and often recommend getting tested for food allergies and insensitivities before cutting out certain foods completely. While many of these specialists work at healthcare clinics, others work independently or through a telehealth provider.

Dietician Vs Nutritionist

Dieticians and nutritionists provide similar services; both offer dietary advice and nutritional counseling. The main difference between a dietician and a nutritionist is that dieticians must be licensed and registered in the state where they practice. 

Nutritionists don’t need formal licensing and training, though they often have some type of certification. 

Benefits of Seeing a Nutritionist

Nutritionists treat the condition — not just the symptoms. That means that they can offer advice and counseling to help prevent future issues and heal current symptoms.

Just some of the conditions that nutritionists treat include:

What Should I Expect at a Nutritionist Appointment?

At your first nutritionist appointment, you can expect to chat with your counselor about your current conditions, medical history, and health goals.

Your nutritionist will probably ask you about any conditions you suffer from and ask you to fill out a questionnaire to get insight into your symptoms and medical history. You’ll also chat about your health goals and current habits. Most nutritionists should also ask about your current medications and supplements.

You’ll also need to offer up information about your stress, sleep quality, energy, and exercise habits. Most nutritionists will ask you to write down everything you at for the past few days. 

From there, you’ll create a plan to integrate healthier foods into your diet. 

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