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DS Laboratories

Why We Like Them

DS Laboratories are renowned experts in hair generation. Hair generation, hair care, and Beauty care are the three pillars of DS Laboratories. Recommended by thousands of dermatologists, the company has produced a wide range of products suitable for different types of hair. 


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    DS Laboratories Company Overview

    DS Laboratories are innovators and assistants in the field of hair care. They provide unique and innovative methods to treat combating hair loss. There multilateral approach and unisex products cater to all kinds of users. The eco-friendly approach and OxO biodegradable packaging add unique value. Therefore, focusing heavily on innovation. 

    The company focuses on product effectiveness. To increase the effectiveness, the ingredients are verified and tested in laboratories. Dr. Antonella Tosti, a world-renowned physician, and dermatologist serve as resident Medical Advisor. The unique product has shown promising results in the past years.

    Is DS Laboratories Right For you?

    DS Laboratories is practical. It has a distinctive approach and understanding. If you are confused about which products are best for your hair. DS Laboratories is the perfect platform for you. Their hair assessment portal, asks you simple questions and provides you with supporting products. They also have the option of selecting a kit that adds unique value and helps in overall hair health. 

    If you are looking for natural ways to treat hair loss, DS Laboratories is an excellent product for you. Their products are free from harmful chemicals and are drug-free. The same has been supported through clinical studies. The products are suitable for any gender and provide specialized kits according to your stage of hair loss. They are always in sync with the latest developments in the biotechnology sector. Thus, they provide you with products with updated methods.

    Is DS Laboratories Credible?

    Most of the people face hair loss when they are about to turn 30. DS Laboratories is a perfect solution to solve the problem of acute baldness. All the products are intensively and effectively made to ensure the best quality results. The hair assessment section provides a user-friendly and interactive platform. DS Laboratories has left an impact since its inception. In these 15 years, they have been able to market their product in over 46 countries with more than 2 million clients worldwide. Their products have been remarkably rated by their consumers with more than 10,000 five star reviews. Over the few years, the company is a proud participant of the American Academy of Dermatology, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, and International Academy of Trichology. With these certifications, recognitions, and innovation, DS Laboratories are credible and perfect for users like us.

    Products offered by DS Laboratories

    The products have been divided into 3 categories providing a wide range of options for men and women in hair health, care and skin, and beauty. The products are as follows:

    Shampoos & Conditioners

    • Revita High-Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo – Revita is a product made for men and women who face issues like hair loss, thinning hair, and pattern baldness. It’s key compounds like DHT blockers, ketoconazole, caffeine, and biotin make it suitable for all hair types. Thus, enabling hair growth by enhancing the quality of hair and reviving hair follicles. 

    • Revita High-Performance Hair Stimulating Conditioner – Revita Conditioner was made to work in complementary with Revita shampoo focused on moisturizing hair and promoting hair growth. It contains hydrophobic, bio-adhesive, catatonically charged lipospheres. The new and extensive technology helps ingredients to stay in the hair for more than 12 hours. Thus, enabling excellent results.    

    • Deandre Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Dandrene is an exceptional shampoo for dry and flaky scalps. It successfully controls chronic Scalp Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and even common Dandruff. It restores and ensures shiny and healthier hair growth. The shampoo stays effective even after a hair wash.

    • Dandrene Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Conditioner – Deandrene Conditioner was formulated to be used in complement with the Deandre shampoo. Its unique formulation of 2% Pyrithione Zinc with Aloe Vera and Keratin Complex helps moisturize both hair and scalp and contains amino acids. Therefore, enabling softer hair, restoring shine, and retaining moisture.
    • Nia Restructuring Shampoo - Nia Restructuring and Repairing Shampoo help in removing excess oil and cleanses the hair. Made for all hair types, it helps in repairing split ends and gives a natural and healthier hair. 

    • Nia Restructuring Conditioner - Nia Restructuring Conditioner rejuvenates and provides a fresh and vibrant look to the hair. It is applied to wet hair and helps in preserving natural color and moisturizes the hair. The Conditioner has lipid active ingredients. 

    • Radia Shampoo – Radia is a rejuvenating shampoo for dry and sensitive scalp. It hydrates and softens the hair and is an excellent product for sensitive scalps providing good hair texture and maintaining natural hair moisture. Environmental friendly and is distinctively made with UV protectants that are sulfate and paraben-free. 

    • Radia Conditioner- This unique conditioner helps in purifying dry scalps and protects it from getting damaged. Provides natural soft and smooth hair and is recommended for curly hair. It is silicone-free.  

    • Revita.Cbd Super Antioxidant Hair Stimulating Cbd Shampoo – Revita.CBD Shampoo enhances and fortifies hair and prevents hair loss. It’s ideal for improving hair thickness and quality. It contains powerful antioxidants, blocks DHT, and free Testosterone.

    • Revita.Cbd Super Antioxidant Hair Stimulating Cbd Conditioner- Revita.CBD Conditioner contains 150 mg of CBD (cannabidiol) to support hair growth and quality. The conditioner uses advanced bio-adhesive technologies to help key compounds endure on hair and scalp for at least 12 hours after rinsing. Thus, improving hair growth. 


    Topical Treatments

    • Tropical Treatment products at DS Laboratories include Spectral. Dnc-N, Spectral.Dnc-S, Spectral.F7, Spectral.Csf, Spectral.Rs, and Spectral.Cbd. These are tropical hair loss treatment products that help in enhancing hair growth and enabling healthier growth.

     Supplement - Revital Tablets 

    • Revital tablets are 100% drug-free nutraceutical hair growth tablets that provide key nutrients to the scalp. Therefore, it enables good hair growth. It contains Zinc, Biotin, and Keratin reducing fallout.

    Skin & Beauty 

    • Skin and beauty products available at DS Laboratories include Nia Fix, Oligo. Dx, Keramene, Revita Gel, Vexum.Sl, Spectral. Lash, Spectral. Brd and Spectral.Brow. Key features being cellulite reducing gel, hair minimizer, neck contour treatment, eyelash treatment, breakthrough beard, and brow revitalizing and stimulating serum respectively.

    Personal Care

    • Nirena - Nirena is an organic intimate gel cleanser. Recommended by top dermatologists, it is a premium personal cleanser made without any chemicals or low-grade detergents. Therefore, helps in maintaining body odor. It contains Brazilian Peppertree extract. The product has antibacterial, anticandidal, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties
    • Instant Hand Sanitizer – Instant Hand Sanitizer protects, moisturizes, and nourishes your hand without damaging the skin. It’s perfect for daily use and contains 62% Ethanol and doesn’t leave any residue.


    Apart from these products, DS Laboratories has introduced the DS Laboratories Solidarity Program, a program focused on donating hand sanitizers. The organization believes in extending a helping hand during the pandemic and strives to continuously innovate and develop their products. 

    How much does the DS Laboratories Product cost?

    • Revita High-Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo $32.00
    • Revita High-Performance Hair Stimulating Conditioner $32.00
    • Revita.CBD Super Antioxidant Hair Stimulating CBD Shampoo $36.00
    • Revita.CBD Super Antioxidant Hair Stimulating CBD Conditioner $36.00
    • Dandrene Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo $26.00
    • Dandrene Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Conditioner $26.00
    • Nia Restructuring Shampoo $28.00
    • Nia Restructuring Conditioner $28.00
    • Radia Purifying Shampoo for dry, sensitive or irritated scalp $28.00
    • Radia Purifying conditioner for dry, sensitive or irritated scalp $28.00
    • Spectral.DNC-N Breakthrough redensifying treatment with Nanoxidil® 5% $38.00
    • Spectral.DNC-S Breakthrough Redensifying Hair Therapy $42.00
    • Spectral.F7 Efficacy Booster Agent with Astressin B $35.00
    • Spectral.CSF Breakthrough Hair Revitalizing System for Women with Nanoxidil 5% $38.00
    • Spectral.RS High-performance anti-thinning hair treatment $35.00
    • Revita Nutraceutical Tablets For Hair Growth Support $38.00
    • Spectral.LASH Eyelash Stimulator $69.00
    • Spectral.BROW Eyebrow Revitalizing Serum $69.00
    • Spectral.BRD Breakthrough Beard Stimulating Serum $26.00
    • Revita High-Performance Styling Gel $25.00
    • Oligo.DX Cellulite Reducing Gel $35.00
    • Vexum.SL Intensive Neck Contour Treatment $38.00
    • Nia Fix Instant Bond and Cuticle Restructuring System $38.00
    • Nirena Organic Intimate Gel Cleanser $25.00
    • Keramene Hair Minimizer $42.00
    • Hair Facts By Antonella Tosti $18.00
    • Revita 925ML Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo $89.00
    • Revita 925ML Kit Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner $160.00
    • Revita Kit Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner $54.00
    • Spectral.DNC-N 3 Month Supply Topical Solution for Thinning Hair $98.00
    • Revita 925ML Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner $89.00
    • Men's Hair Loss Kit Revita Shampoo/Conditioner + DNC-N $87.00
    • Men's Hair Loss Kit PLUS Revita Shampoo/Conditioner Spectral.DNC-N + Revita Tablets® $112.00
    • Revita 2 Pack Bundle Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo $57.60
    • Revita 2 Pack - 2 Month Supply Tablets For Hair Revitalization $68.40
    • Extra Strength Hair Loss Kit SPECTRAL.DNC-S + SPECTRAL.F7 (Proactive & Reparative for Men & Women) $69.00
    • Revita.CBD Kit Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo w/ CBD & Conditioner $61.00
    • Hair Loss Topical Kit Spectral.DNC-N + Spectral.F7 (Proactive & Reparative for Men & Women) $69.00
    • Spectral.CSF 3 Month Supply Women's Anti-Aging Topical for Thinning Hair $98.00
    • Anti-Hair Thinning Kit Spectral.RS + Spectral.F7 $63.00
    • Men's Hair Loss Kit BOOST Revita Shampoo/Conditioner + DNC-N + Spectral.F7 $123.30
    • Vexum.SL 2 Pack Bundle Vexum Neck Firming & Contour Cream $68.00
    • DANDRENE Anti-Dandruff Kit High-Performance Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner $47.00
    • Radia 2 Pack Bundle High-Performance Purifying Shampoo $50.40
    • Women's Hair Loss Kit Boost Revita Shampoo/Conditioner + Spectral.CSF Spectral.F7 $123.00
    • Hair Growth Stimulation Set PLUS Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel, Tablets $115.00
    • OLIGO + VEXUM Kit Cellulite Reduction & Neck Firming Bundle $66.00
    • NIA Hair Restructuring Kit High-Performance Hair Restructuring Shampoo & Conditioner + Nia Fix $80.00
    • DANDRENE 2 Pack Bundle High-Performance Anti-Dandruff Shampoo $46.80
    • Continuum Professional Hair Restructuring Treatment KIT Repair Damaged & Broken Hair, Bond Creator, Optimizer & Energizer $98.00
    • RADIA Purifying Kit High-Performance Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner $51.00
    • Continuum RO ZEN $26.00
    • Women's Essential Beauty Kit OLIGO + VEXUM + KERAMENE + NIRENA + SPECTRAL LASH (Body Optimizer) $150.00
    • NIA 2 Pack Bundle Hair Restructuring Shampoo $50.40
    • Postpartum Hair Loss Kit Revita Shampoo + Revita Tablets + Spectral.RS $97.50
    • Spectral.DNC Breakthrough redensifying treatment with Minoxidil $39.00
    • Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill $12.50
    • Lash & Brow Kit Spectral.LASH + Spectral.BROW $125.00
    • CBD Hair Loss Kit $102.50
    • Hair Loss with Dr. Antonella Tosti (Webinar)
    • Hair Loss with Dr. Antonella Tosti (Webinar) $60.00
    • Spectral.CBD Hair loss treatment with broad-spectrum CBD + Nanoxidil 5% $42.00
    • Toiletry Bag $18.00
    • Revita Kit w/ Free Toiletry Bag Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner w/ Free Toiletry Bag $54.00
    • Hair Stress Booster Kit Spectral.F7 + Revita Tablets $65.00
    • Hair Stress Booster Kit Plus Spectral.F7 + Revita Tablets + Revita.CBD Shampoo $103.50
    • StimuROLLER HAIR Micro-needle Hair Stimulation System 0.5 mm $18.00
    • StimuROLLER FACE Micro-needle Hair Stimulation System 0.3 mm $18.00


    What do we think about DS Laboratories?

    DS Laboratories provide you with good quality products. The formulae of the products are safe for your hair and show good results. DS Laboratories have an easy and user-friendly hair assessment that is simple to use. For a layman, the interface is excellent. The best quality of DS Laboratories is that it allows users to purchase products and kits complementary to each other. 

    They are aware that the product is based on ‘treatment’ i.e. they are aware that full hair growth is difficult to achieve but their products provide maximum results to the users. The website is easy to navigate and is well built. The products are not expensive and are comparatively affordable compared to the rest of the market. DS Laboratories is affordable, efficient, and provides quality products. Thus, they are a good product to try.