Antidote Health Launches Pharmacy Discount Card To Help People Save On Prescriptions

Since January 2021, Antidote Health has been working tirelessly to close accessibility gaps in the United States healthcare system. After accruing tens of millions of dollars in startup capital, Series A funding, and seed funding, Antidote Health is making great strides in the way of both telehealthcare and now, facilitating in-person health care.

Antidote Health’s services are geared toward serving the needs of underinsured and uninsured healthcare patients across America, by providing convenient online doctor visits with trusted professionals, affordable prescription deliveries directly to one’s doorstep, and an all-in-one telehealth database for patients to access care for themselves and their loved ones.

With the help of innovative, cutting edge, algorithmic A.I. technology, Antidote Health has quickly risen to the forefront of the American telehealthcare industry. A full membership costs as low as $35/month, and in addition to affordable online pharmacy care, Antidote Health is expanding to offer affordable real-world pharmacy coverage as well.

In addition to already offering a prepaid medical debit card for Antidote Health PLUS members, the company is slated to soon offer a Pharmacy Discount Card, so members can save more on their prescriptions, no matter where they get them from. Here’s what current and prospective Antidote Health members should know about this exciting new development.

Bringing Telehealth Into The Real World

The pre-existing Antidote Health debit card, available to PLUS plan members, is already accepted at all major pharmacies. Ostensibly, that particular card allows users to access pre-loaded funds on just about all essential pharmaceutical and urgent care services. These card’s funds are also accessible via Antidote Health’s mobile app, functioning in a similar manner to popular financial smartphone utilities like Apple and Google Pay. 

While this debit card can play a crucial role in covering general unmet health needs, Antidote Health’s new Pharmacy Discount Card offers discounts on most generic prescription drugs, ensuring that Antidote Health users are never priced out of receiving the essential medicines they need.

The best part is that such cards can work together in harmonious tandem, effectively allowing Antidote Health PLUS members to attain almost all of the generic prescription medications they would need free of charge. One would first need to use their Antidote Health Pharmacy Discount card to attain the lowered prices, then they could use the pre-loaded debit card funds to freely, accessibly attain generic versions of their prescriptions.

This is a major step forward in Antidote Health’s mission to democratize affordable healthcare access. Currently, Antidote Health coverage is accessible to roughly over 60% of Americans, and we hope these expanded coverage options will continue to offer more accessibility for those who need it.

Find Your Antidote

Antidote Health aims to ensure that everyone can have affordable primary, acute, and chronic care whenever they need it. If you’d like to find out more about them, and whether or not you’d be able to attain coverage, you can learn more by visiting

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