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Clear Correct provides clear teeth aligners that aren't made of metal. The magical material used to make them makes them nearly invisible. ClearCorrect started back in 2006 and, since then, has been on a clear path to give people better teeth alignment with ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is excellent for all who have crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, underbites, overbites, or crooked teeth. It is a clear one-stop solution even for those who hate dental products because it is nothing like you might have ever seen before.


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    Clear Correct Company Overview

    Most of the at-home aligner companies we know today have only been around for a year or two. The first to bring this new form of orthodontic treatment to the world was Invisalign, as far back as 1997. Up until that point, those with anything less than perfect smiles had two options – grin and bear it or opt for the traditional style metal braces.

    A lengthy, technical and finicky process, these braces require a seemingly endless series of trips to the orthodontist. The first and often most traumatic of these visits was right up front when the orthodontist would painstakingly attach a metal bracket to each tooth. These brackets are all connected and kept in place with wires. These wires always needed to have their tension adjusted and were the reason why the wearer would need to see the specialist every month for the duration of the process.

    While undoubtedly effective in straightening teeth, metal braces had several downsides, apart from the previously mentioned string of appointments. Firstly, because of the permanent intrusive nature of these braces, the wearer was often forced to change their diet so as not to gunk up the braces. As you can imagine, a mouth full of metal complicated the relatively simple processes of brushing and flossing, inevitably leading to a drop in the wearer’s standard of oral hygiene.

    The next downside was the lengthy treatment process, which was rarely less than a year and, more often than not, 2 to 3 years. Despite all of these rather significant drawbacks, the cost was, and still is, high. The total amount depended on the length of the process, with the additional orthodontist appointments accounting for the majority of the cost. Generally, the metal braces could set you back anything from $3,000 to $8,000 in total.

    When you consider the fact that there were several smaller issues the braces created (such as the risk a mouth full of spiky metal poses if the wearer happens to be stuck in the mouth) it’s no surprise that innovative minds sought a better solution when it came to improving smiles. When Invisalign introduced the concept of transparent aligners, the orthodontic world was changed.

    Today we will be taking a closer look at the brand that came after Invisalign and before today’s at-home aligner industry - Clear Correct. 

    About Clear Correct

    Since Clear Correct first launched in 2006, it has been straightening the teeth and improving the smiles of its clients without the need for traditional metal braces. Today Clear Correct has a network of over 20,000 qualified dentists and orthodontists and is the leading provider of clear aligners, shipping millions of custom-made aligners to clients and correcting their malocclusion issues.

    Based in Round Rock, Texas, Clear Correct works with its network of dentists and orthodontists to oversee the treatment process of each client.

    Clear Correct is probably the best aligner option for those clients who feel intimidated or wary or 100% at-home treatment and prefer the peace of mind of working with a qualified dentist or orthodontist throughout the entire process.

    With at-home aligner treatment, you are usually sent an impression kit and are left to do this important job on your own. Since these impressions form the basis of your aligners, the impressions must be as detailed and accurate as possible. A poorly taken set of impressions could not just slow the entire process but ending up doing more harm to your teeth than good.

    Thankfully, this is not an issue with Clear Correct as your dentist or orthodontist takes your impressions. It also removes the hassle of you having to ship your impressions back to the company with your dental partner sorting that out for you. In fact, by continually working with your dentist or orthodontist, you are always assured of receiving a high level of dental care. 

    The check-ups during the aligner treatment also allow for adjustments to make to the aligners, ensuring that the aligner treatment is always as useful as possible.

    Is Clear Correct right for you?

    If you choose to use Clear Correct, the first step is to visit their website to find a partner dentist or orthodontist near to your location and make an appointment. During this appointment, the expert will first determine if you are suitable for Clear Correct treatment. If you are, they will next run you through the three different treatment plans:

    • Limited 6 is the cheapest plan and comes with six sets of clear aligners. 
    • Limited 12 is more expensive and comes with 12 sets of clear aligners.
    • Unlimited is their top-tier plan and costs the most. As the name suggests, Clear Correct will provide you with as many aligners as you need to align your teeth correctly. 

    Now the dentist or orthodontist will take your impressions for you and send them off to the Clear Correct headquarter in Texas, together with your orthodontic prescription. Once it arrives in Texas, your custom aligners will be created and shipped off to your home. 

    You can begin your treatment program as soon as you receive them. Each set of aligners should be worn for three weeks before being replaced by the next set. By the time you need to switch to the next aligner, there should be a noticeable shift in your teeth.

    There are four golden rules to follow if you want your treatment to be as effective as possible:

    1. Choose a skilled orthodontist with experience in aligner treatment.
    2. The aligners must be worn for at least 22 per day. You should remove them during meal times and for brushing after said meals. If the aligners are not worn for long enough, the teeth will slide back into their old position.
    3. Do not skip a single check-up appointment with your orthodontist or dentist. They use these sessions to keep an eye on the progress of your alignment. If things are not as they should be, they will make the necessary adjustments.
    4. Once the alignment process is complete, wear your retainers for the specified period. The retainers are there to keep your teeth in their new position until they stop shifting.

    How much does Clear Correct cost? 

    The cost of aligner treatment with Clear Correct is between $2,000 to $8,000, depending on which of their three plans best suits your needs and your budget.

    The Flex 6 and 12 plans are best suited to those requiring minimal dental work, while Unlimited is best suited to those needing more extensive work.

    Why Is Clear Correct Better?

    Since the only competition facing Clear Correct for most of its existence was Invisalign, it makes sense for us to compare the two. At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking that the two are identical. However, there several small but important differences between the two.

    1. Clear Correct’s aligners are made using a polyurethane resin as opposed to Invisalign, who use SmartTrack, a flexible plastic, to create their aligners. SmartTrack provides a closer fit and is said to be more comfortable compared to the resin used by Clear Correct.
    2. Because Clear Correct’s aligners are thinner, they are less noticeable and are also more transparent. 

    Clear Correct PROS

    • Clear Correct offers flexible pricing thanks to their three treatment options, allowing the client to choose the plan that best suits their financial and dental.
    • You work directly with your dentist or orthodontist throughout the treatment process.
    • Clear Correct has been around since 2006 and has built up a significant amount of experience in regards to aligners. They are second only to Invisalign.
    • Patients with more server orthodontic issues who might have otherwise have been rejected for treatment with an at-home aligner company can use Clear Correct thanks to the constant in-person consultations with dental experts and the Unlimited plan that provides them with as many aligners as they need to correct their teeth.

    Clear Correct CONS

    • The Clear Correct website does not offer much detailed information on their aligner treatment, and what can be found on the site is rather vague. 
    • While many of the newer at-home aligner companies advertise a treatment length that is between 3 and 6 months, the Clear Correct process takes 1 to 2 years, on par with both Invisalign and traditional braces. 
    • Depending on which treatment plan you opt for, Clear Correct can be significantly more expensive than at-home aligner companies but, once again, is on par Invisalign and the cost of traditional braces.
    • There is no guarantee that an orthodontist will oversee your particular process as Clear Correct has chosen to partner with both orthodontists and dentists.

    What do we think about Clear Correct?

    In 2019, it was clear that the traditional metal braces are no longer the best solution when it comes to straightening teeth. Not only are transparent aligners cheaper, more convenient, more productive, and more comfortable than metal braces, but they are also less noticeable.

    We recommend Clear Correct to those who are still not comfortable or trusting of at-home treatment. Using Clear Correct’s program, you can rest assured that all areas of your treatment are handled by qualified experts – from taking the impressions to monitoring the alignment process and making adjustments where needed.