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Eddie is a wearable device specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), improve your sexual performance, and give you the sexual confidence you've been looking for. Its unique shape offers men a comfortable and satisfying way to treat their ED without prescription medications.


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    About Eddie by Giddy

    More men than you might think experience some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) throughout their lives. And for some, well, let’s be honest, for most men, ED puts a huge damper on their sex lives and can majorly affect their mental health. Close to 48 million American men suffer from ED, with 40% of those men being in the ballpark age of 40. However, ED doesn’t discriminate; it can affect men of all ages, old and young.  

    There are many medication options available to help...ahem, the little blue pill, but you also might be surprised that some men just aren’t into taking prescription medication. Well, that, or they don’t want to have an uncomfortable conversation with their doctor about their erectile shortcomings. Luckily, there’s a new over-the-counter (OTC) medical device that has been specifically designed to treat men suffering from ED. It’s called Eddie. 

    If you’re a person with a penis or a person interested in learning about ways to treat ED without taking medication, read on to find out more about Eddie by Giddy. 


    What is Eddie by Giddy?

    Eddie is a wearable device approved by the FDA to treat ED. Eddie is made by Giddy, a sexual health platform that was created to make talking about S-E-X less taboo. Thanks to Giddy, you are now able to get treatment for ED without a prescription, like Viagra or Cialis, as Eddie by Giddy is available OTC. Gone are the days of visiting a doctor’s office to have what can be a super embarrassing conversation about your struggles to get or maintain an erection. 

    At first glance, you might mistake Eddie for an everyday sex toy (c-ring). It’s shaped like a horseshoe and fits snuggly around the base of the penis with the help of a tension band to apply just the right amount of pressure (tension bands included). Unlike other ED devices, Eddie’s unique shape and fit are said to keep the blood flowing in an erect penis without compressing the arteries or the urethra (unless you enjoy the Kung-fu grip). The idea here is to have a comfortable and sexually satisfying experience; because Eddie doesn’t constrict your member or your urethra, there shouldn’t be any discomfort when you finish the job (or climax). 

    How Does Eddie by Giddy Work?

    Eddie is a wearable device specifically designed to treat ED, improve your sexual performance, and give you the sexual confidence of Austin Powers. Eddie is an FDA Registered Class 2 medical device that is available OTC and designed to be more comfortable and satisfying than other wearable ED products, such as penis rings or pumps. 

    How Eddie literally works is relatively simple, and with its unique horseshoe or Omega shape, it provides a snug fit that keeps blood in your erect penis without squishing your arteries (the veiny looking things). So, when blood flows to the corpus cavernosa (shaft of your penis), it will stay exactly where it needs to be...in your penis. Eddie also won’t strangle your urethra. This is great news because if your pee hole is open, you should have a more satisfying climax experience. #WINNING

    Eddie comes in four sizes (A, B, C, D) that are said to fit 99% of men. The sizes are based on the girth of your penis and the severity of your ED symptoms. Many Eddie by Giddy reviewers appreciate that size insurance is free with all orders, which guarantees a perfect fit. 

    How to Wear Eddie 

    Wearing Eddie is easy and can be done in three steps. 

    1. Place the device at the base of your penis, in front of testicles, with the opening facing down. 

    2. Wrap a blue or red tension band around the ends of Eddie. Red = maximum strength - Blue = moderate strength. 

    3. Get your groove on!

    It is recommended that you practice using Eddie solo before diving in feet first with your partner. It may take a few minutes to become acclimated with the feel and how it’s used. 


    Is Eddie by Giddy Legit?

    Eddie by Giddy was designed to fit the anatomy of the penis and work cohesively with the physiology of an erection. It is made from a body-safe material (free of PVC and latex) and environmentally friendly. 

    The team at Giddy understands that ED is experienced differently by everyone, which is why they recruited experts in urology, psychology, lifestyle, and sex to design Eddie’s unique shape and fit. Their goal was to treat sexual performance issues at the root cause. If you ask us, what resulted was an innovative and seemingly effective ED treatment that doesn’t require prescription medications.  

    How Much Does Eddie by Giddy Cost?

    • Eddie + Stay-Giddy Plan (billed every four months)

    • 1-Pack - $138

    • 1 Eddie

    • 6 Tension bands (3 blue, 3 red)

    • Personalized ED Video Series

    • Exclusive Giddy Content

    • 2-Pack - $238

    • 2 Eddies

    • 12 Tension bands (6 blue, 6 red)

    • Personalized ED Video Series

    • Exclusive Giddy Content

    The Stay-Giddy Plan is like a subscription service. You will be billed every four months and receive fresh Eddies and tension bands with each delivery. There’s no commitment, and you can cancel anytime. 

    • Eddie | One-time Purchase

    • 1-Pack - $188

    • 1 Eddie

    • 6 Tension bands (3 blue, 3 red)

    • Personalized ED Video Series

    • Exclusive Giddy Content

    • 2-Pack - $298

    • 2 Eddies

    • 12 Tension bands (6 blue, 6 red)

    • Personalized ED Video Series

    • Exclusive Giddy Content

    Every purchase includes:

    • FREE shipping (5-7 days)

    • FREE size insurance

    • 60-day money-back guarantee 

    What do We Think of Eddie by Giddy? 

    Eddie by Giddy seems to have filled a hole in the ED treatment department, and if you’re not into taking prescription medication, Eddie could be just the thing you’re looking for. Mixed reviews are floating around the interwebs, but most are on the positive side of things. The most common complaint seems to be regarding buying the correct size the first time. However, Giddy offers free size insurance, so this really is a moot point. 

    Giddy trusts that you will love Eddie so much that they offer all customers a 60-day money-back guarantee! If you or your partner aren’t into the device, Giddy will refund your money; no questions asked. 

    We like that this device was designed with the user in mind. Its unique shape is said to provide much better comfort and ease of use than any of its competitors. We say, why not give Eddie a try?! The best that could happen is that you’ve found the key to harness your sexual prowess. Now, get busy!