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Why We Like Them

Started as a home security company, GetSafe has now branched out into the medical alert system world and garnered the trust of their users. GetSafe aims to provide it’s users a no-frills attached, secure home alert system with a do-it-yourself installation model making it easy for homemakers and renters. GetSafe specializes in wireless alarm systems, cellular security systems, e-commerce and home security systems.


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    GetSafe Company Overview

    Wearing a medical alert device all the time might not be feasible for many elders and most of them find it embarrassing as well hence GetSafe focuses on providing solutions that do not have to be worn by the user. They ensure the safety and security of your loved ones by eliminating the need to wear any kind of wristband or lanyard. GetSafe believes that a system that seamlessly blends into your home decor without ruining the aesthetics of your home is the best approach to follow. Their devices have a sleek, glossy white finish that will go well with your modern home appliances like Apple or Nest. They work on the module that a medical alert system must work around you and not on you. Pre-installed with an AT&T cellular sim card, GetSafe ensures the best possible coverage is made available to your loved ones. 

    The team at GetSafe consists of home security industry veterans who are dedicated to finding easy and accessible means for users to protect themselves and their families in case of an emergency. They aim to provide a hassle-free, end to end process right from when the user visits the website to make a purchase until they have the system installed at their home.


    Is GetSafe Right for You?

    If you care about your home aesthetics, then GetSafe is handcrafted for you. It is aesthetically pleasing and blends well with your home.

    GetSafe has USA based operators who are exceptionally trained to handle emergencies and are available even on holidays which makes Getsafe a reliable option. GetSafe also provides round the clock technical support, consultation, and customer service from their California based headquarters. All their packages come with a month-to-month billing plan. Their cancellation policy is easy, you can cancel anytime and you don’t have to return the devices even if you cancel.

    Getting started with GetSafe is straightforward. All you need to do is connect the main base unit’s power cord to an outlet and place the device or the wall-mounted buttons in high-risk areas such as stairs, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. Once the system is in place, all the user has to do is press the button in times of an emergency, and the operators will get in touch at the earliest to assess the situation and provide help. GetSafe makes you fill a client information form in advance so they are aware of crucial information like emergency contacts, how to get home access, and the user’s preferred emergency protocol. They also encourage the user to fill the ‘Vial of Life’ and place it in an accessible area of the user’s home like on the nightstand or refrigerator door. This is for EMTs to have all the user’s information in case an emergency occurs. This could include allergies, medications, medical issues, etc.

    Is GetSafe Credible?

    GetSafe is a trusted brand amongst elders, doctors, and families all over the United States. GetSafe has a comprehensive and detailed blog and website which will help you navigate through before making your decision on which plan to opt for. You can even connect with them via their social media handles provided on their website.

    With 30+ years of experience in the field, GetSafe is UL-Certified and professionally licensed in over 50 states all over the United States. They are Consumer Affairs accredited and have TMA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring centers.

    Products offered by GetSafe

    GetSafe offers only home-based medical alert systems. Each variant comes with only AT&T 4G LTE cellular connection to choose, they don’t offer landline connections. Their devices have a modern feel and have well-designed builts to suit your home. Their plans are dependent on the size of your home. The products are as follows :

    • Starter variant (0-1 bedrooms)

      Specially designed for studio apartments, small condos, and apartments. It comes with a 4G LTE communication console as well as a two-way voice button. The package comes with a free voice-activated wall button as well as a personal lanyard button.
    • Standard variant (2-3 bedrooms)

      The majority of the homes in America fall under this category hence this is the most preferred variant amongst users. This package comes with two voice-activated wall buttons, one standard wall button, and a complimentary personal lanyard button. 4G LTE base unit is included.
    • Select variant (4-5 bedrooms)

      For homes that are larger and multi-level, this plan will provide ample protection. This package comes with three voice-activated wall buttons, two standard wall buttons, and a complimentary personal lanyard button. It comes with a 4G LTE communication console as well.

    All their products come with a 30-day return policy and free shipping. All their products are 100% waterproof and come with 5-year battery life. They have additional add on products like fall detection, wall buttons, personal help buttons, smoke detectors, lockbox, and a vial of life at an extra cost. 

    How Much Do GetSafe Products Cost?

    GetSafe products have only monthly payment plans. The pricing for all variants are as follows :

    • Starter variant (0-1 bedrooms)

      Equipment fee - $79
    • Standard variant (2-3 bedrooms)

      Equipment fee - $149
    • Select variant (4-5 bedrooms)

      Equipment fee - $229
    • Fall detection/monitoring - $10/month

    • Voice-activated wall buttons - $75

    • Personal help buttons -$25

    • Smoke detectors - $80

    • Lockbox - $30

    • Vial of life - $8.95

    All their products come with free shipping. A standard monthly monitoring fee of $24.95 is applicable for all the variants. 


    What Do We Think About GetSafe?

    GetSafe has a very modern feel to its entire approach with regards to its products as well as website design. 

    According to us, GetSafe has one of the most affordable and streamlined products in the market. The self-installation process is extremely easy and comprehensible. What we love about GetSafe is that all their devices mount with a peel-and-stick tape mechanism. The user does not require any technician, mounting equipment and hardware, nails, or wire to set it up which means no installation charges whatsoever. If you need further assistance, their website has self-install videos which help you follow the step by step procedure. You can request a free quote on their website for any variant of your choice. There are multiple ways of getting help via the systems - you can push the buttons, pull the system cords, or even shout your command. With voice recognition technology-enabled, help will arrive immediately. The fact that all their plans have the same, standard monitoring cost is a great feature.

    Their website comes with a live chat feature that enables visitors to clarify their doubts with a customer service representative and compare plans.

    As they have a month to month payment module instead of long term contracts, it’s easy to stop the service as and when required. At the same time, we think a quarterly or annual option would be convenient if added to the plans. Since they put emphasis on home alert systems instead of wearables, it’s easier to convince elders to try the medical alert system. If you do wish to opt for wearables, they provide that as well. GetSafe has a good range of up to 1,300 Ft and you get a one year warranty on all their product offerings. The emergency operators have a response time of approximately 30-60 seconds. In our opinion, GetSafe for aesthetic conscious people who dislike wearables and want to maintain the decor of their homes.