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Versed is a vegan and cruelty-free, drugstore skincare brand. It promotes clear and healthy skin, using safe ingredients. There are no latent secrets, and the brand makes sure to encourage full transparency between the product ingredients and you. They make sure to keep the planet clean by promoting sustainable packaging, and reducing their carbon footprints. Drug store brands usually have a stigma attached to them, where they are deemed to be full of chemicals and toxins, not making it good for long-term usage. This eventually makes people choose high-end skincare brands. Versed here, aims to change that. Not only are they a drug store brand, but they are affordable, use clean ingredients with no harmful chemicals, yield significant results, and are sustainable. 


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    Versed was started in 2018. The company consists of skincare specialists, making it a community of 16 million people. This company was started after twelve years of detailed research, understanding the needs of people, their different skin types and ingredients which are accessible and affordable. They are designed in such a manner as if personally created for your skin type only. They are against animal testing. This brand is made by the community, for the community. Versed, is also expanding to stores in Canada, with Shoppers Drug Mart Launch as well as New York. They were given the prestigious award of The Best New Skincare Brand of the year by The Cult Beauty, this year. 


    Versed is a brand that is best suited for all skin types, they also help in tackling particular problem areas, which can include parts of the face, as well as the kind of skin. Their products are devoid of harmful chemicals and the focus is on the formula of the product only. Skincare shouldn't be complicated or a luxury, it is a necessity that yields long-term benefits if done the right way and should be designed in such a manner, which is non-complex and can be easily incorporated into one's daily routine. 

    Versed believes in maintaining a real relationship with their clients, where complete disclosure of each ingredient in the product is mentioned. They also make sure to promote recyclable or sustainable products, by making their packaging out of recyclable materials, not only that, but they also have a section on their website which tells us the proper way to dispose of their products. 

    Versed also acts like your personalized skin specialist, where they have a skincare hotline to help their customers with emergencies or a basic FAQ as well as a skin decoding quiz, which tells you what regimen would be best suited for your skin type. Including that, they have a skincare blog, where questions about skincare are addressed, they have made it as interactive as possible with easy to understand language and reliable, researched information. 

    On their official website, there are two options given, one which sorts out the different kinds of products they have (shop by category), and the other section which is divided according to the skin type (shop by concern). The website has cool colors, pleasant to the eyes, and is easily accessible. Each product that you search has a proper description of the benefits, how to use the product, how to recycle the product, and an ingredient list which gives you more detail about the specific ingredients if you click on it. 

    They believe in quality over quantity, and the price of each product is similar to that of drug store brands- affordable and reasonably priced, but with high quality. 


    Versed has abided by the European version of ‘clean’, where they have restricted 1350 different harmful chemicals from their products, making them very safe and healthy. The brand has also been certified by Leaping Bunny, as an animal cruelty-free skincare brand, with each product without parabens, silicones and added fragrance. The ingredients used in the products are backed up by research and information. The product revolves around the quality of the formula, not the packaging or design, making sure that the money you are spending is going into the product in its true essence instead of fancy packaging or endorsements. Feedback from users has been taken into account at all stages to ensure the products are user friendly and best suited for the skin. The CEO and founder of Versed, Katherine Power also serves as the co-founder of ‘Who What Wear, a fashion community. 


    Cleansers and Toners

    The cleansers are used mostly to gently remove dirt, bacteria remains of make-up from your face, and upper neck, leaving it soft, supple and light. Each cleanser is made suited to specific skin types. They contain essential oils like Eucalyptus, vitamin E or mint oil, depending upon the need of the skin. The toners have varying bases, tailored for different types like hyperpigmentation, ageing, dullness, skin brightening etc. Its main aim is to bring back the skin to its natural pH level, keeping it healthy, and closing the pores without causing irritation or a burning sensation 


    • Baby cheeks, All-in-one hydrating milk 
    • Day Dissolve, Cleansing Balm 
    • Day Maker, Microcrystal exfoliator 
    • Down to Earth, Reusable cotton pads 
    • Keep the peace, Acne calming cream cleanser 
    • Wash it out, Gel cleanser 
    • Weekend glow, Daily Brightening Solution 

    Serums and Treatments

    The serums and treatments are available in the form of gels, oils, creams, mists, powders etc. They are suited according to skin types, and are fast absorbing and do not clog up the pores, simultaneously providing nourishment and glow. These serums and treatments contain important ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid in varying quantities, to cater to every skin type. They provide the correct care to the skin, with the correct kind of minerals and vitamins, best suited to the skin. 


    • Back-up plan, acne-control body mist 
    • Found the light, Powder with Vitamin C 
    • Game over, Acne drying treatment 
    • Hydration Station, Booster with HA 
    • Just Breath, Clarifying serum 
    • Nix it, Complexion solution 
    • On the rise, firming solution 
    • Press restart, gentle retinol serum 
    • Stroke of brilliance, brightening serum 

    Eyes, Lips, and Body

    This category contains lip oils, tinted lip oils, eye masks, eye creams, body oil as well as an acne control body mist. The lip oils are a customer favourite, stocked with vitamin E, jojoba oil, camellia oil, sunflower seed oil and sesame oil. They provide nourishment as well as a delicate sheer to your lips, they come in different colours, which stay on after the oil is absorbed by the lips, leaving them plump and tinted. The cream-based eye mask contains Vitamin E and B12, along with cucumber and caffeine, transforming the bags underneath your eyes and making a significant difference. The eye gel is delicate on the eyes and used for brightening your under eyes by Vitamin C and niacinamide. The body oil can be used in place of heavy creams, for moisturizing and a non-sticky, light feeling on your body, enveloping you in the fragrant almond, macadamia and coconut oil. 


    • Back up plan, acne control body mist 
    • Cherry on top, tinted lip oil trio 
    • Keep it supple, body oil 
    • Silk slip, conditioning lip oil 
    • Silk slip, tinted lip oil 
    • The fix, emergency eye mask 
    • Vacation eyes, brightening eye gel 
    • Zero-G, smoothing eye cream 

    Masks and Peels

    This category contains different masks for hydration, brightening, whitening, tightening, and purifying. They also have overnight facial peel and an eye mask. The masks help in combating acne, promoting intense hydration and brightening through the use of charcoal, clay, a plant-based collagen alternative, aloe, red clay, and turmeric extracts. The consistency of the masks is smooth and creamy. It doesn't get messy and there is an easy application. It makes sure to clean the skin gently, without stripping the skin off its natural oils simultaneously tightening the pores. The packaging of these masks is done very intelligently to ensure no wastage and come in easy travel size packaging as well. The overnight, skin peel, is gentle on your skin, containing Vitamin A, E, lactic, and glycolic acid, and rosehip. Peels are usually seen as intimidating and full of chemicals; this peel will change your mind. It's a sure and short way for instant rejuvenation of the skin for a beautiful glowy and supple look. 


    • Find Clarity, purifying mask 
    • Look Alive, hydrating plumping mask 
    • Photos, Please, Brightening Tightening mask 
    • The Fix, Emergency eye mask 
    • The Shortcut, Overnight Facial Peel 

    Moisturizer and SPF

    Moisturizers and SPF’s are very important components of skincare and should not be skipped in our usual regimens. The moisturizers at Versed have a cream base as well as a gel base depending on preference and skin type. They leave your skin with the hydration of a moisturizer without the sticky and heavy feeling of one, perfect for humid and hot months. The ones with a cream base, take care to let your pores breath and at the same time protect you from pollution and UV rays of the Sun. A rich moisturizer is also available which has a significant creamier and smoother consistency, acting as a night cream or a heavy winter cream. 


    • Dew Point, moisturizing gel cream 
    • Guards up, Daily mineral sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 35 
    • Skin Soak, Rich moisture cream 



    • Baby cheeks, All-in-one hydrating milk :$17.99 
    • Day Dissolve, Cleansing Balm: $7.99 
    • Day Maker, Microcrystal exfoliator: $16.99 
    • Down to Earth, Reusable cotton pads: $19.99 
    • Keep the peace, Acne calming cream cleanser: $16.99 
    • Wash it out, Gel cleanser: $12.99 
    • Weekend glow, Daily Brightening Solution: $17.99 


    • Back up plan, acne-control body mist: $14.99 
    • Found the light, Powder with Vitamin C: $19.99 
    • Game over, Acne drying treatment: $16.99 
    • Hydration Station, Booster with HA: $19.99 
    • Just Breath, Clarifying serum: $19.99 
    • Nix it, Complexion solution: $12.99 
    • On the rise, firming solution: $19.99 
    • Press restart, gentle retinol serum: $21.99 
    • Stroke of brilliance, brightening serum: $19.99 

    3. LIP, EYES, AND BODY: 

    • Back-up plan, acne control body mist: $14.99 
    • The cherry on top, tinted lip oil trio: $27.99 
    • Keep it supple, body oil: $14.99 
    • Silk slip, conditioning lip oil: $9.99 
    • Silk slip, tinted lip oil: $9.99 
    • The fix, emergency eye mask: $17.99 
    • Vacation eyes, brightening eye gel: $17.99 
    • Zero-G, smoothing eye cream: $17.99 


    • Find Clarity, purifying mask: $9.99 
    • Look Alive, hydrating plumping mask: $9.99 
    • Photos, Please, Brightening Tightening mask: $9.99 
    • The Fix, Emergency eye mask: $17.99 
    • The Shortcut, Overnight Facial Peel: $9.99


    • Dew Point, moisturizing gel cream: $14.99 
    • Guards up, Daily mineral sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 35: $21.99 
    • Skin Soak, Rich moisture cream: $17.99 

    6. BUNDLES: 

    • Bounce back, youth-preserving bundle: $44.99 
    • The cherry on the top, tinted lip oil trio: $27.99 
    • Clean Slate, pore-purifying duo: $31.99 
    • Clear skies, break-out relief bundle: $42.99 
    • Disappearing Act, Spot refusing duo: $36.99 
    • Magic Hour, brighten-up bundle: $46.99 
    • Take the lead, three-step routine: $40.99 
    • Take the two, double cleansing duo: $28.99 



    We think that Versed is a one-stop-shop for all the basic skincare that one would need, on a long-term basis. All the products of Versed are universal to all skincare regimens. Not only that, but they have a wide variety to choose from, and each product is tailored to your personal needs. When you read about each product, you can see that they have treated every single product with the utmost importance, as if it's their only product. 

    The best thing about Versed cannot be narrowed down to one. The explanation of each ingredient is given in detail, so the consumer knows what they're using. There are many companies that use harmful substances, but they mask it by giving chemical names, something which goes unnoticed by us, and we ultimately don't realize that the expensive bottle is probably doing more harm than good. But here at Versed, they use everything proudly and transparently, and rightly so! Just like we double-check what food we consume, at the end of the day, skincare acts like food to the skin, so it's best to know in-depth what we are getting ourselves into. 

    Versed understands that skincare isn't black or white. Every regimen differs greatly, upon skin type, age, gender, preferences, needs, etc. The brand makes sure to cater to all our needs, by a skin regimen quiz, which is extremely detailed, and tells us the correct routine our skin needs, and not only that it has a 24/7 skin hotline number. Purchasing from Versed seems like a personal act, where you can go in-depth and talk about your skin freely and solve all your doubts. 

    Moreover, the brand’s main focus is to perfect the formula of the product, and make it the star, instead of focusing on the attractiveness of the product or package design. The prices of Versed are affordable and reasonable, this is a great and unique point as most brands which claim to sell all organic or chemical-free products, usually have extremely high prices. Versed, does not the only state that they care about us, our skin, and the planet, but its actions also tell the same story. Along with using chemical-free ingredients and adhering to our every need, they have also made sure to make a significant contribution to decrease their carbon emissions, by reducing their global footprints. They are a vegan and animal cruelty-free brand All their packaging is made up of recyclable materials and plastic, not only that but under each product, they have created a section that tells us how to safely dispose of each product. Versed is a drug store brand, with the same price, but the quality is extremely high end with better benefits and also yields results. We highly recommend it.