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This teletherapy provider demonstrates a clear passion and commitment to offering its patients the utmost standard of compassionate therapeutic care, and delivers that care through an exciting, novel mode of treatment.


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    Although it was first approved for use as an FDA-backed anesthetic, more and more medical experts are looking into the exciting, remarkably promising, potential off-label benefits of ketamine. In lower doses, this dissociative drug has shown remarkable promise in a therapeutic setting, capable of rapidly relieving the symptoms of a myriad of behavioral health conditions, including depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. 

    To give you an idea, one Cambridge University meta-analysis reviewing 83 ketamine therapy studies found that most patients experienced antidepressant relief as quickly as 1-24 hours after use. Given that most traditional SSRI antidepressant medications require several weeks of use to take effect, this means that ketamine therapy could be adept at treating even the most treatment-resistant cases of depression and anxiety.

    Now, ketamine is currently approved for medical use in all 50 states, with more and more clinics cropping up out of the woodwork. Even if you can’t find an in-person clinic in your area, more and more online teletherapy providers are working toward turning your home into a clinic!  

    Since 2019, one of the biggest burgeoning trailblazers on the forefront of this exciting, cutting edge, and experimental new frontier of mental tele-healthcare has been Mindbloom. If you're curious about how to potentially get started using Mindbloom, how their services work, and whether or not their ketamine therapy service is right for you, here’s what you should know.

    How Does Mindbloom Work?

    Before starting Mindbloom, all prospective ketamine therapy candidates are clinically evaluated by licensed professionals to determine if they’re a good fit. Mindbloom also provides a brief pre-treatment assessment to help you better understand whether or not Mindbloom is right for your mental health needs. You can visit welcome.mindbloom.com to learn more and take their 5-minute pre-treatment questionnaire. 

    Mindbloom takes this evaluation process very seriously. Following their pre-treatment assessment, you’ll begin a more thorough medical intake process, and Mindbloom will arrange an initial remote consultation with a licensed clinician who’ll outline your treatment plan. 

    Once all of that is out of the way, you’ll be matched with a Mindbloom Guide, who’ll remotely help you navigate through every step of your ketamine therapy journey. Set and setting are both two extremely crucial elements for fostering an optimal psychedelic experience, and your Mindbloom Guide will be there to help you set healthy intentions and facilitate a comfortable therapeutic setting from home.

    Mindbloom administers its ketamine therapy in the form of a sublingual tablet held under the tongue. These tablets dissolve fast, and their effect kicks in remarkably fast - most patients should expect psychoactive effects to onset just after 10 minutes. From there, you can expect to fall into a dissociative trance-like state for over an hour, with guided meditations and calming music assisting your experience along the way.

    Brace yourself for a myriad of visual, auditory, and sensory changes drastically different from your average conscious experience. Generally speaking, a Mindbloom clinician may tailor your prescription for six sessions, held weekly or biweekly depending on your personalized treatment needs. The number of sessions may be subject to change as well, again, depending on your personalized treatment needs. 

    If necessary, you can continually receive follow-up support from Mindbloom if you wish, from one-on-one psychedelic integration sessions, to group therapy sessions, to more advanced therapy sessions if you wish to dive deeper into your mental wellness journey. With all of that said, here’s how much Mindbloom’s core ketamine therapy plans cost.

    How Much Does Mindbloom Cost?

    Mindbloom categorizes its primary ketamine therapy services in two different price tiers, both for new and existing clients. Here’s how each of those two pricing plans breaks down, by the numbers:

    New Clients

    • 6 Ketamine Therapy Treatments
    • 1 Bloombox Treatment Kit
    • 2 Psychiatric Clinical Consults
    • 3 One-on-One Guide Sessions
    • Unlimited Messaging
    • Unlimited Group Therapy (if needed)
    • From $99 Per Month

    Existing Clients

    • 6 Ketamine Treatments
    • 1 Clinical Consult
    • Unlimited Group Therapy
    • Unlimited Messaging
    • From $58 Per Month

    Unfortunately, Mindbloom’s services are not covered by insurance, but that’s why the company prides itself on offering 70% more affordable rates than most ketamine therapy services. As far as follow-up support is concerned, the company offers future integration sessions (as little or as many as you need) for $59 a session.

    Mindbloom Refund

    If you’re a qualifying candidate for ketamine therapy, it’s extremely likely that you’ll walk away satisfied. The company claims that at least 90% of its clients have reported marked improvements in their own depression and anxiety symptoms. 

    But if you aren’t satisfied with Mindbloom, the company offers a generous full and partial refund policy. Users will be fully refunded if they wish to cancel their plan prior to their first consult, and are eligible to receive a partial refund if they cancel after their first session and before the medicine is shipped for Sessions 2-6. 

    Is Mindbloom Worth It?

    We think so, and you’ll probably think so too. This teletherapy provider demonstrates a clear passion and commitment to offering its patients the utmost standard of compassionate therapeutic care and delivers that care through an exciting, novel mode of treatment.

    If it’s right for you, we hope you’ll find unique, unparalleled, and unprecedented relief, and if it’s not right for you, no biggie! Given that the company offers a full refund, you can effectively start your first consult risk-free, and if you’re in need of an alternative online therapy resource, we’d be happy to help you find it.

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