The Easiest Way To Treat Your Allergies From Home - and For Good!

First: Is Allergy Immunotherapy Right for You?

If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or eczema, you may be a good candidate for allergy immunotherapy. Curex is the first company to offer at-home allergy immunotherapy at scale in the United States—read on to learn more. 

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Allergy immunotherapy treats 68+ types of allergies and allergy-related conditions like asthma and eczema. Allergy immunotherapy can help reduce your allergies including pollen, dust, pet, mold and other common allergens.

The goal of immunotherapy is to provide a long-term solution for sufferers of allergy, eczema, and asthma by reducing the body’s reactivity to allergens that cause reactions. Immunotherapy works by building up the body’s immune tolerance to allergens through daily controlled doses.

Immunotherapy has a long history of successfully treating allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis caused by environmental allergies. It can also improve allergy triggered asthma, eczema (atopic dermatitis) and a variety of other allergy related conditions. 

You are not a good candidate for immunotherapy if you have eosinophilic esophagitis or a mast cell disorder.

What are Allergies?

If you have a runny nose, scratchy throat, or irritated eyes, you might have an allergy. The tiny particles that cause these reactions are called allergens. Pollen, mold, pets, and dust mites are the usual suspects.

When the body detects an allergen, most people's immune systems ignore it. Allergy sufferers, however, have allergy antibodies that immediately attack the allergen causing the release of histamine and other symptom-inducing chemicals.

In sum: an allergy is when the body’s immune system overreacts to a small (usually benign) particle, causing the body to react and release a chemical that causes sneezing, sniffling, itching, watery eyes, and other allergy symptoms.

How does Allergy Immunotherapy Work?

Allergy immunotherapy is the repeated administration of small, controlled doses of medical-grade allergen extracts to build your body’s immunity against allergens, increasing resistance and lessening allergy symptoms over time. 

Unlike medications like antihistamine pills, eye drops, and nasal sprays, which only treat symptoms, allergy immunotherapy is unique because it works by altering your immune response, decreasing your body's reactivity to those pesky triggers allergens. That means less sneezing, coughing, and itching over time as your body builds resistance.



3 Types of Allergy immunotherapy

Allergy immunotherapy can be given in three ways: 

  1. Allergy shots

  2. Sublingual (under-the-tongue) Tablets

  3. Sublingual drops. 

All of these formats use FDA-approved allergens, which, when given in small doses over many months, supervised by a clinician, can lead to desensitization of your body’s reaction to the allergen and improved symptoms. 

Traditionally, allergy shots have been the only available immunotherapy treatment in the United States. Allergy shots are given in a doctor’s office and require that you be observed for 20-30 minutes afterward to ensure you don’t have a life-threatening adverse reaction. They require weekly visits to the doctor’s office and shots can also be frightening to many people! 

Sublingual tablets and drops are self-administered under the tongue and can be taken at home because they are much less likely to cause severe reactions. Using allergy shots or sublingual drops allows your doctor to treat you to more than one allergen, which is useful if you are allergic to more than one thing. Sublingual tablets desensitize to only one allergen. 

Allergy immunotherapy is unique because it changes the nature and the course of your condition, which ultimately could mean a better life with freedom from allergies. 

How to get at-home immunotherapy treatment

Allergy immunotherapy has been the standard of care for treating allergies in Europe for decades, but Curex allergy company is the first to bring allergy immunotherapy to the U.S.A via telehealth and an easy at-home prescription.

With Curex, you meet with a doctor online via an easy telehealth consultation. Share your allergy history, take an allergy test at home, and receive your personalized prescription for sublingual allergy immunotherapy delivered to your door. 

Simply take the prescription daily, and with a little patience and commitment, your body will build up immunity to the allergen, thereby lessening its reactivity. You’ll likely begin to see reduced allergy symptoms within six months and find freedom from your allergies! 

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