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Skin Solutions.MD

Why We Like Them

Skin Solutions.MD  is an online dermatologist office that specializes in skin and hair treatments. Doctors and nurse practitioners diagnose symptoms related to thinning lashes, dry skin, rosacea, and scarring.


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    Skin Solutions.MD Company Overview 

    Started by Dr. Vishal Verma and Dr. Vinita Parekh as an in-house spa in Southern California, the platform moved online in 2013 to offer patients in all 50 states the same quality care they receive in San Diego. 

    Skin Solutions.MD  specializes in Latisse prescriptions for patients with thinning lashes. In addition to prescription skin, hair, and nail treatments, patients can also purchase over-the-counter treatments and get product recommendations from medical professionals. 

    The site offers free online visits and free shipping on products.

    Is Skin Solutions.MD Right For You? 

    Skin Solutions.MD is right for you if need any of the following treatments:

    • CBD treatments
    • Skincare
    • Hair Care
    • Nail care
    • Latisse lash serum

    The platform is ideal for anyone who wants to get high-quality skin and hair treatments but doesn’t have time to drive to the dermatologist’s office or doesn’t live near a local provider. One of the benefits of teledermatology is getting the best possible care online — no matter where you live. 

    Is Skin Solutions.MD Credible?

    Skin Solutions.MD  was founded by Dr. Vishal Verma and Dr. Vinita Parekh. The two have practiced medicine for nearly two decades together. In 2013, they expanded their practice to an online platform to offer patients in every state access to prescription skincare products, including Latisse, SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, Kerastase, and Obagi.

    Dr. Verma received a Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Miami. He served on the Allergan Medical Aesthetics Advisory Board. 

    The platform is also supported by Elizabeth Hernandez, APRN, who has a nursing degree from Florida International University and more than eight years of medical surgery and telemedicine experience. Skin Solutions hires several registered nurses to assist in diagnosis and product recommendations. 

    Dr. Verma reviews all medical history and photos to ensure an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, doctors may not prescribe certain medications due to safety concerns, including Latisse. Doctors have final approval over all prescriptions.

    Skin Solutions.MD takes information security very seriously and never sells, shares, or exchanges information with outside companies. All databases comply with PCI-DSS and credit card info is encrypted. Skin Solutions.MD is HIPAA compliant, and the platform is also LegitScript certified. 

    Healthcare Conditions Treated by Skin Solutions.MD  

    Skin Solutions.MD  specializes in the following conditions:

    • Acne
    • Aging skin
    • Color-treated hair
    • Curly or frizzy hair
    • Damaged or processed hair
    • Discoloration
    • Dry/sensitive skin
    • Dry hair
    • Environmental stress
    • Fine or thinning hair
    • Oily hair
    • Oily skin 
    • Post-procedure scarring
    • Red skin
    • Scars
    • Sun damage
    • Thinning lips
    • Uneven skin texture
    • Unruly hair

    Treatments for conditions range from all-natural treatments, CBD oils, prescription medications, and over-the-counter personalized products. 

    How Does Skin Solutions.MD Work?

    The Skin Solutions.MD platform is easy to use; you can get your prescriptions and treatments in just a few easy steps.

    1. Log on to the Skin Solutions website to make a consultation with dermatologist staff.
    2. Request your desired prescription.
    3. Get advice and product recommendations from doctors. 
    4. Get special deals on online prescriptions and free shipping.
    5. Purchase over-the-counter products directly online — no doctor’s appointment required. 
    6. Feel secure that all recommendations are held to strict standards and doctors are all certified and licensed; also, all prescriptions are verified brand-name drugs.

    Many patients know exactly what types of treatments they’re looking for when they make an appointment with a Skin Solutions dermatologist. Yet, it’s easy to get a consultation and recommendations for common conditions, too. 

    Simply make an appointment online and ask your healthcare provider to look at your skin via video conference or photos uploaded to the platform. If necessary, you’ll get a prescription for your treatment or a recommendation for an over-the-counter product. 

    Skin Solutions.MD Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

    Skin Solutions specializes in online skincare and skincare-related prescriptions. It does not treat any of the following:

    This platform also doesn’t fulfill prescriptions to be mailed to Arkansas. As soon as the platform has licensure to do so in the state, it will notify local customers. Currently, Skin Solutions can mail non-prescription skincare to Arkansas. 

    Pricing: How Much Does Skin Solutions.MD Cost? 

    Appointments with a Skin Solutions.MD doctor or nurse practitioner are free! You don’t need to purchase a product on the website to get a prescription. Simply chat with your medical professional, and get access to affordable prescription drugs and high-quality over-the-counter products. 

    Common prescription and over-the-counter products available through Skin Solutions cost the following prices:

    SkinMedica HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System: $61.20

    SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: $160.20

    Latisse 5ML (140 applications and prescription): $149.00

    SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum: $252.90

    All products that require a prescription also include the cost of the online doctor’s visit. 

    What Do We Think About Skin Solutions.MD?

    We love the idea of an online dermatologist that saves patients both time and money. Since the lion’s share of the practice is online (and no brick-and-mortar location is required), patients save money on direct-sale products.

    Skin Solutions.MD dermatologists don’t charge for appointments and don’t require you purchase drugs and products directly through the site. This means you’ll never feel pressured to buy a product or worry that you’re being recommended a product just for the sale.

    If you need a Latisse prescription or personalized recommendations for hair, skin, and nails, make an appointment with one of Skin Solutions.MD doctors or nurse practitioners.