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One Drop is a diabetes management platform that brings together the technology of smartphones and data science together to provide a complete solution to diabetic people, empowering them to live a healthier and fuller life.  One drop app lets you capture information like food, medicine, blood sugar levels, activities etc. to access your sugar level and provides feedback on your health accordingly. Along with the app they also have One Drop Blood Glucose Meter that helps a diabetic patient to keep monitoring their blood levels during the day.


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    One Drop Overview

    Launched in 2015, the journey of One Drop began when the founder Jeff Dachis found out that he is diabetic and could not find a suitable solution to his problem. He looked around for a resolution that can help him tackle his diabetes head-on but instead, everywhere he looked he could only find answers to manage diabetes. With the will to transform how people think about diabetes and to provide an all-in-all solution to help you deal with diabetes proactively, Jeff started One Drop.

    One Drop is a diabetes management platform that provides you with a 360-degree solution to help you take control of your diabetes. One Drop has harnessed the power of mobile computing and data science in their mobile app to help diabetic patients around the world in an affordable and convenient manner. To get it all in one place, they also offer One Drop Chrome, which is their Bluetooth enabled glucose meter or lancing device like any other glucose meter in the market. Its smart, trendy and compact so that you can carry it around with you anywhere you go giving.

    Taking into the account how social interaction and community building between people managing similar health concerns can benefit them within the community, they have also built a large community of diabetic patients on their platform which gives you a sense of belongingness, allowing you to share your stories and provide support within the group.

    How to Get Started with One Drop Health

    One Drop offers many products such as Glucometer, Test Strips, personal Coaching, but the best way to get started with One Drop is to first download their app. Their app can be downloaded for free by both Aneroid and iPhone users from the app store.

    One Drop mobile app is loaded with many tools that help you to track and analyze blood sugar level, your medications food and activities. When you download the app, it will ask you to give your basic details to start with. The app is visually appealing and easy to use and its inbuild tools will help you monitor your health in a comprehensive manner. Though you can choose to share your data with others, at the first instance, your data is automatically secured by the app and is kept confidential. You can see good results through just using the app if you regularly log your information and follow the reports and suggestions the app pops up for you.

    To upload your blood sugar, you can sync the data from your One Drop glucose meter, or you can also upload data via Apple health kit or directly connect your Dexcom account with the app. The app will show you the last 7 days of blood sugar pattern and also send reminders on your medication schedule to keep you in check.

    Eating healthy is one of the important accept of keeping control on your diabetes, One drop on their website claims to have one of the largest food and nutrition database. Like some of the health and fitness apps, One Drop mobile app also counts carbs in your meals and keep you in check. You can scan barcodes of food items and the app will let you know the carbs in it and share photos of your meals.

    Every diabetic patient must have heard from his/her doctor to exercise daily or to at least take a daily walk. For someone who is diabetic exercising is as important as diet and medication, as it keeps your heart healthy and blood sugar levels low. With One Drop app, you can also log your daily exercise, sync it with other apps like Apple Health or directly connect with GoogleFit or FitBit.

    The app collects all the data to do an analysis of where your blood sugar is going and suggest how to go about it.  Once you enter a single blood sugar moment into the app, One Drop app also predicts your future blood sugar and accordingly suggest food and activities well suited as per your health needs.

    In addition to the app, One Drop also offers personal coaching as one of its products, although it is not as free as the app. Having a coach may add a little more to your bill but through coaching, you can get the help needed during your journey and stay on track. If you have any questions regarding your health, data that is shown on the app or any other question related to diabetes, just ask away. These coaches are certified diabetes coach that is available for you 24/7, just a chat away on your mobile phone.

    One Drop’s glucose meter and testing strip let you monitor your health at your comfort and convenience. Since the glucometer is Bluetooth enabled, it automatically keeps feeding your data in the app and generates reports for you and your doctors.

    Overview About One Drop Products and Price

    One Drop offers many products and serves as a one-stop-shop for all diabetic patients. One Drop app is free to download on both apple and android app stores. The other products they offer are

    • Glucose Meter Starter Kit ($69.95 USD): One drop has a very trendy looking glucose meter in chrome finish with a leather case. One Drop glucose meter is a Bluetooth enabled device that sends your readings automatically to the app to consider.  In this kit along with the glucose meter you also get Test Strips (25 ct), Lancets (10 ct), Lancing Device, and Carry Case.

    • Test Strips ($24.95 - $125.70): There are different plans available on their website, depending on the usage you can choose the right plan and save money on the test strips.

    • Lancets
      ($9.95 - $26.95): One drop lancets are universal lancets and fit perfectly with the One Drop lacing device.

      SugarRx - Personal Health Coaching ($19.95): One Drop’s SugarRx is an immense digital experience that combines personal coaching, a member of their community and a customized transformation plan that will help you change your habits and lower your blood sugar levels.

    They also have other products and merchandise like a case for their glucose meter ($19.95) in case you lose one, Control solution ($9.95), Tote Bag(9.95), water bottle ($14.95) and a pouch ($8.95) so that you can carry all the kit essential while travelling at one place.


    Is One Drop Credible?

    Jeff Dachis founder and CEO of One Drop, himself is a diabetic patient. From his early experiences of tackling the issue has made him come one with the idea of One Drop app followed by the other products. This itself adds some credibility into the products as he knows what he is doing.

    To furthering adding to his credibility One Drop’s glucose monitoring system is FDA-approved and as per their website, it is recognized as one of the most accurate monitoring systems available. Their glucose meter is both clinically tested, and FDA approved.  The logs created on their app and readings are taken by their glucose meter can also be taken to your doctor while going for a consultation.


    What do we think about One Drop?

    One Drop has shown that how if the technology is combined with medical health care can provide patient care in a more efficient and affordable manner then the traditional methods.  With One Drop, you can monitor your blood sugar levels and health at any hour of the day. We think that One Drop is beneficial not only for patients diagnosed with diabetes but is also a great tool if you are prediabetic. Their app and Bluetooth enabled glucose meter together provides a 360-degree solution to control diabetes. They have left no stone unturned by including community building and personal coach as one of the products of their offerings to ensure complete care.

    We understand how important it is for diabetic and prediabetic patients to keep monitoring their health, and you can’t rush to your doctor’s clinic every time you want to check your blood sugar levels or need health tips.  We think One Drop app self-monitor and control diabetes on a regular basis and keep you informed about your health. Many of their users have seen results just by using the tools available in the app like track your carbs, activities, glucose level, medicines etc. The app gives you a comprehensive report, provide suggestions for future food intake, activities and send medicine reminders as well. We love the fact that One Drop app and glucose meter are FDA approve so you can completely trust the information they are showing.