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The Pill Club is a digital clinic specializing in women’s healthcare and is geared explicitly toward providing women with affordable birth control options. You'll be connected with a licensed medical professional that will go over your medication options, provide ongoing care, and have your prescriptions delivered to your doorstep. Best yet, they also love sending their members little bonus gifts each month (think cool stickers and chocolate) as a special thank you!


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    Pill Club Company Overview

    The Pill Club is a digital clinic that specializes in women’s healthcare and is geared explicitly toward providing women with affordable birth control options. Founded in 2014 by Nick Chang (who received his M.D. from Duke and boasts experience in the healthcare field) when he realized the hurdles patients face when trying to get something as critical as birth control. As an advocate for women’s health, he started The Pill Club so that all women could make informed choices about their contraceptive care. 

    The Pill Club takes the middleman out of the entire process, allowing you (and all women) easy access to many forms of contraception that can be delivered for free and in discreet packaging straight to your front door. Gone are the days of making an appointment with your doctor, driving to their office, getting a prescription, then filling it at the pharmacy. With The Pill Club, you can have a virtual consultation with a Board-Certified doctor or licensed nurse practitioner that will go over your options to be then filled by a licensed pharmacist in their very own pharmacy. 

    One thing that The Pill Club reviewers love is that unlike their competitors, they accept most major health insurance plans, including Medi-CAL and Family PACT, making the cost of your birth control as cheap as possible. Whether you’re looking to get a new prescription or continue with your current birth control, The Pill Club’s board-certified doctors and licensed medical professionals can assist you with this all from the comfort of your couch. The Pill Club makes it easy, convenient, and affordable, making controlling your reproductive health a breeze. 

    The Pill Club can ship to all 50 states; however, they can only prescribe in the U.S. to 45 states. If you’re looking for a new way to receive a prescription for birth control, plus want cute little surprise gifts each month, read on!


    Is Pill Club Right For You?

    The Pill Club is excellent for busy women that want to take control of their reproductive health. They offer easy access to over 120 FDA-Approved birth control brands, making the entire process more convenient and a bit more fun. The Pill Club is perfect for women who want to avoid that unwanted headache of an in-person doctor’s visit, that monthly trip to the pharmacy, or the time-consuming call to your mail-order pharmacy to remind them to refill and send you your prescription. With The Pill Club, there’s no need to call in your refill; they take matters into their own hands and offer instant monthly, three months, and even annual prescription shipping options. 

    The Pill Club could be the right option for you if you’ve been looking to alleviate the stresses that come with filling your birth control prescriptions.


    How Does Pill Club Work? 

    The Pill Club believes that getting birth control should be super simple and available for all women. With their ability to prescribe in 45 states and ship to all 50, you can sign up for The Pill Club in four easy steps. 

    Step 1 - Fill out Your Online Health Profile

    You will need access to a computer or smartphone and will answer a few basic questions just as you would if you were filling out an intake form at your doctor’s office. This information will help the Medical Care Team determine if you’re looking for a new prescription or need an existing prescription refilled. 

    Unlike other women’s healthcare digital clinics, The Pill Club is happy to work with your insurance provider to take care of all the back-end leg work of calling them to determine your prescription's final cost. There have been a few Pill Club reviews that mentioned they were bothered by how long the prescription and delivery experience took, but it’s important to remember that because they are handling the insurance portion for you, that it may take a bit longer to receive your prescription. As you know, the more cooks in the kitchen, the longer the soup usually takes. The Pill Club states that once your profile is complete and you’ve decided which birth control brand or method you want to order, it can take up to three business days. Still, many Pill Club reviewers mentioned it took about ten days if they were going through their insurance company. 

    Step 2 - Work With the Medical Team

    Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, your information will be reviewed and verified by someone on the care team. A Pill Club nurse practitioner will then go over your medical history and give you suggestions as to which type of birth control might work best for you. 

    If you’re not using insurance, you will be charged a $15 consultation and prescription fee. As we stated above, it could take a bit longer to get your prescription, as The Pill Club has to wait until your insurance company processes the request. So, if you’re looking for a quick turnaround, it might be the best option to skip the insurance route the first month. Then when you’re not in a hurry to get contraceptives, you can go ahead and add your insurance info for the team at The Pill Club to handle. 

    Step 3 - Get Your Prescription and Bonus Goodies

    Yes, you read that right! Not only will you get your monthly birth control delivered straight to your door, but you’ll also find a few surprise goodies, such as stickers, products to try out, and a sample of chocolate. Who doesn’t like a little sweet treat during that time of the month? The Pill Club will ship your package free of charge in discreet packaging, making the process and experience seamless from beginning to end. 

    Step 4 - Ongoing Care

    One nice thing that Pill Club provides its members is ongoing personalized care anytime with one of their licensed medical team members. You can connect with them via text or over the phone if anything should arise, such as adverse side effects or general reproductive health questions.

    Is Pill Club Credible?

    The Pill Club is a licensed pharmacy and employs only board-certified doctors and certified nurse practitioners that provide patients with FDA-approved birth control prescriptions. They follow strict patient information security practices, including HIPAA, and use industry-standard SSL technology to encrypt data and improve the security of data transmissions. 

    How Much Does Pill Club Cost? 

    The Pill Club strives to provide each of its members with free (with most insurance plans) or low-cost (without insurance) birth control prescriptions,. They work directly with drug companies to obtain competitive pricing for members that don’t have or choose not to use their insurance plans. 

    • Pill Club with Insurance - $0 (for most insurance plans)

    • $0 for an online consult & prescription

    • Personalized ongoing care

    • $0 for generic Plan B & female condoms

    • Free, discreet delivery, auto-refills, and fun goodies

    • Pill Club without insurance - as low as $9/pack (depending on the medication and when you choose to pay for a 1-year supply) 

    • Choose your plan:

    • 1-year supply - $9/pack

    • 3-month supply - $10.66/pack

    • $15/year for an online consult & prescription

    • Personalized ongoing care

    • Free, discreet delivery, auto-refills, and fun goodies

    • No commitment. Cancel anytime

    Which Birth Control Brands Does Pill Club Provide?

    Pill Club has over 120 FDA approved birth control brands. You can find a complete list on their website, but some of their most popular options include:

    • Combination pills - Each pack includes active and placebo (reminder) pills

    • Brands include: Vienva, Isibloom, Loryna, Yaz*, and Yasmin

      *Yaz is also FDA-approved to treat acne in girls and women 14 years and older and also FDA-approved for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a severe form of PMS. 

    • Hormonal Vaginal Rings 

    • Brands include: Annovera

    • Progestin-only pills (POP) 

    • Brands include: Norethindrone 0.35 Mg


    What Do We Think About Pill Club?

    The Pill Club simplifies the entire process of getting a birth control prescription and getting your medication delivered to your door regularly. Like your subscription to Netflix or other membership services, your refills are processed automatically and debited directly from your credit card or bank account. The Pill Club makes it easy for you to “set it and forget it” -- it simply shows up on your doorstep when it’s time for a refill. They also send along little gifts and sweet treats, which makes opening up your brightly colored package that much more fun. 

    If you’re looking for an easy, affordable, and convenient way to get your birth control delivered to your home, The Pill Club could be the ticket!