Antidote Health Announces Family Plans To Bundle Healthcare Costs For Affordable Online Visits

In the short year since its inception, Antidote Health has quickly carved out a path for itself as a telehealth industry trailblazer, raising millions in startup capital since its founding in January 2021. 

It didn’t take long for the burgeoning startup to become one of the leading affordable telehealth providers in the space, offering individual plans as low cost as $35 per month. Although Antidote Health has made great strides toward offering affordable care in the individual telehealth space, the company is starting to hit those same strides with its family membership plans.

Moving forward, the provider will pay special mind to consolidating and bundling common healthcare costs in its family subscription plans, so patients can not only attain affordable health plans for themselves, but for their loved ones as well. These plans are geared toward offering families an optimal standard of telehealthcare, allowing them to:

  • See a clinician with little or no waiting time
  • Be matched with the ideal designated family practitioner for their needs
  • Affordably access common acute and urgent care medicines
  • Access the whole family's Antidote medical records

Although each patient has access to their own individual Antidote Health records, control of the family plan records exclusively falls on the person designated “Admin” of the family plan. Can you fake a doctor's note? Of course not, which is why quick access to real medical notes is important. In addition to improving the affordability and accessibility of its family subscriptions, Antidote Health is also working to improve the inclusivity of its family subscription plans.

The company recognizes that it isn’t just important to offer affordable telehealthcare plans for all families, but affordable telehealthcare plans that truly serve all families. Antidote Health is expanding its general wellness coverage for families across the board, but paying special mind to providing affordable family teletherapy, LGBTQIA+ affirming care, and accessible telehealth services for ELL families.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Antidote Health CMO Dr. David Zlotnick, and learn more about how the provider is promoting affordability and inclusivity in the family telehealth space. Here’s what Dr. Zlotnick had to say on the matter.

Q&A With Antidote Health CMO Dr. David Zlotnick

Can people bundle services if they’re not related, a la Netflix sharing?

A: Adding non-family members to family subscriptions is in the works, and we hope to launch this feature in the near future.

How are same-sex families supported?

A: Our service is available to anyone and everyone, with the exception of those receiving Medicaid and Medicare. 

Do you see a future in joint calls where patients are able to include an “emotional support” person, or another individual helping on their health care journey?

A: One of our unique features is that we enable 3-way video calls, so if someone wants to include a family member or translator, they can just add them to the call whenever they want.

Is Antidote Worth It?

Antidote Health has continued to quickly establish itself as a leading provider, and we hope these expansions to its family subscriptions will continue to advance the company’s objectives of furthering affordability, accessibility, and inclusivity in the online telehealth space.

If you’re interested in learning more about Antidote Health, you can read our in-depth provider review and visit their website here.

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