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Livongo is a telehealth company that specializes in treating, reversing, and preventing chronic conditions related to diabetes. It hires nutrition and wellness coaches to help patients make small and impactful lifestyle changes that make a large impact over time. 


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    Livongo Company Overview 

    This telehealth company specializes in treating chronic conditions related to type 2 diabetes. It focuses on data-driven results by using the latest tech, health apps, and smart devices. Livongo hires certified nurse practitioners and health coaches to help patients create a program that’s easy to follow. 

    The platform helps users make lifestyle changes that lead to healthier days. Coaches focus on:

    By encouraging patients to make lifestyle changes, coaches can help reduce diabetes medications and prevent further chronic conditions related to diabetes. 

    Livongo uses its tech and smart devices to provide instant help when readings fall out of range. Users can text or call a specialist and get a response in minutes. 

    The platform makes sharing health reports extremely easy; all data can be shared with doctors, friends, and family. Emergency contacts can be added to the account and receive alerts when readings are out of range.

    Overall, Livongo is all about helping users make behavioral changes that lead to healthier lives. Coaches offer information, motivation, and support through personalized care. 

    The platform’s smart devices and tech offer guidance at optimal times; all this information is gathered by researchers and published in peer-reviewed journals. 

    Doctors and nurse practitioners can also refill prescriptions and offer medical advice — in addition to behavioral and lifestyle advice. 

    Is Livongo Right For You? 

    Livongo specializes in helping patients manage their type 2 diabetes through healthy lifestyle changes. Its coaches are trained to help patients suffering from reversible chronic conditions through healthy behaviors.

    This healthcare platform is 100% online, so it’s ideal for anyone with mobility issues, time restraints that prevent them from scheduling doctor appointments, or live in a rural area without access to quality doctors and health coaches.

    Livongo may be right for you if you suffer from:

    • Prediabetes
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure

    This platform is for anyone with one of the above conditions that needs:

    • 24/7 support 
    • Behavioral health support
    • Connected smart devices to manage diabetes and blood pressure
    • Diabetes Management
    • Motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle
    • One-on-one expert support
    • Personalized insights 
    • Real-time blood-sugar level readings
    • Simplified blood pressure management
    • Smart tools to help manage blood pressure and glucose
    • Support within a health community
    • Treatment for health conditions with lifestyle changes
    • Unlimited test strips
    • Weight Management tools

    Is Livongo Credible?

    Livongo recently merged with Teladoc, one of the largest telehealthcare providers. 

    The platform only hires certified health coaches, and its board oversees its network of healthcare professionals. The board is made up of doctors and healthcare professionals that teach at prestigious universities (such as UC Berkeley and Harvard). 

    It partners with large corporations to reduce healthcare costs and lower the risk of chronic conditions related to diabetes. After partnering with Iron Mountain, Livongo was able to help patients decrease inpatient admissions by 59%. 

    The platform is backed by the American Diabetes Association, American Association of Diabetes Educators, and the American Heart Association.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Livongo  

    Livongo specializes in chronic conditions related to type 1 and type 2 diabetes (as well as diabetes itself!). Patients suffering from diabetes often experience symptoms of other conditions related to lifestyle choices.

    For example, a patient that suffers from type 2 diabetes may not have the energy to exercise, which may lead to depression, stress, and weight gain. 

    Livongo coaches treat each patient holistically, meaning they don’t just treat symptoms; they treat the root cause of the symptoms as well. 

    The most common types of conditions Livongo treats include:

    • Diabetes
    • Weight management
    • Hypertension
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Stress

    Lifestyle changes coaches might recommend could include adding more fiber, fruits, and veggies to a patient’s diet. Other recommendations might include adding 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation or 30 minutes of exercise to a patient’s morning routine, cutting (or reducing) sugar intake, and drinking eight glasses of water per day.

    Recommendations are personalized, so one patient may not need the same lifestyle changes as another patient. 

    Some coaches may also recommend specific lifestyle changes at certain times during the program. This ensures that patients don’t bite off more than they can chew when integrating new habits into their lifestyles. 

    Livongo NOT treat Some Conditions 

    This telehealthcare powerhouse treats a long list of conditions related to diabetes and high blood pressure. That being said, it only treats customers that are suffering from these conditions as the result of diabetes and high blood pressure. 

    If you need an online doctor to diagnose and treat conditions not related to high blood pressure, we recommend contacting one of our other partners.

    Livongo does not treat the following conditions:

    • Primary care issues
    • Emergency issues
    • Urgent care issues
    • Issues that require in-person care

    Pricing: How Much Does Livongo Cost? 

    Livongo is only available through an in-network health insurance provider and/or an employer health program. Through these programs, Livongo costs individuals absolutely nothing. 

    If your health insurance provider or current employer doesn’t cover Livongo, we recommend reaching out to a benefits specialist to see if coverage can be added. 

    What Do We Think About Livongo?

    We happen to believe that preventative care is one of the most important types of healthcare — and one that’s underrepresented in the current market. An ounce of cure truly is worth a pound of prevention when it comes to diabetes and high blood pressure.

    We love that Livongo has merged with Teledoc, ensuring that its reach now extends to all 50 states. 

    Our only critique? We wish that the platform would allow individuals not covered by traditional health insurance plans or through their employers could sign up for the service for a fee. 

    If you need help managing your diabetes or high blood pressure (or simply want to kick your long list of prescription medications to the curb), check out Livongo to get help implementing lifestyle changes that may reverse the symptoms of chronic conditions.