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A specialized product offering for high-risk patients, QMedic offers a unique model with an optimized care management system that proactively routes and escalates the emergency notification as per the need. QMedic specializes in remote monitoring, wearable computing, medical alert systems, and home health.


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    QMedic Company Overview

    What aging adults desire the most is independence and what their families seek is safety and security for their loved ones. With falls proving to be fatal for the older generation, it is paramount that preventive measures are devised. Equipped with technology developed by MIT scientists, QMedic aims to provide your loved ones with a life of dignity and independence. They specialize in landline, cellular, and mobile GPS services. QMedic is operational in over 46 countries all around the United States and has partnered with leading Medicaid health plans to provide its users with the best care. Since it’s inception, QMedic has seen a wide user base consisting of happy customers and caregivers.

    Founders Sombit Mishra, Dave Nelson, and Dr Fahd Albinali, Ph.D. aim to revolutionize the home health monitoring industry by developing technology to identify and detect abnormal behavior and route users to inexpensive, preventive measures. 

    Is QMedic Right for You?

    If you are looking for an affordable, long-lasting medical system then QMedic is the best option for you. They offer a few variants, but the quality is top-notch.

    QMedic has 24/7 redundant call centers, which means they have two call centers in different locations - Utah and Idaho for added protection. If one of the centers stops functioning or face a power outage, the other one will be there to assist you. All their monitoring centers are UL-listed and take an average of 30 seconds to come on the line. 

    Setting up the QMedic alert system takes less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is select the variant best suited to your needs and place it in a central location preferably a place frequented by the user a lot. Once all the connections are in place, conduct a test call to the emergency center by pressing the help button on the wearable. Once the operator comes on the line, you can inform them that the press was a test. If you have a cellular connection, you can jump to this step right after buying your system. Once you register and buy your alert system, QMedic sends you a link to set up your list of emergency contacts online. This list can be updated as and when you need it.

    There is an option to divert the emergency response team to the user’s caregiver as well in case they can’t respond in the time of an emergency and the caregiver can reach the user faster than the EMTs.

    Is QMedic Credible?

    Philips Lifeline is a trusted name in the medical alert industry and fares well amongst its competitors. They also have a dedicated section for caregivers with a dashboard that can be accessed to check data and wellness reports. You can get in touch with a customer service representative via their website via call, e-mail, or by even connecting with them through their updated social media pages.

    QMedic has a three-year clinical partnership with the Northwestern University Hospital, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. It has been the recipient of several awards namely - 2013 TEDMED Innovation Fellowship (Top Disruptor in health and medicine) and 2013 Cleveland Clinic Future of Medicine award. QMedic is funded by the NIH and has also been recognized by Athenahealth and AARP as a path breaker in the healthcare vertical. 

    Products offered by QMedic

    Philips Lifeline offers in-home medical alert systems as well as outdoor variants. Each variant has a landline, cellular, or a mobile GPS connection type to choose from according to your need. Their products are as follows :

    • Landline Medical Alert system (wrist bracelet and neck pendant) - Requires active landline phone connection and has a simple one-time five-minute setup. The rest of the features are identical to the cellular variant.
    • Cellular Medical Alert system (wrist bracelet and neck pendant) - The cellular variants are recommended for people who get good cellular coverage. It comes with waterproof help buttons that have 24/7 access to the emergency monitoring centers. The help button comes with a two-year battery life and requires no battery recharges. Caregivers receive comprehensive data and wellness reports. It has a two-way base station speaker and device range covering up to 1-2 bedrooms.
    • Mobile GPS Alert system (mobile GPS neck pendant) - Made for able-bodied elders who travel and move around frequently. The product has 14 days of battery life and is water-resistant.

    All their products come with free shipping throughout 50 US states. No contracts and cancellation fees are applicable to the products. 

    How Much Do Philips Lifeline Products Cost?

    QMedic products have monthly and annual payment plans. They have no installation fees for any variant. The pricing for all variants are as follows :

    • Landline Medical Alert system - Wrist bracelet

      Monthly fee - $30/monthly

      Annual fee - $300/yearly
    • Landline Medical Alert system - Neck pendant

      Monthly fee - $30/monthly

      Annual fee - $300/yearly
    • Cellular Medical Alert system - Wrist bracelet

      Monthly fee - $30/monthly

      Annual fee - $300/yearly
    • Cellular Medical Alert system - Wrist bracelet

      Monthly fee - $30/monthly

      Annual fee - $300/yearly
    • Mobile GPS Alert system - Mobile GPS neck pendant

      Monthly fee - $45/monthly

      Annual fee - $400/yearly

    You can add a second button to the in-home systems at an extra cost of $10/monthly. 


    What Do We Think About QMedic?

    We think QMedic could be a solid option if you’re looking for a medical alert system that is inexpensive and if fall detection isn't something that concerns you. The website is clear, to-the-point, and has easy-to-follow instructions to aid the set up once you get the system so you don’t need a technician. One of the best features of QMedic is that it offers compliance monitoring which isn't offered by other competitors. Compliance monitoring implies that your emergency contacts or caregivers will be notified as soon as the system detects that the user is not wearing the device which is crucial information. Additionally, they also provide activity monitoring which will help keep track of important tasks like sleeping patterns and user movements. 

    They also go the extra mile by monitoring the battery level of all your devices and will promptly send you a new wristband or pendant free of cost when they think you need one. They will even send a prepaid package to send your old wristband/pendant back to them to ensure zero hassle for you. The base station has a backup power of up to 24 hours so in case of a power outage the system should last you a day.

    They don't have fall detection yet as they are still working on that technology and are in the testing phase. They have no hidden or installation charges, just the monthly or annual monitoring charge. What we love about QMedic is that they take the user’s privacy quite seriously. They do not distribute personal health information to third parties without the prior consent of the user or the assigned caregiver. Since they have monthly billing plans, cancellation is an easy process and they stop charging you as soon as the user returns the device and all its subsequent components. The only long-term contract they have is the annual plan. If you happen to damage or lose the wristband/pendant or base station, all you have to do is call the helpline and they offer you a replacement. The in-home variants self-tests and monitors its battery levels of the base station as well as the device 24hours/day. Moreover, annual plans come at a cheaper rate.

    The first 30 days of usage have a money-back guarantee but if you wish to return the device post that period then a 30-day notice will have to be served. They offer up to 1000 ft worth of range between the pendant/wristband and the base station. In our opinion, QMedic is one of the best medical alert systems in the market. It doesn't provide a long list of variants and addons to confuse the user and is worth a try.