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Willow Pump

Why We Like Them

The Willow Pump is a revolutionary way for moms to pump breastmilk. It’s so small that it can fit right in any typical bra and pump while mom is partaking in a variety of activities. Essentially, it’s meant to ensure that pumping won’t get in the way of life.


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    Willow Pump Company Overview 

    This breast pump manufacturer is the first company to create a discreet, noiseless, spill-proof pump that fits in any bra. Users simply attach the pump to their breast and start pumping. 

    Simply tuck the pump inside your bra and go. The Willow doesn’t have any external cords, tubes, or cumbersome bottles. The pump will latch similarly to a baby’s latch. 

    Milk flows into BPA-free and dishwasher safe milk bags and/or reusable containers.

    Go for a walk, take a yoga class, lead a meeting, or play with your kids. The pump is designed to allow you to move freely. The pump also features a one-way valve that ensures there is no leakage. 

    The pump stops automatically when the bag is full. You can switch bags or containers and continue to pump, or just transfer the milk from container to bottle (or save for later).

    The Willow app shows your milk volume, pumping time, and past data history. It’s compatible with most updated smartphones.

    Is Willow Pump Right For You? 

    Willow Pump is for anyone that needs a breast pump that:

    • Features an all-in-one design
    • Is as wearable as a bra
    • Has no external cords or tubes
    • Allows you to live life while you pump
    • Lets you move and jump while you pump
    • Tucks into your bra
    • Allows you to partake in pretty much any activity while pumping
    • Lets you adjust the suction level
    • Pump up to four ounces of milk at a time

    Is Willow Pump Credible?

    Willow Pump’s mission is to ‘bring joy to motherhood’. It’s used by more than 70,000 women, allowing users to make life a priority, not pumping. 

    Instead of using a ‘tug and release’ suction action, Willow uses a continuous suction that mimics a baby’s latch, making it totally spill-proof.

    It was even named one of TIME’s 25 Best Inventions.

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Willow Pump  

    Willow Pump is for any breastfeeding mom that wants to pump on the go. It connects to a health app that’s available for the following smartphones:

    • iOS 12.x or later
    • Android phones running Android OS Pie 9.x or later
    • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active, Galaxy S9, S9+, Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+
    • Google Pixel 1, 1 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, 3 XL, Pixel 3a, 3a XL, Pixel 4, 4 XL
    • LG G6, G6+, G7, G8, V30, V40, V50

    Willow sells both milk containers and bags, though the container is only compatible with Willow Generations 2 and up (currently, the Willow Generation 3 is the only one available through the online retailer).

    How Willow Pump Works

    The Willow Pump is extremely easy to use (that’s kind of the reason it was invented!). All you need to do is attach the pump and bag or container to your breast, tuck the pump in your bra, and go!

    1. Pump On the Go

    Willow Pump allows you to pump in any position. That means you can pump as you’re working out, doing yoga, cooking dinner, crushing it at the office, or walking the dog. 

    2. Forget About the Pump

    The pump is so comfy, you might forget you’re wearing it altogether. It’s also designed to help you produce more milk, meaning less time for pumping. 

    3. Save Milk Safely

    Willow will stop pumping once the bag is full. Remove the pump or bag and seal them to save for later. If you still need to pump, you can switch out the bag or container. Bags hold up to four ounces of milk. 

    4. Track Your Milk

    This pump is quiet and discreet. Others won’t even know you’re pumping! You can use the app to track your volume and pumping history. Willow can even offer personalized tips. 

    Willow Pump Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Willow is a breast pump and should be used as such. If you have conditions related to breastfeeding, such as mastitis, clogged ducts, or latching problems, contact a lactation specialist.  

    Pricing: How Much Does Willow Pump Cost? 

    The Willow Wearable Breast Pump Generation 3 costs $499.99 and comes in three flange sizes. 

    For a limited time, customers can save 15% with the code: EVERYDAYHERO.

    Some patients can get reimbursed for Willow Pump through their healthcare insurance provider. Contact your provider for details after you’ve purchased the pump through Willow.

    Most insurance companies will reimburse patients for up to one breast pump (or partial cost of a pump) during pregnancy or for up to a year after the birth of the baby.

    It’s currently available through Aeroflow Breastpumps, an online retailer that bills your insurance directly. The pump is available through an upgrade option, meaning you’ll probably need to pay some money out of pocket for the product. 

    You can also use FSA/HSA funds to pay for your breast pump, bags, containers, and accessories. 

    Willow Pump offers payment plans through Affirm (with a minimum purchase of $399.99) to pay for pumps, bags, containers, and accessories. Pay over time without any fees or interest (in most cases).

    What Do We Think About Willow Pump?

    We’re so impressed with Wilow Pump. We love how this company has transformed breastfeeding and pumping by offering a product that doesn’t prevent you from living life — simply to pump.

    We’re impressed with its compact size, spill-prove valves, bags, and containers, and we absolutely love that you can wear it while partaking in just about any activity. 

    And the fact that it’s covered (partially or completely) by most insurance plans makes it affordable for the average mom — especially when combined with Affirm’s payment plans.

    If you’re looking for a breast pump that complements your life (instead of taking over your life), we recommend checking out Willow Pump.