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Biostrap is a wearable health tech company that has designed a strap to measure heart rate variability, allowing users to maximize their sleep and improve workouts. It tracks a wide variety of activities as well as heart rate variability. 


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    Biostrap Company Overview 

    Biostrap is so much more than a heart rate monitor or activity tracker. This band can track heart rate variability, workout intensity, blood/oxygen levels, and so much more. 

    Designed to monitor medical, clinical, and performance issues, it can be worn on the wrist, chest, or ankle. It tracks activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, weight training, and indoor workouts (such as the elliptical machine and rowing machine).

    The main tracking features of the Biostrap band include:

    • Heart rate
    • Heart rate variability
    • Blood oxygen saturation
    • Respiratory rate
    • Sleep analysis 
    • Tracking of more than 100 activities

    Is Biostrap Right For You? 

    Biostrap was designed for people that need a little extra insight into their daily activities and workouts. It can also help anyone that has a heart condition and needs more in-depth information on their heart rates than most activity bands can provide. Biostrap is right for you if you need help:

    • Achieving better recovery
    • Reaching higher performance levels
    • Recording movement (including cadence, velocity, and reps)
    • Tracking sleep data (including oxygen levels, movement,  and heart rate variability)

    Is Biostrap Credible?

    Biostrap created its products based on scientific data and the needs of its customers. It continues to enhance its products by partnering with organizations and companies that conduct research to improve heart health and workout conditions. 

    This wearable heart rate monitor doesn’t just report heart rate data. It captures high-fidelity, raw PPG waveforms (the same data your doctor uses to monitor your heart health). 

    Biostrap is used by doctors and health organizations all over the country to monitor heart health — and it’s even being used to monitor COVID-19.  

    PPG sensors can monitor a precise heartbeat — both active and resting. It analyzes more than 2,000 beats per day and monitors them for 29 parameters. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Biostrap  

    Biostrap truly is a Rennaissance band. It treats issues related to your workouts and sleep patterns. Utilizing the data the health app provides, you’ll be able to normalize your blood/oxygen levels, increase your workout intensity, and get a better night’s sleep.

    It may even be able to detect symptoms of COVID-19 in your system before you even feel sick. 

    The most common healthcare conditions Biostrap treats include:

    Monitoring your HRV can also help your breathing habits. Using your HRV to determine your biofeedback breathing rate can allow you to return to your baseline quicker after dealing with stressful situations.

    How Biostrap Works

    It’s super easy to get started with Biostrap. All it takes is three easy steps to improve your heart health, monitor your sleep, and maximize your workouts:

    1. Order Your Biostrap Strap

    Choose your preferred strap (wrist, chest, or shoepod), and place your order to get started. 

    1. Pair Your Biostrap With the App

    Simply pair your Biostrap with the Biostrap app. You technically don’t need to buy a Biostrap to use the app; this app allows users to pair other heart rate variability monitors to the app and still get the same benefits as most Biostrap users. 

    Founders can capture data from most HRV trackers and use the data to enhance Biostrap’s offerings. 

    1. Start Wearing Your Strap and Tracking Data

    Start wearing your strap and tracking your data through the app. You can begin tracking your movement, heart rate, and sleep immediately. Over time, your Biostrap will gather more and more information about your health by comparing current with past data. 

    Biostrap NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Biostrap really knocks it out of the park when it comes to managing your heart rate variability and workouts. Yet, this fitness and heart rate tracker can’t do everything. 

    It’s not marketed as a steps band, so it won’t remind you to stand or start taking steps throughout your day. 

    Just some of the features that Biostrap doesn’t offer include:

    • Ability to tell time
    • Fitness data outside of the app
    • Move, stand, or exercise reminders

    It’s also important to note that Biostrap becomes more accurate over time — as it gets to know your body and data. That being said, you’ll want to wear the strap for long periods of time to allow the app to collect as much data as possible.

    Pricing: How Much Does Biostrap Cost? 

    Unlike some heart rate variability and monitor bands, Biostrap doesn’t charge for its app or ongoing services. Instead, you pay one simple price for your band upfront. Extra straps, shoepods, and chest straps are sold separately. 

    The current pricing for Biostrap’s offerings is currently:

    • Armband HRM: $95
    • Chest Strap HRM: $65
    • Wristband Strap: $30
    • Inductive Dual Charger Base: $40
    • Shoepod: $100
    • Ankle Strap (for Shoepod): $5
    • Shoe clip (single): $3.00 

    What Do We Think About Biostrap?

    We’re impressed with the level of detail and data baked into the Biostrap app and accessories. We love that you don’t need a Biostrap-specific HRV monitor to take advantage of the app and data tracking and that you don’t need to sign up for an ongoing membership to use this heart rate monitor.

    The number of workouts the app tracks (more than 100!) is impressive; we also love that this strap was designed not just for athletes and fitness-a-holics — but also average users that simply want to monitor their health. 

    Biostrap’s sleep monitoring would seem like icing on the cake if it weren’t for the level of data collected in one night. Since sleep is so important to overall health, it makes sense that the founders would place so much emphasis on this feature.

    If you want a more holistic view of your health data with an app and heart rate band that continues to evolve, we recommend checking out Biostrap.