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Why We Like Them

Ritual is a health and technology company that has come up with a perfect daily vitamin for women to provide them a healthier future. Ritual beliefs that better health begins with better ingredients that actually works. Having this goal in mind, it has poured hours of research with the team of the top scientists to identify the essential nutrients that are required by the most women and has created a perfect daily Vitamin for women that has everything a vitamin should.


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    Ritual Overview

    Ritual was started in 2015 by now founder and CEO Katerina Schneider with a belief that better health begins with better ingredients. Where every ingredient in their products has traceability and a scientific reason.

    Ritual claims that they have created a perfect daily vitamin supplement for women to fulfill all your daily nutritional requirements. Rituals have eliminated unnecessary ingredients in their products that can make their consumers confused and have only added the ingredients that are necessary and are scientifically researched to create the final product.  As per their website there are 12 ingredients that are used in Ritual’s multivitamin capsules like Biotin, Choline, Omega 3, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, D3, E, Boron and more. They believe in transparency and are committed to share all the choices that they made have an impact on you and the planet.

    Ritual provides 3 different multivitamin capsules to cater the needs of women in three different stages of life. It should be noted that their products are only recommended for women who are 18 years+ in age.  Once you start consuming their multivitamin supplements you will feel to be in a happier mood, more energetic throughout the day, better immunity and improvement in overall health.

    How to Get Started with Ritual

    The steps to get started with Ritual is quite simple. You can visit their website and order their multivitamin supplement for yourself. Unlike other supplement providers where you can find a wide range of products to choose from which in turn makes the process of finding the right products for yourself becomes complicated, Ritual has 3 simple products for you to choose from. Eliminating the unnecessary confusion, Ritual offers first multivitamin capsules for women above 18 year of age, second is the multivitamin capsules for women who are 50+ post-menopause and the third one is for the pregnant mother.

    Essentially it is required for you to consume two capsules each day to see the full benefits. Ritual’s one-month supply contains 60 capsules. Different vitamins have different flavor and a smell to it, consuming multivitamin in a capsule form makes it easier for you to intake. Also, the while beads within the capsules are made to deliver the nutrients in their best form and make it easier for your body to absorb them. 

    Order the product of your choice and it will be delivered right at your doorstep. There is free shipping available, if you double order or change your mind before the delivery happens, you can cancel your order any time. If you wish to gift Ritual products to someone special, you can also purchase a gift card from their website which never expires.

    Overview About Ritual Products

    Essential for Women (Price $30/Month)

    It is a multivitamin plan that works smartly to help and fill the gaps in your natural diet. Essential women plan is your step to a healthier future. It focuses on filling the gaps between your diet and the essentials your body needs for a healthier function. The system resolves nutrient shortfall in your body which helps you to maintain a constant level of energy throughout the day. It gives a boost to your immunity and helps your skin flourish. 

    Essential for Women supports red blood cell's health and healthy growth in their number. Not only that, the ingredients in the plan also enriches your vital organs like heart. Most of the time we are not able to maintain a healthy bone density which is caused by lack of essential nutrients which helps in utilising the calcium from your food. The plan helps you improve your bone integrity. 

    Essential for Women 50+ (Price $35/Month)

    Post-Menopause the vitamin requirement of your body changes. Essential for Women 50+ is a multivitamin system that is designed to support healthy aging from within. To support normal functioning of the immune system your body requires Vitamin D3 and this system provides Vegan-Certified Vitamin D3 derived from Lichen. 

    It also provides a great boost of Omega-3 DHA derived from microalgae that support heart health. Weakening bone and muscle system is one of the most common problems women encounter post menopause and at the core of the problem is lack of nutrients that helps the body utilise the calcium within. Essential for Women 50+ provides D3, K2, Magnesium and Boron which all contributes to a healthier bone and muscle function.

    Essential Prenatal (Price $35/Month)

    Before and during pregnancy, the body and mother and child require essential nutrients for a healthier functioning of the body. Essential Prenatal contains 12 essential nutrients for your body and baby. During pre-pregnancy, this system supports energy production by providing essential nutrients you need. It also helps in maintaining a good mood. 

    Folate is very essential as it facilitates healthy brain development in the critical 28 days after you conceive. It also supports in healthy neural tube development. During the second and last stages of development your body and the baby requires a lot of essential nutrients for healthy growth. Essential Prenatal is packed with 12 essential nutrients that does exactly what is needed.

    Is Ritual Credible?

    Ritual was founded by Katerina Schneider after getting inspired by her own journey of finding the right ingredients in a supplement for herself. The journey started when Katerina was pregnant and she turned her house upside down to get rid of the products she couldn’t get behind, even her deodorants. But while searching for a perfect prenatal vitamin for her help, she found so many ingredients that were questionable and had no reason to be there in the product. In the search of a trusted brand, which obviously she couldn’t find, she builds one of her own.

    After her experience Katerina wanted to deliver a product that is based on scientific evidence and all the ingredients have a reason behind them. She started Ritual with the belief that to a better health for every woman there must be better ingredients with a reason to be there.

    Rituals leadership is a group of scientists, mothers and researchers who are dedicated to make products that they want to see in the world and for themselves as well. Ritual scientific team is the group of trained psychologists, biochemists and dietitians from Harvard, they even have board certified medical doctors, nutritionists and scientists in their Scientific Advisory Board to help them guide in their journey of product innovation and research.  

    What do we think about Ritual?

    We think that Ritual products are a good option for women who are looking to avoid the hassle of scrolling through multiple products to find the right one for yourself. Ritual offers a trusted and well researched solution for women in their multivitamin capsules that will help you live a fuller life.

    We love the fact that Ritual belief that better health begins with better ingredients and hence puts in so much of time and research to find the right ingredients for your multivitamin capsule. The price of their capsule is on a little higher side of $30 for a one-month supply as compared to some of the other options available in the market. But those products do not offer solutions for all your issues in one product and you end up buying different products to cater different needs. 

    Founder of Ritual has herself felt the need of such a product in her life hence came up with the idea to create a brand of her own that she would like to offer to the world and herself. If you are looking for a single nutritional supplement that can handle multiple health issues at once then Ritual Multivitamin Capsule can be an answer for you.