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Known in the market to be a founder of the medical alert industry, Philips Lifeline has been a market leader for the past 40 years. They believe in the principle that innovation is a by-product of research, investment, and experience and strive to provide their business partners and their users with unique product offerings. Philips Lifeline specializes in medication adherence, Mobile PERS, predictive analytics, and population health management. 


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    Philips Lifeline Company Overview

    Statistics show that the medical costs that arise out of senior citizens falling have drastically skyrocketed over the last few years. Philips Lifeline aims to make a difference in the lives of the elder community to ensure that they can live a safe, connected, and independent life for the longest possible time without the fear of dependency. Backed with features like AutoAlert fall detection technology, Philips Lifeline is FDA approved and has a customer base of over 7.5 million subscribers. Philips is known to be a trusted brand worldwide and that brand expertise trickles down to all its products including its medical alert systems. 

    Founder of Philips Lifeline, Dr Andrew S.Dibner is a famous gerontologist and psychologist and started the company with the mission of means to an elderly person if they were alone in a situation and needed help. He founded the venture along with his wife Susan Dibner. Philips acquired Lifeline systems which earlier only used to be offered via hospitals in 2006 and added it to their portfolio of healthcare solutions.


    Is Philips Lifeline Right for You?

    If you are one of those people who are new to medical alert systems and want to opt for a trusted service without batting an eyelid, then Philips Lifeline is perfect for you. Their services and products are of premium quality.

    Philips lifeline has response centers across the United States and Canada. They have multilingual operators who speak over 200 languages and are available 24/7. All their packages come with month-to-month billing plans and a personalized response plan. Their cancellation policy is straightforward, you pay only for what you use and can cancel anytime with zero cancellation fees. They offer personalized plans according to the user's needs. All help buttons on Philips lifeline devices are waterproof which means wearing it while showering as well as while traveling in the monsoons is safe. 

    Philips Lifeline devices are user-friendly and easy to understand. When a user presses the emergency button on the device, or they fall and it is automatically detected, an emergency notification is relayed to the response center. Post which, they attempt to get in touch with the user to assess the situation. If the operators cannot get in touch with the user, emergency responders are sent to the user’s location and their family or authorized caregivers are immediately notified.

    Is Philips Lifeline Credible?

    Philips Lifeline is a trusted brand amongst seniors, caregivers, and medical personnel all over the United States. Philips Lifeline has an updated website and blog which answers any queries a potential customer may have. They have a free app available on Android and ios devices called CarePartners mobile app. This app is a boon for all caregivers as it streamlines all necessary tasks like medication doses and timings, appointments, etc. Another app they have is the Philips Lifeline - Philips Cares response app which acts as an emergency help button.

    With 40 years of expertise in the field, Philips lifeline is Consumer Affairs Accredited, VNAA (Visiting Nurse Association of America) accredited, has an A + rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and is recognized by the MedicAlert Foundation. 


    Products offered by Philips Lifeline

    Philips Lifeline offers home medical alert systems as well as on the go variants. Each variant has a landline and cellular connection type to choose from according to your need. Their devices are small, chic, durable with well-designed buttons for ease of use. Their products are as follows :

    • At Home options

      • Home Safe Standard - Equipped with an in-home communicator with two-way voice communication. It can be worn as a pendant or as a wristband.
      • Home Safe with Autoalert - It comes with Auto Alert fall detection. The rest of its features are the same as the Home Safe standard variant.
    • On the go options

      • Go Safe 2 - Latest addition to the product line, it comes with advanced location technologies, fall detection in an easy to wear the pendant to ensure your safety on the go.

    All their products come with a 30-day return policy and free shipping. On their website, they have an option to compare the various products available and make an informed decision based on your needs. They provide optional add-ons as well such as voice extension and key lockbox at an extra cost.

    How Much Do Philips Lifeline Products Cost?

    Lifefone products have only monthly payment plans. All in-home systems have a one-time activation fee of $50. The on the go variant has a one-time device fee of $99.95. If you choose to install the devices via a Philips technician, installation is free but if you choose to self install you have to pay an additional $19.95. The pricing for all variants are as follows :

    • Home Safe Standard

      Landline - $29.95/monthly

      Cellular - $43.95/monthly

    • Home Safe with Auto alert

      Landline - $44.95/monthly

      Cellular - $58.95/monthly

    • Go safe 2

      Cellular - $49.95/monthly

    They have additional products like medication dispensers which cost $59.95/monthly and have advanced features like optional early dose, alerts for missed doses, dispenser errors, refills, and even loss of electricity. It comes with a rechargeable battery with up to 18 hours of backup power in case a power outage occurs. If you need additional buttons attached to the systems for your spouse, an additional fee of $10 would be applicable.


    What Do We Think About Philips Lifeline?

    Philips Lifeline has a descriptive and informative user interface with respect to their website and products. You can also easily request a brochure on their website.

    According to us, Philips lifeline is one of the most hassle-free devices. If you opt for a professional installation, the technician will help you understand from scratch how to use the device. It also comes with a comprehensive user manual. If you do happen to need assistance later, all the user has to do is press the HomeSafe along with the Auto Alert help button and it will immediately connect them to a response associate who will answer any query the user may have even if it's not an emergency. If you plan on relocating, you can contact the service operators to come to install the devices at your new home or choose to self-install. With nationwide coverage, connecting with their operators in the time of an emergency would be a hassle-free process.

    As they have a month to month payment module instead of long term contracts, it’s easy to stop the service as long as a 30-day notice is served. At the same time, we think an introduction of a quarterly and annual plan would be appreciated by the customers. What we like about Philips Lifeline devices is that all of them come with an inbuilt, self-checking feature which enables the user to understand if the battery is low or any other device-related issue. Apart from that, the company tests the signals weekly to ensure the system is working efficiently. They offer up to 800 ft worth of range which is decent. Their high-quality microphones catch the remotest voices and sounds that make them the best in the market. The emergency operators have a response time of 12 seconds and have a minimum of 80 hours of training in the field of gerontology and stress management which is commendable. In our opinion, Philips Lifeline is a trusted medical alert provider in the market to consider.