Not Blowing Smoke: The Best Celebrity Weed Brands In 2022

More and more people are coming around to the fact that cannabis is a highly favorable way to relax and alleviate discomfort in lieu of riskier, potentially addictive prescription painkillers like opiates. Whether it’s through THC, marijuana’s most potent and intoxicating cannabinoid – or whether it’s through using CBD, which has a more relaxing, mellowing effect without getting the consumer high, more and more people are dabbling in the dank and loving it.

Many creative types like musicians, actors, writers, athletes, and artists have always been huge fans of this wonderful plant. and many have begun turning a profit off the increasing legalization of it in the U.S. by creating their own brands with the help of savvy growers and entrepreneurs.

In case you still harbor any doubts or reservations about this cash crop’s power, Business Insider analysts project that the legal bud business could boom to over $100 billion in revenue over the next decade – and that’s just in the U.S. alone! 

There are only four states left in the U.S. where cannabinoid use in any capacity is outlawed. Here’s a great map from DISA to sort out the specific rules and regulations based on where you live.

If you aren’t down with checking out the chronic (in which case, what are you doing on a weed article?), we’ve got many more great ideas, providers, and treatment suggestions to improve your well-being. If you need help with it, we can point you toward some helpful resources for it.

But for now, we’ll take a look at some of the top cannabis brands being touted by some of the entertainment industry’s top celebs. If you like what you see, you can click on the respective links to find out if their brand delivers online or is available at a dispensary near you!

Celebrity: Willie Nelson
Brand: Willie's Reserve

For decades, country singer Willie Nelson has long been a vocal activist for cannabis legalization, and now that legalization is starting to bear fruit, he’s taken to selling his own strains. You can click here to check out his full lineup of flower, resin, and vape cart products, and learn more about the brand’s background and mission.

Celebrity: Snoop Dogg
Brand: TSUMo Snacks

We would be remiss to make this list without including Sir “Smoke Weed Everyday” himself. When you think of edibles, you probably think of sweets like gummies or special brownies. But just like Snoop helped change the West Coast game, he’s changing the edible game by backing this infused line of zesty, salty, and savory chips. You can learn more and check out the full flavor line here.

Celebrity: Bob Marley’s family
Brand: Marley Natural

Run by the Marley estate, this cannabis line honors the late artist and peace activist’s legacy with five calming, sustainably made strains: Marley Green (Hybrid), Gold (Sativa), Red (CBD Rich), Black (Indica), and STUDIO (Sustainably Grown). The brand also makes top-quality smoking accessories; you can peep Marley Natural’s full product lineup here.

Celebrity: Seth Rogen
Brand: Houseplant

While the “Pineapple Express” funnyman has long established himself as the stoner comic actor’s comic actor, Seth Rogen (surprisingly) didn’t start his own weed brand until mid-2019 in Canada, and not until early 2021 in America. Houseplant sells a top-shelf line of flower, smoking accessories, and a vinyl box set with songs paired for different strains. Take a gander at all of Houseplant’s home goods by clicking here. 

Celebrity: Martha Stewart
Brand: Canopy CBD

Even Martha Stewart of all people is getting in on the Green Gold Rush with Canopy, her own line of quality CBD topicals, edibles, tinctures, and pet products. Thanks to the 2018 FDA Farm Bill, you can legally order Canopy online and have it shipped to any state except Nevada, Idaho, and South Dakota. Learn more about Stewart’s product line by visiting the Canopy website's online shop.

Celebrity: Jay-Z
Brand: Monogram

Rapper, entrepreneur, and media mogul Jay-Z has long been outspoken about his support for social justice efforts, criminal justice reform, and with that, reforms against the arcane War On Drugs. So it’s only fitting that Hov’s latest business venture would be related to cannabis, as Monogram aims to offer nothing less than the highest-possible quality hand-trimmed cannabis products. Unfortunately, Monogram is only serving LA and the Bay Area at this time, though that may change in the future; stay posted here!

Celebrity: Jerry Garcia’s daughters
Brand: Garcia Hand Picked

Founded by the late “Grateful Dead” frontman’s daughters, Garcia Hand-Picked honors their father’s memory by catering to the social smoking experience Jerry knew & loved. View their full product line, merch, and brand website here.  

Celebrity: DJ Khaled
Brand: Blesswell

If you know DJ Khaled, you know he loves nothing less than the best – the man literally named his record label We The Best, after all. But with Blesswell, Khaled hopes to drop nothing less than the best line of CBD-infused men’s grooming products. You can click here to peek Blesswell’s full product line and online store. 

Celebrity: Wiz Khalifa
Brand: Khalifa Kush

Even though the rapper’s first big single was “Black & Yellow”, Wiz Khalifa loves his green – so much so that he used to spend around ten grand a month on it! Well, now Wiz wants to share the love by sharing his personal favorite strain with the masses. Check out the full line of Khalifa Kush flower, edibles, and apparel here.

Celebrity: Lil Wayne
Brand: GKUA Ultra Premium Cannabis

Lil Wayne is known for delivering fast, ruthless, unforgettable breakneck speed flows as he has on memorable features with artists like Cory Gunz, Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, and most recently, Griselda Records. But if you’re based around Michigan and looking for a nice way to slow down, you might want to take a look at the Weezy Weed Finder to find his nearest dispensary.

Celebrity: Method Man
Brand: Tical Official

As one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man is using his platform to launch a socially-conscious cannabis company named after his debut solo album, “TICAL”. TICAL prides itself on advancing equity in the cannabis industry, as well as, per their website, “essential products that offer healing, serenity, and peace.” You can visit that website here. 

Celebrity: Melissa Etheridge
Brand: Etheridge Botanicals

Founded by rocker Melissa Etheridge, her wife Linda, as well as their mutual friends, Etheridge Botanicals serves flower and pre-rolls for a good cause, as a large share of their profits go toward supporting cannabis decriminalization, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and the promotion of more alternative plant medicine therapies. You can visit their site to learn more about their efforts.

Celebrity: Jim Belushi
Brands: Belushi's Farm and Blues Brothers

Actor Jim Belushi has taken to tending a cannabis farm in Oregon over his downtime, and a pretty massive 93-acre one at that. Fortunately, Belushi’s taken to sharing his big stash, and sharing it around to people and pets! You can check out Belushi Farm products, like their K-9 Full Spectrum CBD Tincture here.

Celebrity: Cheech Marin
Brand: Cheech's Private Stash

Are you really that surprised to see Cheech & Chong on a list like this? Probably not, but if you want some surprisingly darn good flower, you can take a peek inside Cheech’s Private Stash.

Celebrity: Tommy Chong
Brand: Tommy Chong's

Tommy Chong’s Hemp offers a versatile range of holistic, 100% organic cannabis products, including edibles, tinctures, and topicals. But if you really want to know what goes into their Good Vibes Protocol, you can check out their FAQ page to find out.

Celebrity: Carlos Santana
Brand: Mirayo by Santana

Right now, Santana’s selling a solid four sungrow strain lineup; Radiance (Sativa), Symmetry (Hybrid), Centered (Indica), and soon, Essence (CBD). Whether you’re looking for a smooth psychoactive or nonpsychoactive smoke in the Golden State, Santana’s got you covered.

Celebrity: Ricky Williams
Brand: RW/Real Wellness

Founded by former NFL player Ricky Williams, this company distributes a quality hemp blend that helped Williams find healing from his own personal health issues. You can take a look at the full line of RW hemp tonics, salves, and HappiTeas here.

Celebrities: Rachael and Megan Rapinoe
Brand: Mendi

Founded by twin sister soccer players Rachael and Megan Rapinoe, this company sells a holistic, 0% THC line of CBD products geared towards aiding sleep, pain relief, focus, and stress relief. You can view full their full product line here. 

Celebrity: Kristen Bell
Brand: Happy Dance

Actress Kristen Bell’s new line of beauty & wellness aims to disrupt the typical spa experience by infusing it with CBD. From hemp bath bombs, to moisturizers, to topical creams, you can peruse their entire product line here.

Celebrity: Marin Hopper
Brand: Hopper Reserve

Founded by the daughter of late actor Dennis Hopper back in 2020, this line of sustainably farmed flower is sold in three strains: The Artist Of The Mind (Hybrid), The Mystic In The Desert (Indica), & The Strong-Willed Rebel (Sativa). If you’re in California, you can shop Hopper Reserve, and even have it delivered to your door in the L.A. area.

Celebrity: Mike Tyson
Brand: Tyson 2.0

A continuation of legendary boxer Mike Tyson’s first foray into cannabis with Tyson Ranch, Tyson 2.0 offers a walloping one-two knockout combo of different flower strains to cannabis consumers across California, Colorado, and Nevada. You can click here to find your states’ Tyson 2.0 lineup. 

Celebrity: Jaleel White
Brand: ItsPurpl

Did I do that? Even though “Family Matters” Actor Jaleel White wasn’t the first to "do" the Purple Urkle strain, he was eager to launch his own variation on the classic strain sharing his character’s last name, in collaboration with 710Labs. You can view the full collection of ItsPurpl pods, eighths, joints, and “Stefan” hybrid strains here.

Cannabis has been used as a natural herbal remedy for thousands of years, as many patients find medicinal use cases for using it to alleviate conditions like anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and more. If you’re looking for legal all natural medicinal relief, we hope these notable brands will help point you in the right direction.

Ty Bronicel
Ty Bronicel