Teen Counseling

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Teen Counseling
Teen Counseling review
Online Therapy
Why We Like Them
It’s becoming more and more clear and accepted that therapy for teens is just as important, if not more so than at any other stage of our lives. Thankfully, there are online platforms that are solely designed to provide today’s teens with the counseling they urgently need. Today we will be taking a closer look at one of these online teen counseling platforms - the aptly named Teen Counseling.
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    What is Teen Counseling?

    Your teenage years are some, if not the most, confusing times in your life. They are filled with so much change, both physical and mental. Teenagers are hormonal balls of fire and, if not treated and guided properly, could end up making what some would consider terrible choices. This is where teen counseling and online therapy come in to help your "perfect angel baby" navigate these confusing years with the aid of a licensed and willing therapist at the helm. 

    Why Do Teens Need Counseling?

    The real question you should be asking yourself is, "Why doesn't my teen need counseling?" As a parent, we can't always be by our teenager's side, heck, they don't want their parents at their side, so why not give them the gift of talking to a person that will guide them and give them answers to questions they don't want to ask their parents or even their friends. 

    Here are some reasons why teens might need counseling:

    The teenage years are filled with experimentation, peer pressure, pressures from themselves, and pressure from parents or teachers. Sometimes teenagers turn to their friends for help. Still, more times than not, they turn to other things, like drinking for the first time and trying out different drugs or substances, which can lead them down a dark path, resulting in experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, or controlling these feelings by abusing themselves or others. 

    What Types of Treatments are Available for Teens?

    There are several types of treatments for teens counseling, which include: 

    Online Counseling

    Online counseling is a safe space for teens to talk about their feelings from the comfort of their own space. Many teens prefer this form of therapy, as being online is second nature to them. Some benefits include no commute time, convenient appointment times, and affordability. Some of the online counselors we recommend are:

    Talkspace Teens - Talkspace has an entire arm specifically dedicated to helping teens navigate their crazy world. 

    Teen Counseling - As their name says, it's a place just for teens!

    Doctor on Demand - Teens, want things done now - Doctors on Demand can be there faster than you can ask Siri, "Why am I feeling this way?"

    Group Therapy

    Some teens may prefer to share their personal experiences as part of a group, learning from the experiences of others and sharing their personal experiences.

    Your teen will be able to connect with other teens experiencing similar or the same things. We recommend:

    Wisdo - A place for individuals, including teens, to connect with other teens to share what they're feeling and hear from their peers that they're not alone.