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Proven offers groundbreaking personalized anti-aging skin care sets. Get cleanser, sunscreen, and night cream crafted just for you! Lead by America's Female Entrepreneur of the Year - Proven offers a complete personalized skincare set based on the most advanced genetic technology available.


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    Proven Company Overview

    Proven was founded by Ming Zhao, an entrepreneur and CEO of Proven, and computational physicist Amy Yuan. Both ladies knew all too well about the issues people, especially women, deal with. They both struggled with skin issues for many years before they came up with an idea to personalize skincare using carefully chosen ingredients that consider every aspect of a person’s life, from sun exposure to screen time. Proven’s concept was born after both founders were continually disappointed by many skincare regimens that just refused to work for them. 

    All the products are made in association with Dr. Hollmig, the Head of Aesthetic Dermatology at Stanford University. Under co-founder, Dr. Amy Yuan’s expertise, the world’s largest skincare database was started and creatively coined, The Skin Genome Project. The Skin Genome Project was also the winner of MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Award. The database analyzes the potency and quality of over 20,000 skincare ingredients, has paramount knowledge of 100,000 individual products, reviews and references from people who have tried these products first hand, and almost 4,000 scientifically proven publications. 

    Proven sets itself apart from their competition with the database of information they own. They strive to create the perfect formula of ingredients that will work with your skin type based on a quiz you’ll take that helps them recommend three products tailored just for you. The information you enter is methodically sifted through the giant database to curate your bundle of products, including a cleanser, sunscreen, and night cream. These three products, in general, are very crucial to our everyday skincare routine.


    How Does Proven Work?

    Proven products are tailored specifically for you according to your preferences. Proven does all the leg work for you, so all you need to do is purchase the recommended products and begin to apply them regularly. Since their products are chosen specifically with you in mind, the entire process was designed to help you save the time and money that you would have otherwise wasted on experimenting with a wide variety of products, which can have long-term unpleasant effects. 

    Each ingredient included in your recommended product is thoroughly explained along with their benefits, the reason they are included, and the specific problem areas they will target. 

    Their website includes a quick 3-minute quiz, which asks multiple-choice questions, to get an accurate idea of what your skin regimen needs. The quiz consists of questions like,

    • What are your skincare concerns?  If you’re unsure, they include text box choices that include hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, redness, acne, wrinkles or fine lines, loss of firmness, and elasticity. 

    • Do Skincare products irritate your skin? 

    • How sensitive is your skin? 

    • Does your skin tingle when you use certain products?

    Depending on your skin concerns, the next few questions are personalized accordingly. They also take in your age, gender, pregnancy, allergies, environment, sun exposure, screen time, water intake, and how often you use skincare, and if your present regime includes particular ingredients like retinol. 

    In the end, they also take your zip code to accurately assess your climate, as the skin gets majorly affected by the kind of environment it’s exposed to. After this, your personalized skincare products are then shown to you, where each ingredient is explained intricately. Along with this, you also get a free 15-minute consultation with the skincare experts of Proven.


    Is Proven's Skincare Routine Credible?

    Proven is a cruelty-free and clean skincare brand that abides by all the regulations of the FDA. Their ingredients are safe and customized for your skin type, they take into account any allergies you might have as well. They make sure to change the skincare regimen every two months as it is enough time for your environment or habits to change, which can contribute to skin changes. The brand is very precise and particular with the products and services they offer. It definitely looks like the brand has spent considerable time researching each component and taking care of the target area they focus on. They make sure your product is working according to your expectations and also have a 28-day re-formulation policy for the members. The confidence they have in each and every product of theirs guarantees the effectiveness of these products and formulas. Feedback and reviews have been used to improve the products. The Proven Blog is also quite useful and informative. It addresses concerns like how to care for your skin during the pandemic, how stress and mood greatly affect the skin, the truth about natural and organic ingredients, etc. Each piece gives all-rounded explanations, directing many problems. The brand focuses on three important aspects of skin: CPR. Cleanse, Protect and Replenish, hence the three products: cleanser, SPF Moisturizer, and night cream. 


    Products offered by Proven

    There are only three products offered by Proven, a cleanser, SPF, and Night cream. Each product has subjective ingredients designed to suit your skin only. 

    Personalized Skin Cleanser

    A cleanser comprises one of the basics of every skincare routine; it is vital and creates a clean base to apply other products to get absorbed by the skin. The cleanser formula usually differs from skin to skin; however, each one is gentle on the skin, mildly cleansing the impurities and bacteria off the face, taking care to retain hydration in the skin, and not stripping the skin of its natural oils. The base of the cleanser also differs. The product has an in-built exfoliator and toner as well, which focuses on boosting hydration, using glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, and essential oils according to the skin type ranging from lavender to rose.

    Personalized Sunscreen & Moisturizer

    The SPF is another important part of a skincare regimen, which should not be skipped. Usually, it is applied 30 minutes before going under the skin, but it is recommended to use it even if one does not go directly under the sun, as harmful UV rays usually seep through within the windows also. Proven SPF simultaneously moisturizes the skin without leaving a sticky feeling or white residue. They are backed up by minerals like zinc and leave the skin feeling soft and plump. It does not contain any chemical sunscreen agents and also adapts to the amount of traveling one does, which again is subjective. 

    Personalized Night Cream

    The Proven night cream is soft and velvety on the skin, leaving it matte and plump. It nourishes and replenishes the skin making a difference within a week or so. It is light on the application and a perfect end to a hectic day where your skin suffers equally. It simultaneously aids in repairing, not letting fatigue or stress affect the skin, providing moisture, and combating blue light rays from constant exposure to screens. 

    How Much Does Proven Skincare Cost?

    Personalized Skincare Bundle - $119, with membership or $145 without. Bundle includes:

    • Daily moisturizer

    • Night Cream 

    • Cleanser

    Cleanser: $35 for 50ml 

    Moisturizer: $55 for 30ml

    Night Cream: $95 for 30ml 

    A membership with Proven is recommended as it gives many added benefits like: 

    • 35% on purchases. 

    • 20% of profits go to research and development. 

    • Members also get a priority over non-members concerning skincare issues

    • A reformulation guarantee is given within 28 days. 

    • Members are invited to webinars conducted by skincare experts where they can address all their skincare issues, such as premature aging

    • Members will also be given early access to new products. 

    • One also receives a check in’s by experts to confirm that all the products are working as expected and giving desired results. 

    • Receive a personalized skin and health program for their skin and lifestyle. 

    What Do We Think About Proven?

    This US-based skincare brand aims to provide one with a personalized skincare regime, which is backed up by scientific research, it is simplified to the point of containing only three items, and most importantly, it is evidence-based, backed up by the Skin Genome Project. 

    All of these points result in a concoction of a fail-proof regimen. Skin is subjective; it varies across every detail. Skin care is not one size fits all, that is the beauty of skin; everyone is different and has unique properties. This is why each one deserves special attention and care. In the same way, one product cannot cater to the needs of different people varying on the environment, stress level, travel, water intake, etc. Proven makes sure that the skincare products adjust to the needs of the customer instead of the opposite. It gives you exactly what it needs, in accordance with their preferences. With each product, you’ll get a list of ingredients and the benefits they provide, so transparency is maintained well. The customer knows what it is putting on its skin, which is very important in the world of faux skincare and chemically boosted products. The differences in one’s skin can be seen within a week of usage. This startup began as a response to their skincare issues. They understood the various problems of skincare and how it can affect daily life, which makes the entire ordeal more personal. They have created this brand so many other men and women don't have to struggle the same way they did. Skincare shouldn't be complicated or gruesome. It should be easy, and an instance where you spend time with your skin, one on one, taking care of it and treating it well. It should be as natural as bathing or brushing your teeth. With Proven and its three-step routine, skincare has never been easier and effective.