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One Call Alert is an emergency response service available at the push of a button and round the clock for safety and security of your family members and the elderly. In case of an emergency, One Call Alert reaches a pre-decided contact person with the help of a wireless device that can be operated at your home and around. One Call Alert has been in the industry for almost 20 years and was awarded Consumers Digest Top Value Award in July 14 in senior care.


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    One Call Alert Overview:

    Falls are found to be responsible for nearly 2.8 million injuries, over 8,00,000 hospital stays, more than 27,000 deaths, and increased incidences of emergencies. One Call Alert aims to address such emergencies so timely care is received and the consequences are avoided. The company operated 27 hours, 7 days of the week, and 365 days of the year. It has a base station and an emergency response center for an integrated emergency service response. 

    The base station is available in the form of an in-house wireless system as well as a mobile device system, both equipped with GPS tracking to locate the event of fall or emergency accurately. These systems come equipped with a two-way communicating system in the form of a wrist or lanyard wearable device, built-in speakers, and a 32-hour battery back-up. Additionally, Fall Detection Pendants are also available that are water-resistant and can access emergency help with a simple push of a button. The company provides the industry’s only bundled system for multiple users. AT&T cellular coverage in your area is one of the pre-requisites for their system to operate properly.

    Products Offered by One Call Alert

    • In-Home Landline

      You need a landline service to install this. The coverage obtained with this product is almost 1300 feet and its design is easy and frill-free. There is a free lockbox to ensure security.

    • In-Home Wireless

      This product has a cellular-based unit and there is no need for a landline system in this case. This is a more reliable product, as per the reviews. It also comes with round the clock emergency monitoring services.

    • Mobile on The Go

      This product is like a walkie-talkie. It has a microphone and a speaker just like a mobile phone. The devices in this configuration are very handy and can be easily carried whether you move In or out of your home. This one also comes with a free lockbox. This is one of the most considered options for seniors. 

    • Mobile Double

      This is among the expensive products of the ones listed. It comes with two-way communicating devices and these also do not require a landline to operate. But at the same time this bundle of devices, when compared to others in the industry was found to be relatively cost-effective.

    • Complete Protection

      This is a combo of the wireless and mobile devices and a very comprehended set of devices so as to provide the optimum safety and security of your family members.

    One Call Alert does not have many add-on options, except for the fall detector pendant but at the same time, it is more user-friendly and easy to manage. Things like the lockbox are included in their packages and are not charged separately. Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries and emergencies among the senior Americans, and their extra fall detector pendant can just prove to be a life-saving component here. Although, this pendant does not manage or prevent falls but is useful for the person to receive immediate help in case of the mishap. 

    Is One Call Alert right for you?

    One Call Alert responds to an emergency in a sequential manner. By the “Press” of a button, you can get assistance and the help you need anytime and anywhere. This will then connect you over a “Call” to a trained emergency operator who will guide you through the situation. This is not an automated system; a professional operator will respond to you. Lastly, in case of an “Emergency”, One Call Alert helps you to customize your emergency respondents who can be any of your family members, friends, neighbors, care-givers, or any local emergency officials. GPS tracking ensures the person is located precisely whether at home or around. All, this comes at affordable pricing and is very useful specifically in senior care. 

    Is One Call Alert Credible?

    The company is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, zero negative reviews, and 4.7-star ratings by its customers. The equipment or devices used in for the services are manufactured by an FDA registered company. This thus adds an extra layer of security. Emergency centers are present at multiple locations to make sure help is available instantly. One Call Alert is also recommended by many physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical educators across the country for their patients. Thus, it definitely is accountable and credible of its services. 

    Health-care conditions treated by One Call Alert:

    The services offered by One Call Alert can be useful for anyone who:

    • Has a history of falls
    • Is above 70 years of age
    • Lives alone or is under an extended care
    • Uses mobility devices like wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or canes
    • Has difficulty in the management of medications
    • Has had a recent hospital stay
    • Has sensory issues of vision and hearing 
    • Has cognitive deficits like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. 
    • Has neurological problems like stroke or parkinsonism 
    • Has balance issues.

    How much does One Call Alert cost?

    A combined set-up of a wireless, mobile device, and a fall detector pendant is available at a cost of $30.79 per month. Mobile devices are available at a $33.79 per month, in-home landline at $22.96 per month, and in-home wireless at $19.95 per month. An additional fall detector pendant is available at $10 per month. These prices are comparatively at a cost-effective streak when compared with others in the industry. A monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual packages are available with respective discounts at package costs. There are no extra device charges, set-up, and installation fees and they follow the easy cancellation policy. The service can be called off anytime as it does not have contract-based applicability. 

    What do we think about One Call Alert?

    One Call Alert is a great emergency service provider with easy user experience and available at any time and any place. The devices used are apt in providing emergency reach and the system of response is also very well integrated. Reviews and ratings suggest that One Call Alert has good service delivery and a superior place in the industry. It is budget-friendly and offers flexible payment options. Having been operational over 2 decades and serving almost 10,000 customers, it has delivered its services in affordable price frames and fully functional hardware. Its devices are user friendly and come with a lot of freebies without any additional cost. Its website has a simple interface that gives you all the information you need. Opting for a Medical Alert Brand is something one should do very wisely as it is associated with the care and safety of your dear ones. We believe that One Call Alert serves as a great services provider in case of emergency especially those associated with senior care, fall, and otherwise.