Fight COVID-19 Anxiety & Fear With 7 Best Online Therapy Companies

Sars-CoV-2, more commonly called Coronavirus, has been spreading havoc across continents and taking a toll on fronts of life as we know it. Social distancing, taking care of your health, and hand hygiene are the new normal. More than 2.6 billion people across the globe have now been asked to stay at home by their respective governments. But the outbreak is not only pushing us into uncharted territories, but it is also taking a toll on our mental health. What has been considered as an alternative to orthodox mental health care is now the mainstream mode of therapy that is Online Therapy.

Anxiety and Fear Are Very Common Amongst All People During COVID-19 Pandemic

Anxiety is common in these dire circumstances as this pandemic poses a new challenge. In normal conditions, we often go out with friends, go on a road trip, or indulge in our favorite outdoor activity to relieve stress and anxiety. All those options seem far-fetched at the moment and seem impossible for those who have stayed in quarantine as they might be exposed to the virus. 

Online therapy services are a blessing in disguise. People who are going through a rough patch and want to take help from a mental health care professional without going out of their homes can find comfort in online therapy. 

Online Therapy - Mental Wellness Meets Happiness

Online therapy, as the name suggests, provides counseling and therapy via the internet. Platforms of online therapy are available via web services or smartphone apps, provides counseling from licensed therapists by chat, phone, and video. Online therapy is not new; it has been filling the needs of many for a long time even before the coronavirus outbreak.

Since its beginning, online counseling is helping many to overcome barriers that may prevent people from seeking therapy, especially for those with physical disabilities or any other conditions. It also allows people to seek out therapists or counselors outside their nearby places or even outside their city limits.

With time there has been a significant increase in the popularity of online therapy. More and more people are embracing the benefits and accessibility of the platform. On the other hand, affordability and flexible timings of online therapy have made it quite popular among college students and busy professionals and some without medical insurance. Because of all these benefits, online therapy is gaining its popularity among many struggling from anxiety due to coronavirus breakout.

Most online platforms have licensed therapists and claims to be 100 percent private and anonymous. Despite increased traffic on online therapy platforms lately and its low prices, counselors and therapists who are champions of online therapy have taken the pledge that there will be no compromise in the quality of assistance.

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Find Comfort in Online Therapy During Coronavirus

Novel coronavirus entered life without knocking at our doors and is changing the lives of many forever. With the increased outbreak of coronavirus, there is an increase in demand for online therapy. Thousands of licensed therapists are already available on online platforms with a robust infrastructure to take on the unique challenges in these unprecedented tough times.

Coronavirus outbreak is on everyone’s mind, and it’s the center of almost every conversation. The situation around the world has changed so quickly that it has not given time to even fathom about things that were happening. Cities went under lockdown overnight, did not give time to anyone to prepare. The future is full of uncertainties, one of the biggest reasons for anxiety and stress in people.

As per Maggie Mulqueen, phycologist, the outbreak is “on the minds of everyone I know, and is at the center of the conversation with my patients over the past few weeks,” writes in her article on NBC News about the anxiety of people. She is also suggesting in the same article that “the anxious are no less likely to suffer the consequences of an outbreak. If we let ourselves get run ragged by our anxiety, we will be less able to manage what is yet to come.”

It has become essential for people to talk and connect with their family friends to ease out their anxiety. Many people are also connecting with an online therapist to get help for their anxiety. As per Business Insider, “Online therapy is in high demand as coronavirus anxiety drives people to get help without leaving their homes” “Online therapists are dealing with higher demand and a common worry.”

Change in lifestyle is changing the way we do things around. Where the traditional form of therapy to reduce stress and anxiety seems unreachable under current circumstances, online therapy is proving itself to be a valuable companion in these tough times. Through online therapy, one can get access to professional help at the comfort of their home without leaving their houses. No one was prepared for this chaos around the world; it is ok to feel stressed out. If you feel anxious or stressed out, do not hold back. Just reach out to your phone or computer to look for professional help, online therapy with its many benefits is bringing solace in many people’s life.




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