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HBI Labs

Why We Like Them

HBI Labs is a top leader in the beauty, nutrition, and health industry. They believe in the importance of having confidence and security is the way one looks, HBI Labs wants its customers to be comfortable in their skin and own it, which their motto #FeelBetterNaked. They have a resourceful-packed team, aiming to provide the best of health and nutrition supplements, skincare products & digital magazines, they ensure their clients get only the best, all at the comfort of their homes. With the trend of people becoming increasingly varied about their body, health, and fitness; the beauty and nutrition industry is seeing a boost. Health and nutrition supplements have been taking over the market for quite some time now, with people wanting to look and feel more like models and influencers day by day. 


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    HBI Labs Company Overview

    With an average revenue of $200,000, HBI Labs is proof that this industry has the potential to reach an all-time high in the coming years. Having a wide range of product categories from hair growth to weight loss and face serums for both men and women, HBI Labs offers its clients a plethora of options and bundles to choose from, depending on how they want to achieve their goals, with an added advantage of having it delivered straight to their doorsteps.

    Is HBI Labs Right for You?

    HBI Labs is perfect for anyone willing to reinvent or transform into the best possible version of themselves. They lend a helping hand and to anyone who wishes to shed off a few extra pounds, work on themselves, repair their hair growth, maybe reverse the damage of bad treatment or focus on the radiance and glow of their skin, where the care starts from within instead of just plain surface level. HBI is a one-stop, permanent solution to your health and skin care problems. Having an efficient and effective team, they conduct thorough scientific research of their products and ingredients before providing the best options to their clients. Not only do they give health and nutrition supplements and skincare products, but they also offer digital magazines and free videos along with healthy recipes and workout tips on Pinterest to enrich your fitness journey. If you are, moreover, someone with a busy schedule, or unenthusiastic to venture out during this pandemic, they understand that fact and make the process even easier by providing a seamless online shopping experience along with providing the service of it getting delivered right to the comfort of your homes. 

    Is HBI Labs Credible?

    Having Amanda Kotel, an eleven- year expert in the health & fitness industry as the HBI Lab’s spokesmodel and Team Captain along with celebrity brand endorsers such as Brittney Palmer and Gretchen Rossi, it can be vouched that the company truly believes in the well-being of its existing and potential clients and is dedicated to providing the masses with all-natural supplements after thorough scientific research that only use the beneficial elements of natural vitamins & minerals and no artificial enhancers. 

    Products offered by HBI Labs

    HBI Labs has six main product categories which are as follows :

    FoliNu Hair Growth System 

    The FoliNu Hair Growth System is a specially concocted, all-natural formula that helps to restore follicle damage and promotes the growth of new hair while protecting the already existing hair. It helps in healthy hair regeneration which is proven to show results within the first few uses. 

    DroxaDerm Skincare

    DroxaDerm Skincare products help reveal youthful, vibrant skin so that its user can feel confident and carefree. Skin issues like acne are consistent with all age groups and genders. Acne itself lowers self-esteem and leaves acne scars or skin tags, DroxaDerm aims to solve these problems and leave you with radiant and beautiful skin, something that you feel confident in. 

    Virus Shield 365

    The Virus Shield 365 helps to build up and boost a strong immunity system to protect the health of the user against pathogens, viruses, and harmful bacteria that can be found in various environments around the world. With the global pandemic looming in our lives, our immunity and health should be our topmost concern. 

    Ideal Beauty 365

    The Ideal Beauty 365 category of products helps to reduce visible signs of aging of its user to reveal a refreshed and glowing appearance. Skin care is not only limited to external beauty or regimens but it also includes taking care of the skin from the within, with Ideal Beauty 365, the signs connected to aging are taken care of, such as to eradicate the problem from its roots. 

    Ideal Diet 365

    The Ideal Diet 365 category of products helps the user achieve the company’s motto of #FeelBetterNaked by helping them take control of their weight loss journey, and guiding them to lose those stubborn pounds, shedding unnecessary fat once and for all. Weight loss should be seen as a journey, where one starts improving their eating habits, indulging in healthier options, and at the same time exercising to stimulate weight loss. These changes should be added to your daily lifestyle in such a way where you have the flexibility of independence to enjoy healthy eating. 

    Rhino Club Nutrition

    The Rhino Club Nutrition category products help men to get their body to do all the essential things it should be doing naturally, in turn helping the user get their youth and energy back. These supplements aid in healthy weight loss by in turn helping in the formation of desirable muscles. 

    How Much Do HBI Lab Products Cost?

    By having the comfort of getting the products delivered straight to your doorstep, each HBI Lab product category consists of a variety of products ranging in different prices as listed below:

        1. FoliNu Hair Growth System

    • FoliNu Hair Growth Formula (120 capsules) - $69.99
    • FoliNu Conditioner - $39.99
    • FoliNu Hair Growth Formula (60 capsules) - $59.99
    • FoliNu Hair Growth Formula + Omega - $119.98
    • FoliNu Hair Growth Formula + Shampoo Bundle - $129.99
    • FoliNu Hair Growth Formula (2 pack) - $119.98
    • FoliNu Hair Rejuvenation Omega 3s (120 capsules) - $69.99
    • FoliNu Hair Rejuvenation Omega 3s (60 capsules) - $59.99
    • FoliNu Health & Hair Digital Magazine - $39.99
    • FoliNu NutraBoost - $39.99
    • FoliNu Shampoo - $39.99
    • FoliNu Shampoo + Conditioner Bundle - $79.98 

    1. DroxaDerm Skincare
    • DroxaDerm Skincare Digital Magazine - $19.97
    • DroxaDerm Skin Tag Remover - $39.99
    • DroxaDerm Ageless Serum - $29.99
    1. Virus Shield 365
      a) Virus Shield 365 Defense B12 Drops - $29.99
      b) Virus Shield 365 Emergency Immune Support - $44.99
      c) Virus Shield 365 Immunity Multivitamin - $34.99
    • Virus Shield 365 Protect Probiotic - $44.99
    • Virus Shield 365 Strength Digestive Enzymes - $34.99
    1. Ideal Beauty 365

      a) Ideal Beauty 365 Anti-Aging Cream - $34.99
      b) Ideal Beauty 365 Collagen Complex - $39.99
      c) Ideal Beauty 365 Instant Face Lift - $39.99
      d) Ideal Beauty 365 Refresh Eye Cream - $37.99
      e) Ideal Beauty 365 VIta-C Serum - $34.99   
      f) Ideal Beauty 365 Wrinkle Repair - $34.99
    1. Ideal Diet 365 
      a) Ideal Diet 365 Detox Slim - $29.99
      b) Ideal Diet 365 Keto - $49.99
      c) Ideal Diet 365 Pure Weight Loss -$39.99
      d) Ideal Diet 365 Raspberry Ketones -$39.99
      e) Ideal Diet 365 Shred - $34.99 
    1. Rhino Club Nutrition
    • Rhino RX Detox - $44.99
    • Rhino RX Evening Growth | Testosterone Growth - $49.99
    • Rhino RX Omega - $38.99
    • Rhino RX Joint - $39.99
    • Rhino RX Muscle Pump - $44.99
    • Rhino RX Shred - $42.99
    • Rhino RX Turmeric - $34.99

    What Do We Think About HBI Labs?

    HBI Labs offers a simple, user-friendly website to navigate through their varied product offerings. Getting in touch with them is fairly easy as they have conveniently mentioned their contact details at the end of the website. On visiting the page, a pop-up is displayed which gives you the option to opt for their free newsletters to stay updated with the latest information about their products. 

    By understanding their selection of influencers and endorsers along with their industry rank, it is evident that HBI Labs take their product manufacturing and client satisfaction very seriously. In case of any dissatisfaction faced by their customer, they have provided an email through which support assistance will be given. They have also mentioned contact details in case of an event where a client would like to return the products bought. 

    The products on the website too have an average of ⅘ star ratings and all in all, we believe that HBI Labs provides their customers with a seamless experience right from choosing the products till their delivery. 

    HBI Labs is like a pit stop to all your possible concerns regarding your skin, body, and hair. Each product is designed in a way to target those problems with such finesse, such that results are shown aptly. HBI makes it their problem to help you with yours! Life, in general, throws all sorts of curveballs at us, be it academic, career, financial, and many more, during these times we overlook the most important, part- ourselves! With HBI Labs, you don't need to worry about anything at all, as they take care of all these aspects, determined to show results! It's a win-win for us.