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    Veri is a health-monitoring startup that aims to help people understand how food choices can affect various aspects of their health.

    This company sells Abbott FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring sensors and uses its own app to help users understand the data collected by the sensors.

    Veri also publishes blog posts and other informational content to help users understand how to lower glucose levels and how glucose spikes may affect health, including weight management, energy levels, exercise performance, and more. 

    Is Veri Right For You? 

    Veri is a telehealth provider that sells and prescribes continual glucose monitors and provides an app to help you understand your glucose levels.

    Aren’t glucose monitors for people with diabetes?

    Yes! People with diabetes often use continual glucose monitors to keep an eye on glucose levels throughout the day. While the same glucose monitor that Veri uses is used to help diabetes patients track their glucose levels, the information collected by Veri is used much differently than diabetes glucose monitoring.

    While diabetics use glucose monitors to ensure their glucose levels aren’t dangerously high or low, Veri customers use these monitors to get a clearer picture of how different foods and lifestyle choices affect their glucose levels.

    Glucose levels may affect everything from weight management to energy levels and sleep quality. 

    Veri is for anyone that wants to:

    • Lower glucose levels
    • Understand how foods affect glucose levels
    • Enjoy more restorative sleep
    • Stabilize blood sugar levels
    • Manage weight

    Is Veri Credible?

    Veri sells the Abbott FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor, which was approved by the FDA in 2020. 

    The app was developed by Anttoni Aniebonam, Verneri Jäämuru, and Dr. Vimal Ramjee, a board-certified in doctor who specializes in cardiovascular diseases, internal medicine, echocardiography, cardiac CT, and advanced cardiovascular life support.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Veri  

    The most common types of conditions treated by Veri include:

    • Glucose stabilization
    • Weight management
    • Fatigue/low energy
    • Insomnia/sleep issues
    • Workout performance

    Glucose Tracking

    Put simply, Veri can help you track your glucose levels, including fasting glucose and the effect different foods and activities (such as exercise and sleep) have on your glucose levels. 

    Weight Management

    Most Veri users are most likely using continuous glucose monitoring for weight management. Glucose levels affect insulin levels, and insulin can affect fat storage levels. 

    By keeping glucose levels in a certain range, your body is more likely to stay in fat-burning mode than fat storage mode. 

    Fatigue/Low Energy

    What you eat throughout the day can affect your energy levels, too. 

    When you eat “naked” carbs (or carbs without eating protein or fat), you often get a quick burst of energy — followed by low energy or sudden “hanger”. 

    To keep up your energy, you then end up eating more carbs, and the cycle continues.

    When you eat to keep your glucose levels stable, you can keep your energy stable throughout the day (or eat “naked” carbs at strategic times, such as before workouts). 

    While it may be tempting to want to avoid carbs at all costs (since they can spike glucose), carbs are brain food! Adding complex carbs to your diet (paired with protein and fats) can help increase your focus and overall well-being. 

    Sleep Issues

    Ever eat a ton of sugar right before bed? You probably didn’t sleep so well that night! Glucose spikes can lead to sleep issues.

    When your glucose levels spike, it’s hard for your body to enter “rest and repair” mode. Continuous glucose monitors can help you understand how glucose affects your body — even as you sleep. 

    This can lead to better, more restful sleep. 

    More Effective Workouts

    What we eat can have an effect on our energy levels during workouts, too. Veri can help you understand how glucose levels can affect your training and workouts. 

    How Veri Works

    It’s super easy to get help monitoring glucose levels through this platform. In fact, you can start feeling better in just three easy steps:

    1. Order your sensors

    Veri offers several different plans to help monitor glucose. Choose between two-week, 28-day, and quarterly plans. You’ll also need to fill out a health intake form at this time.

    2. Wait for approval

    A doctor will look over your health intake form and prescribe your continuous glucose monitor.

    3. Apply the sensor

    Once you receive your Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensors in the mail, follow the instructions to apply the first sensor to your arm. Secure your sensor with the included patch, download the Veri app, and initiate your sensor.

    It will take up to an hour for your sensor to sync to the app; once it’s ready, you can begin tracking!

    Veri Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    It’s important to understand that while the Abbott FreeStyle Libre is used to track diabetes glucose levels, Veri is not a medical device and shouldn’t be used as such.

    If you have diabetes, you should work with your doctor to create a treatment plan outside of Veri’s services. Contact your doctor to find out if Veri is right for you.

    Pricing: How Much Does Veri Cost? 

    Veri offers several different membership tiers:

    1 Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensor + 14 days of tracking: $129

    2 Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensors + 28 days of tracking: $169

    Once you are a member, you may choose a quarterly plan. 

    What Do We Think About Veri?

    We think the technology behind the FreeStyle Libre sensor is pretty cool, and we’re happy there’s finally an app that helps users decode the sensor’s data without the help of a doctor. 

    Veri offers plenty of information to help you understand how to keep glucose levels stable without cutting out carbs altogether. 

    The information provided by the app definitely leans toward encouraging users to maintain ketosis, so this device is ideal for anyone doing keto that doesn’t want to test ketones daily.

    We love the information provided by Veri and its accompanying sensors, and we love that developers are constantly incorporating customer feedback into updates to keep improving.

    If you want to learn how different foods impact your glucose levels, weight, energy, performance, and more, we recommend checking out Veri.