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MyWoundDoctor diagnoses and virtually treats wounds, using advanced imaging techniques, analyzed by licensed physicians and certified wound care nurses. Medical professionals can look at the size, shape, and color of wounds and accurately diagnose patients online — preventing overcrowding of hospitals and emergency rooms.


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    MyWoundDoctor Company Overview 

    This online doctor wound care platform offers medical advice and trains both patients and doctors on proper treatment methods. Medical professionals monitor wounds over time and provide ongoing assistance. Patients continue to upload photos of their wounds to receive ongoing care.

    The platform is designed for patients, doctors, and health insurance providers. It provides all services through an easy-to-use app that allows for more personalized care — without a trip to the urgent care clinic. The founders hope to make a dent in the country’s $60 billion spent on wound care each year and offer assistance, including:

    • Ensuring homecare is consistent with standard protocols
    • Decreasing the number of amputations annually 
    • Over and under treatment
    • Decreasing overcrowding in hospitals
    • Lowering healthcare costs
    • Enhancing wound healing methods and reducing disability

    The platform also offers a mobile triage and support unit with cost-effective treatment options. These services cut down on the costs of wound care and offer patients the option for at-home treatments. 

    MyWoundDoctor also supports communities with little or no access to emergency or urgent care, such as correctional facilities and tribal nations. 

    Is MyWoundDoctor Right For You? 

    Currently, MyWoundDoctor provides wound care services for:

    • Correctional healthcare providers
    • Patients with Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care plans
    • Post-acute care providers
    • Tribal nation medical clinics
    • At-home consumers

    Correctional Healthcare Providers

    MyWoundDoctor helps correctional Healthcare providers treat wounds and lacerations, accelerating the speed at which wounds are treated, and reducing inmate healthcare costs. The platform gives doctors access to treat sick inmates without the hassle and cost of transferring patients to and from hospitals and emergency rooms.

    Some of the benefits for correctional healthcare providers include:

    • Faster wound treatments
    • No need to transfer inmates offsite
    • Save wound images right in the app
    • SupplyPaks are sent directly to the correctional facility for treatment
    • Reduce healthcare and transportation costs
    • Decrease unnecessary emergency room and hospital visits
    • Create a safer environment for correctional healthcare workers and inmates
    • Prevent further wound damage through transporting patients
    • Keep inmates healthier and safer

    Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care

    People with Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed plans can get access to wound care right through the app while reducing costs and saving time. Some of the benefits for these patients include:

    • Lower costs for wound treatments
    • Save hospital beds for sicker patients
    • Reduce readmissions
    • High-quality wound care
    • Faster care provided through the app
    • Safer standardized wound care and treatment options
    • Encourage self-care 
    • Less pain and complications
    • Better patient monitoring and follow-up

    Post-Acute Care Providers

    MyWoundDoctor partners with certified nurses and physicians, offering care for medical professionals. The benefit offered to these professionals includes:

    • Higher quality of care
    • Better monitoring and follow-up
    • Creation of standardized protocols
    • Reduction of hospital admission
    • Prevention of readmission
    • Keeps hospital beds open for sicker patients
    • Better surgical wound care
    • Qualifies for value-based contracts
    • Higher quality of care for patients
    • Lowered costs for medical professionals

    At-Home Consumers

    MyWoundDoctor can even help everyday people heal faster. Many of the platforms patients include those who suffer from complex wounds because of:

    • Chronic Illnesses 
    • Circulation Disorders
    • Diabetic Ulcers
    • Disabilities
    • Surgery

    More than 25% of people who need in-home medical care need wound care. MyWoundDoctor can help reduce the number of in-home medical professionals and the cost of such care.

    The platform helps patients, caregivers, and family members. 

    Through the app, patients and caregivers can access the patient care portal, share photos of wounds, and get expert advice. They can also order wound care supplies (called MyWoundDoctor SupplyPaks) with video and written instructions in English and Spanish. 

    This platform can help reduce the number of patients admitted to emergency rooms and urgent care centers for wound-related injuries. 

    Tribal Nation Medical Clinics

    Tribal nations often don’t have access to the type of medical care found in urban areas of the U.S. MyWoundDoctor provides services that might otherwise be extremely expensive. In some areas, patients must drive nearly 10 hours to get to a facility that offers necessary services. 

    Offering MyWoundDoctor to tribal nations can reduce:

    • Pricey hospital visits
    • Wound infections
    • Need for more convenient access to care

    Other benefits provided to members of tribal nations include:

    • Wound diagnosis and treatment
    • Reduce necessity for hospital visits
    • Improve healing rates
    • Better local care
    • Better health outcomes
    • Lower healthcare costs 
    • Encourage self-care and preventative care

    MyWoundDoctor is licensed to offer care in more than 42 states and 40 prisons. 

    Is MyWoundDoctor Credible?

    Founded in 2015 by Dr. Nick Sieveking, a board-certified, Stanford-trained plastic surgeon, MyWoundDoctor provides caregivers and patients with clinical wound care treatment protocols and personalized supplies, through an easy to use telehealth mobile application. 

    Dr. Sieveking has seven years of experience in on-call plastic surgery and wound care in both emergency and inpatient settings. He has worked with over 25 referring hospital facilities in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. 

    The platform’s clinical team is composed of licensed, credentialed clinical experts.

    MyWoundDoctor doesn’t sell, share, or exchange information, but it does report patient demographic info, clinical data, and wound measurements to healthcare providers. 

    He trained in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; his Nashville practice was named one of “Nashville’s Best.” He specializes in cosmetic, burns, and hand surgery as well as cancer reconstruction. He has traveled the world lecturing and has even contributed to a major rhinoplasty training textbook. 

    Wound care specialists have also created standardized wound care protocols that didn’t exist before MyWoundDoctor. Such protocols make treatments more effective and efficient. 

    The platform is HIPAA-compliant and offers enhanced security features to protect patient data. It’s available in the Google Play store for androids and in the Apple store for iOS. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by MyWoundDoctor  

    • 1st degree
    • 2nd degree
    • 3rd degree
    • Blisters
    • Bloody drainage
    • Burns
    • Clear/serious drainage
    • Decubitus ulcers/bed sores
    • Dry wounds
    • Eschar
    • Exudate or pus
    • Fresh/open
    • Granulating
    • Scabs
    • Stage 1
    • Stage 2
    • Stage 3
    • Stage 4
    • Wet wounds

    MyWoundDoctor also provides treatment options that the platform calls SupplyPaks. These treatments are the culmination of research performed by MyWoundDoctor. Each ‘pak’ is designed to treat a specific wound, including chronic, non-healing, and traumatic wounds.

    How MyWoundDoctor Works

    MyWoundDoctor offers several types of care. Physicians, hospitals, home healthcare providers, and patients can get wound care by following the below steps:

    1. Enter Your Patient Data into the App

      Simply enter your information into the MyWoundDoctor app. Include any medical history or information regarding your symptoms.

    2. Upload a Photo of Your Wound

      Upload a photo of your wound, so a MyWoundDoctor professional can review the image and measure your wound.

    3. Get In-App Care

      Your photos and info are stored within the app, so the platform can share this information with your care providers and payor. The app is secure and offers patients an easy portal to upload photos and receive care. Credentialed physicians and certified nurses can review the wound and offer care consultation.

      Your wound statistics (including size and color) will be tracked right within the app. You’ll get instant feedback on your progress.

    4. Get Your SupplyPak

      If your wound can be treated via the app, you’ll receive a SupplyPak specially designed to treat your specific wound. This kit will be delivered to the patient’s home, clinic, nursing facility, or correctional facility. Your information will be shared with your providers and payors to ensure seamless care. 

    MyWoundDoctor Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    While MyWoundDoctor diagnoses and treats a long list of wounds, it doesn’t treat everything. Some of the conditions not treated by this platform include:

    • Primary care
    • Emergency care (Including emergency-level wounds and lacerations)
    • Specialist care
    • High-risk wounds that require in-person care

    To put it simply: this platform only treats non-emergency wounds (unless a medical professional is present with the patient to provide interim care). This is one of the few specialist platforms we’ve reviewed that only handles a very small percentage of overall telehealth cases. If it’s not a wound or laceration, MyWoundDoctor probably doesn’t treat it. 

    Pricing: How Much Does MyWoundDoctor Cost? 

    The pricing for professional healthcare providers depends on the number of members cared for by a health plan or ACO. Obviously, the more members, the lower the costs. Individuals and home consumers should contact the platform for pricing before downloading the app. 

    The pricing by the number of members that your health plan or ACO cares for:

    1: $79.50

    2: $159.00

    3: $238.50

    4: $318.00

    5: $397.50

    6: $477.00

    7: $556.50

    8: $636.00

    9: $715.50

    10: $795.00

    What Do We Think About MyWoundDoctor?

    When it comes to wound care and diagnosis, we’re very impressed with MyWoundDoctor. We love that this platform has been able to think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to specialized wound diagnosis and treatment. The ability to upload a photo to an app and get ongoing care is a gamechanger for both patients and the healthcare industry. 

    Where MyWoundDoctor really shines is how it has created a service that goes above and beyond to help two very underserved communities: correctional healthcare facilities and tribal nations. Both of these groups notoriously have abysmal access to quality healthcare, both because of a lack of funds and a lack of nearby resources. The ability to treat patients online can help these patients tremendously. 

    We’re also impressed with how this platform manages to free up hospital resources for sicker patients. By providing telehealthcare services for wound patients, hospitals can now focus on patients that need in-person emergency and urgent care. 

    If you’re a healthcare professional or consumer that needs online wound diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, download MyWoundDoctor.