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Gennev is an online platform designed to help women in menopause by providing numerous healthcare services, education, and products fine-tuned for this phase of life. Gennev is on a mission to be the go-to health and wellness solution for women going through menopause and to provide a community of women with shared experiences. Gennev’s goal is to empower women through the use of technology to provide the resources needed to take control of their health.


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    Gennev Company Overview

    Gennev offers a number of services to help women in all phases of menopause. To begin your journey with Gennev you start by taking a quick assessment to pinpoint exactly where you are in the journey through menopause. From there it will take you through an assessment of any symptoms you may be having, the more information you provide the better they are able to make personalized recommendations for you. Once you have completed the assessment you will need to create a free account to gain access to the results of the survey, information on how you compare to other women who have completed the survey, along with recommendations on services, products, and articles that could benefit you.

    There are many ways that Gennev can benefit you - subscribe to HealthFix, a health coaching membership that gives you a personalized plan to manage your menopause symptoms and access to health coaches and doctors, schedule a telemedicine visit with one of their healthcare professionals, shop their products for relief from menopausal symptoms, or visit the growing community of women who are sharing their journey through menopause on Gennev’s community link. Gennev also has a Help Center that has the answer to many of the frequently asked questions you may have and is extremely educational with not only information about their company but also answers to commonly asked questions about menopause in general. Overall, Gennev has put in the effort to help women by answering questions, providing treatment, and empowering women to embrace this change.

    Is Gennev Right For You?

    Gennev was created for women who are midlife and going through menopause. They realize going through menopause is uncomfortable enough so they are there to provide education and treatment in a convenient and easy to use way. Seeing a doctor or health coach with Gennev is an easy way to get all your questions answered, come up with a treatment plan, and receive prescription medication or products to help ease the symptoms of menopause from the comfort of your home. Gennev is a great option for anyone looking for information and treatment regarding their menopause symptoms, its especially convenient for those who struggle with gaining access to healthcare due to busy lifestyle or living rurally. Gennev is for the woman who is ready to take the reins on controlling and understanding her health and wellness needs.

    Is Gennev Credible?

    Gennev was created by women, for women. The company was started by Jill Angelo a previous Microsoft executive and Jacqueline Brandwynne a former executive of Neutrogena who together realized only 7% of women get the help they need in managing their menopausal symptoms. The two women put their heads together and realized they had the ability to do great things to help women in menopause, they recruited doctors, a healthcare engineer, an educator, a nutritionist and some business thinkers and got to work creating Gennev. Their team is now built up with many licensed OB/GN providers who specialize in menopause as well as a number of registered nurses and dieticians.  Gennev also does everything in its power to keep your information safe. Gennev adheres to HIPAA regulations and has a strict privacy policy to ensure the safety of your private health information online.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Gennev

    Gennev is specifically targeted at treating women in the second half of there lives, specifically with treating the symptoms of menopause. Gennev is designed to help women make lifestyle changes to help control menopause symptoms. Some common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause Gennev can help manage or educate women on include:

    • Vaginal dryness
    • Vaginal itching
    • Painful sex
    • Irregular vaginal bleeding
    • Vaginal scent/sweat changes
    • Changes in skin texture
    • Changes in hair
    • Acne
    • Weight gain
    • Bodyweight redistribution
    • Foot pain
    • Nausea
    • Joint pain
    • gas/bloating
    • Constipation
    • Urinary frequency changes/incontinence
    • Sense of taste may change
    • Heart palpitations
    • Numb or tingling fingers
    • Ringing ears/tinnitus
    • Hot flashes
    • Flushing
    • Night sweats
    • Fast, and intense mood changes
    • Rage
    • Brain fog
    • Increased clumsiness
    • tiredness/fatigue
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Restless leg syndrome (RLS) 
    • Stress
    • Breast tenderness
    • Migraines
    • Light or sound sensitivity
    • Water retention
    • Cramps
    • Mood swings
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Lower back pain
    • Heavier flow periods

    Gennev believes the best way to combat these symptoms is by being more aware and better self-care. They recommend eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, getting good sleep, exercising, quitting smoking, and more, this will improve your health and manage some of these common symptoms. They recommend researching and talking with a doctor about the best options for treatment and arming yourself with information to help control these symptoms. Gennev is there to support all women going through any number of the symptoms of menopause.

    Gennev offers a couple of different options for managing symptoms of menopause. Gennev offers a yearly membership called HealthFix that could include a personalized menopause plan (managing nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress), unlimited chat video, phone with a health coach for plan creation, accountability and support, quarterly complementary products ($50 value), 10% discount on purchased products with free shipping, or unlimited telemedicine appointments with an OB/GYN doctor for medical advice and prescriptions. If you feel like a membership is not right for you they also offer telemedicine visits where you are able to book an appointment at your convenience and choose to see any of their licensed healthcare professionals. The Gennev Telemedicine option is great for answering any of the questions you may have and your doctor is still able to call in prescriptions if needed. Gennev also has a detailed help center to educate women and answer commonly asked questions as well as a community of women who share their experiences with menopause and what has worked for them.

    How Much Does Gennev Cost?

    Taking Gennev’s assessment and creating an account is a free service Gennev provides. Once you have completed the assessment and created your account they give you free recommendations to services, products, and educational information directly related to your results. Gennev offers three ways to speak with a healthcare professional detailed below:

    • HealthFix Basic Membership - $25/month*, this service includes
      • Personalized menopause plan (manage nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress)
      • Unlimited video chat, or phone with a health coach (Registered Dietician) for plan creation, accountability and support
      • Quarterly complementary products ($50 value)
      • 10% discount on purchased products with free shipping
    • HealthFix Premium Membership - $75/month*, this service includes
      • Personalized menopause plan (manage nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress)
      • Unlimited video chat, or phone with a health coach (Registered Dietician) for plan creation, accountability and support
      • Quarterly complementary products ($50 value)
      • 10% discount on purchased products with free shipping
      • Unlimited telemedicine appointments with a doctor (OB/GYN) for medical advice and prescriptions

    *HealthFix memberships are offered for an annual term only and will be auto-billed every month. After the annual term is over your membership will be auto renewed and billed on a monthly basis. You can cancel your membership within the first 30 days of the annual term and they will refund your first month’s payment. After the first 30 days, there is no cancellation until after the annual term is up, then you are able to cancel anytime with a 30 days notice.

    • Telemedicine Visit - $45 for a 15-minute appointment, $85 for a 30-minute appointment, benefits include
      • Talking to an OB/GYN, nurse practitioner or registered dietitian in your state
      • Book appointment at your convenience, no subscriptions needed
      • If necessary prescriptions can be called into your pharmacy of choice
      • Convenient for women without access to an OB/GYN or who have a busy schedule

    Gennev also offers a variety of products that can help combat some symptoms of menopause, these include:

    • Vaginal Dryness Intimate Moisture - $17.95
    • Sexual Wellness Personal Lubricant - $12.95
    • pH Balanced Ultra Gentle Body Wash - $15.95
    • pH Balanced Cleansing Cloths - $9.95/1-pack or $37.50/3-pack
    • Joint Pain and Sleep Aid Magnesium Dietary Supplement - $16.95
    • Hot Flash Relief Black Cohosh Dietary Supplement - $24.95
    • pH Balanced Cleansing Cloth Singles (20 count) - $12.95
    • The Gynecologist’s Feminine Moisture System - $44.88 (includes Intimate Moisture, Ultra-Gentle Body Wash, Cleansing Cloths)
    • Women’s Vitality Multi-Vitamin Supplement - $39.95

    What Do We Think About Gennev?

    We believe Gennev is doing an amazing thing by helping to empower women to take control of their life. We love that this company was created by women for women and that they are creating a community of women who are all experiencing the same thing and providing a safe platform for them to share their experiences. Gennev provides so much free educational information for women, so if their providers/services are not available in their state or country they still have access to extremely helpful information, this is something we can appreciate. We can really tell that Gennev is looking out for the best interest of their clients and they want to spread their wealth of knowledge on helping women educate themselves and manage the many complicated symptoms of menopause. If you are ready to empower yourself and get answers regarding your menopausal symptoms we believe Gennev is a great place to start.