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SweatBlock is a skincare brand that specializes in antiperspirant solutions. Based out of Utah, United States, the SweatBlock brand aims to revolutionize the antiperspirant market by offering solutions that would benefit people who encounter the challenges of perspiration across age groups. But they particularly come to the redemption of people who are suffering from excessive sweating, Hyperhidrosis, and find old-fashioned solutions like deodorants and regular antiperspirants ineffective.


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    SweatBlock Company Review

    The usage of deodorants and antiperspirants have occupied a pivotal position in the daily regime of any individual in today’s world. People have even gone to the extent of carrying deodorants along with them to work or college; that’s how much the problem of excessive perspiration has started affecting people’s lives. But are these deodorants and antiperspirants that effective? Many individuals with Hyperhidrosis, who sweat excessively may not find deodorants that effective. There would be different reasons for your sweat problem - Stress, Hormones, your diet, etc. Whatever be the reason SweatBlock is here to save your day. 

    Perspiration is a major cause of inconvenience for many of us. Not only the physical problems encountered through perspiration but also the loss of freedom and keeps us constrained and as a result, the loss of self-esteem.  

    SweatBlock understands your problem and has been designed to serve that very purpose. 

    Is SweatBlock Right for You?

    Are you someone who thinks twice before wearing a light-colored shirt or are you nervous when you have to lift your arms? Do you feel perspiration is limiting your abilities and lose out on your self-confidence due to excessive sweating? 

    Then sweat no more, SweatBlock is right what you’re looking for.

    SweatBlock isn't your regular Antiperspirant. SweatBlock is particularly engineered for stronger and longer effects when compared to other regular antiperspirants. SweatBlock can deliver even in the most extreme cases of perspiration. So, don’t worry about your Hyperhidrosis condition because SweatBlock can help you conquer your problems.  


    Is SweatBlock Credible?

    SweatBlock was a boon born out of misfortune, when the founder Scott Steffensen, a researcher sought a solution to his own problem of sweating. He took upon the onus of finding a remedy to his condition and developed the original SweatBlock wipes and tested it out. When he witnessed the staggering results of the sweat wipes he decided he should share it with the world. 

    SweatBlock promises that they can help you overcome the embarrassing sweat & odor. Their message to the community, Love it or it’s free. Get a SweatBlock and use it; if it does not dramatically reduce your perspiration, then within 100 days of placing your order, you can get a complete refund of the product. Though their products have tasted success against sweating in various body parts, they guarantee the results only for armpit usage. SweatBlock has been featured on popular shows like The Rachael Ray Show and Dr. Oz where people have verified the genuineness of the product.

    SweatBlock is compliant with FDA regulations, and the formulation is within the recommended standards and void of alcohol. Their medical review board comprises board-certified medical professionals who make sure that the content on the website is medically accurate for consumer consumption.

    Products offered by SweatBlock   

    SweatBlock has all the bases covered, Their offerings cover a wide range of products that cater to everybody's needs.

    SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes  

    The key constituent in the SweatBlock wipes is Aluminum chloride as it helps to treat hyperhidrosis. The Aluminum chloride present in the wipes binds with the water molecules thus making the water viscous such that the weak muscles don’t push out sweat out of the sweat glands. Other ingredients include Water, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, and 0.15% benzoic acid. The SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes comes as a pack of 10-wipes and lasts for 7 days for usage of one time.  It is recommended to be gently applied on the armpits during night time when the sweat glands are at rest and washed off the following day. 

    SweatBlock Maximum Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes - XL

    The SweatBlock Maximum Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes - XL is functionally similar to the SweatBlock antiperspirant Wipes but the size of the towelette is 4 times bigger and covers a large body surface. 

    This product is offered with a 30-day money-back manufacturer guarantee in case the experience is not satisfactory!

    Antiperspirant for Hands and Feet

    The antiperspirant for Hands and Feet is a 50 ML lotion tube designed to treat sweaty hands and feet. This specifically for people who experience palmar Hyperhidrosis and excessive feet sweating with an odor problem. It is advised to use the lotion nightly before bed, because the sweat glands are usually at rest during the night and also situationally as you require it, but ensure to use it 15-30 mins before you need it.  

    For a first time user, the recommended usage is to use it every night before bed and twice per day for the initial 2-4 weeks and as per need post that but before usage one has to make sure to wash and dry their hand or feet and then massage a small amount onto the surface. 

    SweatBlock Deodorant + Antiperspirant Stick

    This 2 in 1 product gives the double benefit of removing sweat and odor. This product is recommended for treating mild to moderate sweating. For excessive sweat & odor, it is recommended to be used along with the Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes.

    Crystal Deodorant Spray - 3.4 oz

    SweatBlock ’s crystal deodorant spray imparts immunity to the body against odor-causing bacteria and helps you retain a great odor 24x7. The product is completely natural, Paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. The best time to use this product is during the night, especially to be applied on clean skin after a shower. 

    Super Fresh Body Powder Lotion

    This talc-free body lotion helps you avoid inconvenience caused by perspiration occurring in private parts of the body for men and women. It helps you fight uncomfortable odor, rashes, and chafing in the private areas and eliminates the usage of baby powder.

    Super Fresh Man Parts Ball Deodorant Lotion

    This talc-free, 100 % natural lotion is for men, to keep the testicular and groin region moisture free and dry. It helps avoid bad odor, friction, itching, and Chafing in the region. It is formulated with oat flour, arrowroot, witch hazel, kaolin clay, and organic aloe. It eliminates the usage of body powder.

    FunkBlock Shower Wipes 

    The FunBlock Shower wipes are easy, on the go cleansing wipes. They do not possess the ability to stop or remove sweat but can be used only for cleansing on the go. The surface of the wipes is engineered with Funk bead technology that helps in deep cleansing and exfoliation. 

    How Much do SweatBlock Products Cost?

    SweatBlock commits to the lowest price offering for its products on its website. They also offer a volume discount on every product and also a marked-down price on combo packs of certain products. 

    SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes - $18.99

    • 2 pack – $ 34.98
    • 3 pack – $ 49.95

    Antiperspirant for Hands and Feet - $13.99

    • 2 pack – $ 24.99

    SweatBlock Deodorant + Antiperspirant Stick - $9.99 

    • 2 pack – $ 17.99
    • 3 pack – $ 26.99

    Crystal Deodorant Spray - 3.4 oz - $6.99

    •  2 pack – $ 12.99

    Super Fresh Body Powder Lotion- $11.99

    •     2 pack – $ 19.99

    Super Fresh Man Parts Ball Deodorant Lotion - $11.99

    FunkBlock Shower Wipes 

    • 2 Pack - $14.99

    Combo packs

    • SweatBlock Wipes + Deodorant Stick – $ 27.99
    • SweatBlock Wipes + Antiperspirant for Hands and Feet – $ 29.99
    • SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes + Crystal Deodorant Spray – $ 23.99

    What Do We Think SweatBlock?

    The SweatBlock website is user friendly and highly optimized to enable users to navigate through the site easily. The site offers every bit of information you need to know about the company and its products. Besides basic information like the price of the products and description, it also offers an easy to interpret, graphic representation of the steps of usage, a video clip demonstrating the procedure and recommended frequency of usage. There is also a review section where you can drop your experience of using the product as well as check other’s reviews before buying a product. 

    It also has a dedicated FAQ page where any queries regarding the product or shipping are clarified. The site also displays customer testimonials of how the product has benefited them. SweatBlock has been ranked the number-one antiperspirant on e-commerce site Amazon.com.

    We believe and trust that SweatBlock is an amazing product. SweatBlock has been tested and has proved its worth by delivering astonishing results even under the harshest of conditions. The customer testimonials on the website are a validation of their products’ success. It is a breakthrough product for many who suffer from excessive sweating and Hyperhidrosis as well as essential for every person who has been burdened by excessive sweating by helping them overcome the burden to boost their confidence. Their 100 -day product guarantee is a testament to the effectiveness of their product and the authenticity of their claims. So go now, and get yourself one!