Gun Crisis Response Resources And Causes Worth Supporting

Gun Crisis Response Resources And Causes Worth Supporting

Recently, the country was beset by not one, but two of the worst mass tragedy events in recent memory. Not one, but two horrific massacres rocked the public consciousness. A white supremacist gunman deliberately targeted a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo, NY, killing 10 and wounding 3 in a racially-motivated hate crime and clear act of domestic terror. 

Exactly ten days following that horrific tragedy, another one transpired at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where the assailant killed 19 students, 2 teachers, and wounded 17 more people before he was ultimately stopped. This marks the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the third-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, only behind that massacre and the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

These tragedies have renewed discussion and discourse around legislative gun reform, reforms to our mental healthcare system, and police reform, as Uvalde law enforcement have been roundly scrutinized for over an hour of inaction during the shooting. The Department of Justice is actively investigating the Uvalde law enforcement’s response to the shooting, and in the meanwhile, the Biden-Harris Administration (in conjunction with the DOJ and other orgs) is offering immediate assistance for those affected by the violence in Uvalde and Buffalo.

As explained more thoroughly by this White House fact sheet, some of those immediate crisis resources include:

  • VictimConnect, a government-funded helpline offering confidential support for victims of violent crime
  • The New York and Texas Crimes’ Victim Compensation Programs, which both offset funeral, medical, and other essential expenses for violent crime victims
  • The Antiterrorism Emergency and Assistance Program (AEAP), the National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center, and the SAMHSA National Distress Helpline

View that aforementioned fact list for more information. If you’re wondering how you can support the well-being of survivors and bereaved loved ones following these unspeakably horrific, traumatic tragedies, through material support, mental health aid, and gun violence prevention advocacy, review our comprehensive lists of specific resources below.

Uvalde Charities

The following is a list of verified resources and relief funds supporting those affected by the recent tragedy in Uvalde, TX:

  • Victim GoFundMe Campaigns: You can support victims and struggling families in Uvalde with direct, material financial support via GoFundMe. Motherly has compiled an in-depth list of all the direct relief funds you can currently donate to, which you can view here.
  • Robb Elementary Memorial Fund: This memorial fund account was created by The First State Bank of Uvalde, and directly assists the Robb Elementary families affected by this tragedy. Checks can be sent to 200 E. Nopal Street, Uvalde, TX 78001, or processed through Zelle to 
  • The National Compassion Fund/VictimsFirst: The National Compassion Fund has opened a general Uvalde survivors’ fund in partnership with VictimsFirst, an advocacy organization founded by mass shooting survivors. You can donate to that active NCF fund here, and donate to VictimsFirst’s own GoFundMe here.
  • Blood Donation Resources: The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center is currently seeking blood donations of all types to support the critical, emergency medical care needed for wounded Uvalde survivors. Visit their website to learn more about how you can support their efforts via blood donations and financial contributions. 
  • San Antonio Area Foundation: The San Antonio Area Foundation has established two different relief funds to support the Uvalde community. One offers direct financial assistance to community members, whereas the other supports long-term community aid efforts, including mental health services and therapy to support residents through their trauma and grief. You can visit this page to donate to both funds.

Buffalo Charities

Below are some charities, funds, and causes directly aiding those affected by the horrific attack in Buffalo, New York:

  • GoFundMe: You can visit this GoFundMe hub to find a comprehensive portal listing vetted, verified funds offering financial assistance to victims, bereaved families, and charities supporting the Buffalo community.
  • PPG Buffalo: The Partnership for Public Good has created an excellent guide highlighting multiple victim resources offering important community-focused mutual aid in Buffalo. Visit their website to find out how you can donate and volunteer to support these community-based relief efforts.
  • FeedMore WNY: This area food bank is currently accepting in-person donations of produce, snacks, drinks, toiletries, and nonperishables at their 91 Holt Street address. You can also support their work online by donating financial contributions here. 
  • Local Mental Health Resources: Buffalo residents can receive free trauma-focused mental health support at the Community Resource Center on 347 E. Ferry Street, and free grief-focused support at the Johnny B. Wiley Center on 1110 Jefferson Ave.
  • Government-Supported Resources: The NY state government website has an extensive page listing important regional resources for state residents in need. 
  • Step Out Buffalo: Step Out Buffalo’s new charity guide outlines 40 different local initiatives geared towards promoting racial justice, equity, and uplifting the black community across Buffalo and Western New York. Learn more about those initiatives here.

Other Ways To Help

In addition to helping Uvalde and Buffalo residents in the short term, you may also want to consider supporting gun violence prevention organizations geared toward promoting meaningful, positive policy changes in the long term. The American Medical Association declared gun violence a public health crisis in 2016, and recently reiterated that call in light of recent events.

A Health and Human Services secretary put forth a declaration agreeing with that sentiment, and we would too. Treating gun violence as a public health crisis requires treating it with sweeping, holistic policy reforms and social changes. Below are some organizations we’d recommend supporting that are attempting to advance these needed reforms:

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the recent events in Uvalde and Buffalo.

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