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UBURx is a monthly membership prescription service that is able to offer substantial discounts on the prescriptions needed by you and your family, occasionally offering rates as low as 90% off. We love how effectively this provider is able to cut out the middleman and provide discounts on a multitude of essential prescriptions and qualifying care treatments.


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    Far too often, American healthcare patients are priced out of receiving the essential care they need and deserve. A prominent Gallup poll from last year really illuminated the staggering affordability disparities faced by U.S. healthcare patients that prevent them from obtaining quality care. Amongst other things, the poll found that:

    • 10% of patients rationed essential prescription drug dosages to save money
    • Adults under age 65 are twice as likely to be unable to pay for prescriptions
    • An estimated 18 million Americans (or 7% of all U.S. adults) were unable to pay for at least one prescription

    Although legislation is currently being debated in the Senate that could determine whether or not the market will finally implement price caps on essential treatments like insulin, there is still a considerable way to go with regard to ameliorating these cost barriers.

    Fortunately, more and more online pharmacy providers are beginning to cater to serving the affordable care space, often offering price rates lower than those provided by the competition, sometimes even lower than the lowest insurance co-pay rates. One of the newest big names on the block is UBURx.

    UBURx is the easiest way to unlock big savings on your family’s prescriptions. Save on more than 1,000 drugs, with many costing less than a typical insurance co-pay. If you’re still not sold, here’s what you should know about UBURx that will.

    How UBURx Works

    UBURx is a monthly membership prescription service that is able to offer substantial discounts on the prescriptions needed by you and your family, occasionally offering rates as low as 90% off. UBURx attains those low costs by cutting out the middleman through working with a number of partner pharmacies, including big-name providers like:

    • CVS
    • Kroger
    • Vons
    • Rite Aid
    • Safeway
    • Wal-Mart
    • Hyvee
    • Publix
    • Albertsons
    • Walgreens

    In total, an UBURx membership card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the United States, but those are a few of the biggest chains that the monthly telehealth membership platform is partnered with. Moreover, over 1,000 prescriptions offered by UBURx are priced under $10. That means vastly lower price rates on a number of crucial prescriptions for maintaining physical and mental health vitality, including:

    While you can’t combine UBURx with Medicare or other insurance coverage plans, the rates you get through an UBURx membership often outclass the rates offered by even most insurance co-pay rates. Moreover, beyond just cutting out the middleman with pharmacy rates, UBURx also cuts out the forms, the tedious paperwork, even more tedious formularities, working to save you time and money!

    As we’ve stated previously, you can find savings on more than 1,000 prescription medications through UBURx, medications geared toward treating a wide array of health conditions and wellness areas, including:

    Beyond offering a myriad of medications which serve those specific health areas, UBURx also offers select access discount options for certain medical treatments. If you’d like to learn more about signing up for an UBURx plan, or find answers to questions frequently asked by new UBURx users, you can visit their website here.

    UBURx Online Pharmacy Delivery

    UBURx doesn’t directly deliver medications to your door, though deliveries or no deliveries is kind of a moot point. As UBURx cards are accepted by over 60,000 pharmacies, roughly 97% of Americans will be able to find a chain in their zip code that accepts UBURx membership plans. 

    What the provider lacks in delivery options is more than made up for by the innumerable number of physical pickup options available. To get affordable medication through an UBURx membership, you simply have to present your card at a local qualifying pharmacy, your pharmacist will punch in the credentials from your card, and you’ll be able to enjoy unparalleled convenience and savings on your prescriptions!

    UBURx Online Pharmacy Prices

    Memberships are priced at $9.99 a month, and you can add up to six extra relatives at no additional cost to you! They don’t even need to be human members of your family either - even your pets are eligible to have certain veterinary medicines discounted under an UBURx plan!

    All you need to provide to pay for an UBURx membership is:

    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • A valid debit or credit card

    Viola! That’s all you need to enjoy unparalleled pharmacy discounts, courtesy of UBURx! The telehealth platform will also offer you and your loved ones a number of great pricing perks, including:

    • Over 1,000 prescriptions for less than $10
    • Relatives save $277 a month, or $3323 a year
    • 55+ medicines available for $5 or less

    UBURx doesn’t accept insurance, nor is it a full fledged insurance plan in and of itself. That said, its rates are often lower than most insurance co-pays, so coverage or no coverage, you should be able to find the price points you’re looking for on UBURx. You can take a peek at their website’s “Drug Lookup” database to learn more.

    UBURx Online Pharmacy COVID Test

    Although the pandemic is winding down, we aren’t fully out of the woods just yet. While UBURx doesn’t ship COVID masks or emergency PCR tests, we’re happy to report that the company offers discounts on a wide selection of antiviral and antibiotic medications! Again, check out their website’s Drug Lookup or Pharmacy directory to find out which pharmacy treatment options are available in your area.

    Online Pharmacy For Pet Meds

    Beyond human medications and pharmacy prescriptions, UBURx allows members to enjoy discounts on veterinary medications for their pets, as well as discounts on other important pet supplies. Thanks to their partnership with Heartland Veterinary Supply, UBURx is well equipped to provide affordable costs for most pet care needs.

    But beyond prescriptions, human UBURx members will be happy to know that their plan may be able to cut costs on additional healthcare supplies and medical services in all 50 states, such as:

    • Discounts on 30+ popular dental plans and 15-55% off dental care from qualifying dentists
    • Affordable home dental treatments provided courtesy of local licensed partner orthodontists
    • Roughly 20% off essential diabetic supplies, with orders over $99 subject to free shipping!
    • Lower costs on lab tests, including 20% off common tests like thyroid analysis, CBC readings, lipid panels, and bloodwork 

    In total, you can save on over 300+ different types of lab tests through UBURx, offered across 2300+ locations in all 50 U.S. states! All in all, though it doesn’t offer home deliveries, we’re very satisfied with UBURx’s myriad of enormous medical discounts, and if you think you’ll be satisfied with them, you can start taking advantage of those discounts today!

    Save Up To 90% On All Your Family’s Prescriptions

    If you like what you see, you can visit UBURx’s website, sign up today, and add up to six more loved ones at no additional cost!