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Why We Like Them

Lifefone is a care and security provider in the medical systems category. Having been in this market for over 30 years and catering to a wide audience in the United States and Canada, they have given assured service to their users. Over the years, the company has established itself in the innovation space by conducting extensive research and being adaptive to the needs of their users and building the right product offerings to cater to them. With highly customizable plans, they provide their customers with the flexibility to choose the plan that suits their needs best. They have a unique Emergency Care Plan in their portfolio which takes into account factors like allergies, medical history, medications, physicians, family members, your preferred hospitals, neighbors, etc.


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    Lifefone Company Overview

    Medical alert systems have seen rapid growth lately since they have proven to be useful in providing prompt medical assistance. Lifefone has a mission of preserving your lifestyle without compromising on your safety and security. Enabled with features like GPS tracking, automatic fall detection and temperature sensing, it proved a holistic healthcare experience to the user. Preventing medical emergencies might not fall under the purview of medical alert systems but informing the user’s loved ones at the earliest does.

    Mr.Ronald Maggio, the President of Lifefone states that Lifefone’s location tracking is far more accurate than 911. Lifefone’s mission is to make security accessible to everyone.


    Is Lifefone Right for You?

    If you’re one of those who feel like the plans in the market are not suited to your needs or the needs of your loved ones, then Lifefone can be the perfect option for you due to their plan customization feature. Not everyone has needs that fit a fixed template and there might be many seniors who need specific plans. Medical alert systems like Lifefone caters to this need and provides you with several add ons if you take a longer subscription plan.

    Lifefone is great value for money as you end up paying less than $1 a day for 24/7 monitoring. Neither do they have installation and activation charges nor do they have any upfront deposits. Lifefone also has a unique feature called the Subscriber Price Guarantee which means that once you're an active subscriber, the price of the service will never increase for you. Another interesting feature is the unlimited emergency contact notifications which entail that in the time of an emergency Lifefone will contact as many people as you like. It will follow the exact customized emergency notification instructions which can be updated at any point by mail, phone or email. They also offer the user’s spouse free protection with the basic service plan. All help buttons on Lifefone devices are waterproof which means wearing it while showering as well as while traveling in the monsoons is safe. Lifefone has a US-based call center with two backup call centers to make sure all calls are attended to. 

    Lifefone is straightforward and easy to use. All you need to do is press the personal help button on the pendant, wristband, or on the wall-mounted system which then sends a signal to your base station and then to the monitoring station. The user’s family or emergency services are then immediately notified depending on the situation and the user’s preferences.

    Is Lifefone Credible?

    Lifefone is trusted by most of its users as it provides customizable plans instead of a one size fits all option. They have a 24/7, self-owned and operated call centre where US-based customer care agents are prompt in assisting as and when the need arises. Lifefone has an updated blog which answers any queries a potential customer may have.

    Lifefone is a trusted and accredited medical alert system recognized by caregivers, doctors along with leading national health education organizations like Trust Pilot, Top 5 Medical Alert Systems, The Senior List, National Council on the Aging, The National Stroke Organization, The National Institute of Senior Citizens, Harvard Health Publications and WebMD. It also has an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)


    Products offered by Lifefone

    Lifefone offers landline as well as cellular-connected devices for in-home usage as well as on the go variants. Their products are as follows :

    • At Home landline

      This variant comes with a signal range of up to 1300 ft from the base unit along with a 32-hour backup battery in case of untimely power failures.
    • At Home cellular

      With all features similar to the at-home landline variant, the only difference is that it works without a landline and uses AT&T’S Cellular Network. It works with Lifefone’s cell phone service, not the users.
    • At Home & On-The-Go GPS

      This variant comes with a base station as well as a mobile device, at the price of one. The user does not require a telephone landline or a cell phone. There is no additional charge for the cellular services, everything is included in the package. 
    • At Home & On-The-Go GPS, Voice-In-Pendant

      This two-way voice pendant is an all in one solution with it comes with 30-day extended battery life. Available in two colors - black and white, it comes with vibration feedback to help hearing or visually impaired users.   

    All their products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is an optional vanity pendant help button that can be added as an accessory to any variant you choose. In case you relocate, Lifefone gives you the option to reactivate your plan and the system at your new home in a hassle-free manner. Lifefone has a smartphone Mobile Alert app that connects users to the agency with the touch of a button. The Lifefone app is compatible with Android as well as IOS devices. They provide optional accessories as well such as hanging and wall-mounted master lock boxes, beaded lanyard, mobile device charging cradle, leather carry case, and extra wearable alert buttons.

    How Much Do Lifefone Products Cost?

    Lifefone products have different payment options, such as monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. The pricing for all variants are as follows :


    At Home landline

    Annual: $274.45/year

    Quarterly: $83.85/3 months

    Monthly: $29.95/month

    At Home cellular

    Annual: $340.45/year

    Quarterly: $98.85/3 months

    Monthly: $34.95/month

    At Home & On-The-Go GPS

    Annual: $406.45/year

    Quarterly: $119.85/3 months

    Monthly: $39.95/month

    At Home & On-The-Go GPS, Voice-In-Pendant

    Annual: $439.45/year

    Quarterly: $125.85/3 months

    Monthly: $43.95/month

    They have a complete Home Package plan which comes with a medical alert system and 24/7 fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection. The pricing for that starts at $ 42.95/monthly. For an additional $19/month, you can opt-in for the daily check-in call feature they provide if that is something that would make the user feel more secure. The Mobile alert app comes at a small monthly fee of $7.95. Lifefone offers free activation, 24/7 emergency care monitoring, a personalized emergency response plan, and a price-lock guarantee with every plan free of cost. Additionally, all quarterly plans have a 4th-month free offer + free shipping and all yearly plans have the 12th-month free offer, free shipping, and a free lockbox.


    What Do We Think About Lifefone?

    Lifefone provides quite a seamless user experience with an interactive website and detailed product descriptions. You can easily request a brochure on the website.

    According to us, Lifefone has one of the best refund policies as they demand no time commitment. You can cancel your plan at any point of time and you only have to pay for the time you’ve used the service. You get a full refund for all the unused and pre-paid amount. If you wish to add on a second person at your home to the plan, you can do so at no additional cost except if you wish to add on a fall detection pendant. They have an affiliate and distributor program as well for people who are interested in partnering with them. They even give you a whole month of free service for every subscriber you refer. With nationwide 4G LTE cellular coverage, we think the problem of response time delay won't occur.

    As far as the quality of the products is considered, alL Lifefone devices are UL (Underwriting Laboratories) certified and come with a 100% lifetime warranty. If the equipment does turn out to be faulty, they replace it without any additional costs attached. All the variants come with a range up to 1300 ft in any direction and a 3 hour back up battery for every base unit. In our opinion, Lifefone is an affordable and efficient option to consider while choosing your medical alert system.