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    If you’re concerned about your fertility and are looking for fertility preservation options, sperm storage may be a good option for you.

    Men who are concerned about the future of their fertility often opt to store their sperm until they’re ready to use it. Facilities store sperm at low temperatures in a secure building. This option is secure and private. 

    Discover the reasons to store your sample at a sperm storage facility, the different options available, and the added benefits of choosing at-home sperm collection. 

    Why Store Your Sperm?

    There are many reasons that men may want to store their sperm. The most common reason is that they simply aren’t ready to father children but are worried about their sperm in the future. Other reasons may include having a vasectomy back-up plan, artificial insemination planning, possible sperm damage, or sperm donation. 

    Not Ready to Father Children

    Many men simply want to store their sperm because they’re not ready to father children right now but may want to have them in the future. 

    There is a long list of reasons why your fertility levels may drop over the years, so you may simply want to have a back-up plan or a safety net for future use. 

    Vasectomy Back-Up Plan

    If you’re planning on getting a vasectomy, you may want to save some of your sperm beforehand. While most vasectomies are completely reversible, there are a few risks involved that may cause future infertility. 

    When you store your sperm, you simply keep a small number of viable samples on hand for future use. You may or may not choose to use them, but simply knowing they are there may increase your peace of mind before getting a vasectomy. 

    Artificial Insemination Planning

    If you’re planning on opting for artificial insemination, in vitro (IVF), or other forms of assisted procreation, you will need to store samples of your semen.

    Having your sperm ready and analyzed beforehand will save you time and money when it’s time for future procedures. 

    Future Sterility

    There is a long list of reasons why sperm may not be viable for future use — or why some men may be concerned about the safety of their sperm. The most common causes for concern include fear of infection of viruses and diseases and possible blunt-force trauma.

    Medical Treatments

    If you’re planning on undergoing treatments for testicular cancer, your doctor may recommend storing sperm for future use. Sometimes radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy may damage the sperm and/or testicles and make it unviable for future use.

    Some doctors also may recommend removing one or both testicles to prevent the spread of the cancerous cells. In this case, the patient may choose to store sperm for future use.

    Zika Infection

    Men and women infected with the Zika virus have experienced complications with pregnancy after conception. Many people trying to have a baby while infected with this virus report complications.

    This is why some men choose to store their sperm before traveling to areas of the world where Zika is a high-risk factor.

    If you plan on traveling to a Zika-infected region and want to conceive within six months of your return, you may want to consider storing your sperm beforehand and opting for artificial insemination upon your return.

    Testicular Damage

    One of the most common causes of infertility is testicular damage. This may be the result of blunt-force trauma, environmental damage, or heat damage.

    Men that participate in strenuous activities or highly physical activities may want to store their sperm for future use. For example, many men that are planning on being deployed overseas for some time choose to store their sperm. 

    If you have a job that requires strenuous activity (such as construction workers or stunt doubles), you may want to save your sperm in the case of blunt force trauma. 

    Non-Female Partners

    Men who want to father children with non-female partners (or without a partner at all) often need to store their sperm while searching for a surrogate. 

    In this case, the sperm must be stored in a safe setting. Many men also want to check their fertility levels, so they often opt to have that completed at the same time. 

    Sperm Donation

    Some men need to store their sperm simply because they plan on donating it to a couple that cannot have biological children or a same-sex female couple that needs a sperm donor. 

    The sperm must be collected, tested, and stored before donation. Depending on the agreement with the recipient, the donor may want to gift all the vials of sperm or save some for future use.

    Benefits of At-Home Sperm Collection

    There are plenty of benefits of opting for at-home sperm collection — no matter what your reason for storing your sperm. 

    Some of the most popular reasons to choose a sperm storage company that allows you to deposit your sample at home before mailing it back include:

    • Convenience

    • Ease

    • Comfort

    • Security

    • Privacy

    At-home sperm collection companies make getting your sample to the lab safe and convenient. You don’t need to worry about traveling to your healthcare provider to deposit your sample. Simply follow the instructions on the kit, and deposit your sample into the provided cup in the comfort of your own home.

    This is especially convenient for anyone with mobility issues or those worried about being exposed to COVID-19

    If you live in a rural area with little access to sperm storage providers, you won’t need to worry about traveling to the nearest preferred provider.

    Mailing in your sperm sample is convenient, easy, and secure. You’ll get your results in as little as 48 hours and be able to chat with a fertility specialist about options for storing and using your sample. 

    How At-Home Sperm Storage Works

    Sperm storage companies collect semen samples to analyze and store. Discover your fertility data and store your sperm — all at the same time. 

    Order Your Kit

    Simply order your sperm storage kit to get started. Most companies provide overnight shipping both ways. 

    Follow the Instructions

    Follow the kit’s instructions. Most companies will have you ejaculate into a special cup that’s designed to keep your sample at the right temperature while protecting the sample from spills. 

    Mail Your Sample

    Mail your sample to the lab for ​semen analysis (again, according to the instructions). Your sample will arrive at the lab within 24 hours. 

    Most companies provide complimentary analysis with storage. Within 48 hours, check the sperm count, motility, sperm shape, volume, concentration, and morphology of your semen sample.

    Store Your Sperm

    Obviously, the biggest benefit to sperm storage is the actual storing of your sample. Most companies use a cryopreservation freezing process for sperm samples. Your frozen sperm is safe and secure for both short-term and long-term storage. 

    For a small annual storage fee, you can rest assured that your sperm will be ready for you whenever you’re ready to have a child.

    Use Your Sperm

    Semen storage facilities partner with fertility clinics and fertility treatment centers to ensure your sperm can be used whenever you’re ready. Simply coordinate the preparation of your sperm for IVF, artificial insemination, or another form of fertilization. 

    How Much Does Sperm Storage Cost?

    Sperm storage costs range depending on the provider. Most sperm storage facilities, like Dadi, charge a fee for the collection kit and an annual fee to store sperm. 

    Kits (including one year of sperm storage) start at $199. Compared to the cost of in-person sperm storage providers, this amount is significantly lower. Most in-person providers charge up to $1,000 for collection costs and up to $300 per year for storage fees. 

    If you need to store your sperm for future use, there are plenty of providers available. No matter what your reason to store your sperm, you can feel secure knowing that your sample is in good hands.