The COVID Outlook This Summer? Not Quite Endemic Yet, Unfortunately

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With the harms of the COVID-19 pandemic gradually beginning to taper down, the public is naturally starting to wonder how different this year’s summer could look from the prior two. Given that the rising temperatures saw a rising spike in case numbers and mortality rates, people are understandably concerned about a repeat of the past two years’ misfortunes making a resurgence.

So with that in mind, should the American public expect good news, or bad news in store? The real answer here is neither; it’s complicated! What do health experts believe is most likely in store to happen this summer, after dealing with the nitty-gritty of those COVID complications for the past two odd years? Here’s your answer.

COVID Summer 2022

Experts and medical professionals believe that the signs of COVID’s most probable near-future summer trends can be found in its present spring trends. As reported by USA Today, confirmed case numbers of the omicron variant doubled over the month of April relative to the month prior, with averages as high as 54,000 cases a day. 

The good news, however, is that in most of these cases, symptoms are tending to be less severe, and most experts believe that we’re unlikely to see a severe resurgence unless new variants emerge. According to Johns Hopkins Dr. Keri Althoff (quoted in the aforementioned source), “A full surge over the summer is going to be really dependent on a variant fully emerging.”

Moreover, Dr. Althoff emphasized that the unvaccinated are and continue to remain those at most risk to any potential new COVID variants. “Those transmissible variants are good at finding pockets of unvaccinated people, and those people are more at risk of hospitalization and death.” 

All in all, the predominant expert consensus seems to be leaning toward a summer scenario where people may see a slight wave or uptick in COVID hospitalizations and deaths, but barring the sudden emergence of a new variant, it’s unlikely to get as bad as our prior two summers.

While the virus is in the process of exiting the acute pandemic phase, there’s still an air of uncertainty regarding when exactly it will enter the endemic phase. Until public health officials formally declare that COVID-19 has entered its endemic phase, we would strongly urge you to adhere to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s safety precautions.

You can keep up with those by reviewing the CDC’s official portal for national COVID guidelines, quarantine precaution guidelines, as well as local community guidance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you’re raring to stay on the safe side, you don’t even have to visit a hospital or urgent care center to get tested - you can receive COVID tests from the safety of your own home! Don't fake a doctor's note or take any chances; have your issues evaluated and relieved remotely!

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