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Prose with an idea that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to hair care products, is a New York based company that creates customized shampoo and conditioners for every individual as per their hair type, preference and need. Prose has combined technology with the best in beauty to provide hair care solution that works like a magic.


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    Prose Overview

    Founded in 2017, Prose first started in Paris, the city light and love then moved to New York. The prose is revolutionizing the world of hair care by providing customized solutions for each one of you. Prose started with an idea that unlike most of the hair care products available in the market, “one size fits all” is not true when it comes to hair care products.

    We all must have struggled a lot in finding that just one right product for our hair. Like no two people are the same, we all agree somewhere that no two-hair type could be the same either. In the struggle of trying and testing hair products, where every new product looks like it's working at first but fails to keep up its promises in the end it's hard to find the right answers. Keeping in mind the struggle, Prose rethought the entire model of mass- beauty to create hair care that is as per them is one in a million.

    Prose products are not only customized, but they have gone one step beyond just creating the right product. After using each product, you can share the results with them, and they will tweak the next product to be even better.  Prose provides products to you that are a combination of their lab innovation, natural ingredients and proven performance to create true personal care for you. Though you may find some other brands in the market as well that offers hair care through customized products, Prose claims to differentiate with them by providing the most thorough consultation process in the market. And if you read customer reviews, their products work like magic.

    How to Get Started with Prose?

    To start with Prose is fairly simple. Once you visit their website, you can browse through their products, ingredients they use, and their story to get the idea of what the brand is made up of. To place the order, you first have to take a thorough assessment, to begin with. 

    Get the formula that is best suited for your hair with Prose. They do hair assessment by asking the comprehensive set of questions to attain a deeper understanding of your hair type before suggesting any of their products. Even if you chose a product on their website to place an order, it will first ask you to take the assessment so that you don’t order anything thing that will not show the desired results for your hair.

    The questionnaire first begins by asking your name and email id followed by the questions as basic as “what is the natural texture of your hair”, “how do you best describe your hair”, “do you get split ends”, “how does your scalp look like” and “until how long your scalp gets oily again”, some of the questions are related to your diet, or how often do you experience stress, your workout routine, and your location through your zip code. All these questions can look like a lot, but they are very easy and straight forward. While taking these questions you will feel that these questions are designed to truly determine the health of your hair.

    Once you are done with these questions, they will tell you that to what extent the environmental factors like water hardness, UV rays, pollution etc. are affecting your hair. So that even the weather has a minimum effect on your hair. Then comes the good part. Now you will be asked to select your preferences in the product you want like if you want a vegan, silicon-free or gluten-free products, fragrance, and your hair goals.

    After taking this comprehensive 5 mins test, your results will be out. The results will have a breakdown of 5 vital spectra where your hair and scalp fall over. This shows exactly how much support your hair needs in which area. And accordingly, your custom formula will be tailored to these measurements. Before recommending the product, Prose will also tell you the ingredients they are adding to your product with their benefits, so that you are well informed on what you can expect from your shampoo, condition and hair mask. Order the products and get them delivered at your door-step.

    Overview About Prose Products and Price

    At Prose, they take complete care of your hair. With the idea of beauty is personal and one shoe doesn’t fit all, Prose offers 4 hair products that are highly customized as per your preference.   

    • Custom Shampoo ($25 USD): Their shampoo is a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that does everything from rebalancing your roots to adding light hydration. The formula is created by using the ingredients that are well suited for you.
    • Custom Conditioner ($25 USD): Most of the conditioners make our hair flat and take away the bounce. Prose’s conditioner commits to provide nourishing moisturizer that will meet all of your hair goals and restore your strands without ever weighing them down.
    • Hair Oil ($48 USD): If you have frizzy hair then their hair oil is used as a treatment before washing or as a finishing product to style your hair. This premium oil protects strands and smooths away frizz.
    • Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask ($38): An intensive pre-wash treatment that helps restore balance to your scalp, whether you need soothing repair or a gentle detox.

    These 4 products can be considered as the 4 categories as every Prose formula is a unique combination chosen from their 100 plus ingredients, different for everyone based on the hair type. This means, that if two friends with different hair types and preferences are ordering Prose custom shampoo, then their formula and ingredients used in the shampoo may differ, but the price of each product remains the same. 

    Is Prose Credible?

    Prose claims to use the best ingredients for their hair care products. All the ingredients as per their website are naturally sourced and are tested by their in-house chemists to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency. Prose unlike most of the hair product manufacturers use ingredients that are ethically harvested from all the corners of the world with the help of their trusted partners. They are also using EWG scores for their ingredients and have scored them on the scale of 1-10 for safety levels, where 1-2 is highly safe and 7-10 is low on a safety level.  The good part is that most of their ingredients have low scores which means high on a safety level.

    What do we think about Prose?

    All of us want perfect hair but most of us don’t know the correct answer on how to make it happen. The majority of the hair products available in the market are made for the large target customer and therefore many times they fail to meet individual needs. We think Prose has come up with a promising solution to target this issue on an individual level. It's impressive to see that to what extent they are committed to providing the products with the formula that is right for you.

    We love the fact that not only will they tell you what ingredients are best suited for you, but also let you choose your own fragrance in the shampoo. So not only does it will work well but also smell wonderful just the way you like it. And the best part is that they don’t stop after giving the first consultation or guiding you towards the correct formula for your hair just once, but they solicit feedback and keep iterating the combination of ingredients as you move ahead in your journey with them. We believe that Prose is a very compelling choice if you are looking for highly customized hair products, with high-quality natural ingredients for your hair care range at home.